The 8 Top Boardrooms in Stockholm

07 April 2021
07 April 2021
The 8 Top Boardrooms in Stockholm

Where you choose to host your meeting in Stockholm is no trivial matter. A company preparing to take over the world wouldn’t meet at a Starbucks, and neither should you!

The fact that you’ve found this article suggests you’ve got grander plans ahead, so we commend you! And what better place to hold court than in the ancient and wonderful city of Stockholm.

In this article, you’ll discover the top boardrooms in Stockholm. For whichever tone you want to set for your company, we have something below that will hit the right note. Now, shall we?

1) Bright and Fun Boardroom in Stockholm 

Bright Boardroom in Stockholm with an Industrial Look
Bright Boardroom in Stockholm with an Industrial Look via Eventflare

If you want a boardroom that doesn’t take itself too seriously and will get the creative juices flowing, how about this bright and fun boardroom?

The sliding Japanese style glass doors are extremely cool. So is the funky wallpaper and the neon decorations. The unsung hero of this room is the retro avocado colour bookshelf.

It has an intimate capacity of 7 people, plus, it comes with quality speakers, a projector, and a flat screen TV. Just outside this room, there’s a break-out area where you can chill and have a quick coffee to rest your brain.

2) Glass Boardroom in Stockholm 

Glass Boardroom in Stockholm via Eventflare

How about something that invokes summer and sophistication? If yes, then look in awe at this glass boardroom in Stockholm.

It’s a refined conservatory that is filled with delicate colours and beautiful plants. The wood flooring is marvellous, and so too is the slender and minimal light fixtures that hang down from the glass roof.

It has a boardroom capacity of 18 people and comes equipped with strong WiFi, a projector, and lots of charming stationery.

3) Iconic Space with Unique Decoration 

Iconic Space with Unique Decoration
Iconic Space with Unique Decoration via Eventflare

If you want your gathering to be alive with the sound of music then check out this iconic boardroom with unique decorations!

We love this iconic parlour, and we’re pretty sure you will too. The musical influence is on full blast with a sumptuous grand piano formerly owned by ABBA in the corner as well as the portraits of musical figures hanging regally on the walls.

We also love the deep chequered red carpet, classy chandeliers and thick yellow curtains.

It has a total boardroom capacity of 24 and is equipped with AV equipment, WiFi, a whiteboard and flip charts. Catering service is also available.

4) Exclusive Boardroom in Stockholm 

Exclusive Boardroom in Stockholm via Eventflare

If you want your meeting to be soaked in elegance, how about this exclusive boardroom?

It’s bound to be not only exclusive, but unique, and extremely stylish. It has a domineering marble table, low hanging crystal glass light shades and a large triple-arched mirror.

The maximum capacity for meetings is 12 people, and it comes equipped with a projector, WiFi, and some truly brilliant catering options.

5) Bright Boardroom in Stockholm with an Industrial Look 

Bright Boardroom in Stockholm with an Industrial Look
Bright Boardroom in Stockholm with an Industrial Look via Eventflare

Up next we have this bright boardroom in the area of Vasastan.

It’s a panoramic viewing terrace that gives you superb urban views of the railway yard. Inside its glass walls, you have a very spacious and minimal room for your boardroom gathering.

The location comes fully equipped with AV equipment including WiFi, a cinema screen, and a projector. There are dynamite catering options too.

And you’ll be very happy to hear that the capacity is effectively infinite at 146 people!

6) Classy Boardroom Space with Elegant Blue Interior

Classy Boardroom Space with Elegant Blue Interior via Eventflare

Inspire your team by inviting them to this classy boardroom space in the heart of Kista.

It’s an undeniably contemporary space that promises to impress any creative team who sees it. It has a wonderful glass wall that creates a semi-goldfish bowl effect. The striking shades of blue are the dominant feature of this space covering the walls, floor, table, and chairs.

This space has a boardroom capacity of 13 people, and finally, the room comes with an excellent WiFi connection and a projector. Finally, this space also offers catering services.

7) Beautiful and Sophisticated Boardroom 

Beautiful and Sophisticated Boardroom via Eventflare

Our penultimate boardroom is this beautiful and sophisticated space!

There’s a lot to fall in love with everywhere you look in this space. The classical painting in a gold frame mounted on the wall, the wooden lattice coverings of the radiators, the stunning chest of drawers and much more.

But the star of the show is the gleaming wooden table and elegant leather and wood chairs that sit before it.

Moreover, the venue also provides equipment such as a whiteboard, a projector, a flip chart and a screen projector. There’s even a complimentary drinks service. And finally, it has a boardroom capacity of up to 16 people.

8) Intimate Room with Industrial Design  

Intimate Room with Industrial Design via Eventflare

Lastly, but certainly not least, we have an intimate room with a subtle industrial design.

The wooden table is a gem, so are the slender wooden chairs. The matching black window frames and light rigging are very trendy too building a casual geometric vibe to the place.

This space provides AV equipment including high-speed WiFi, a flat screen TV, and a sound system to make your meetings more productive. Finally, it has a boardroom capacity of 18 people.

Wrapping up 

Alas, that’s the end. We hope you saw a boardroom in Stockholm that resonated with you!

If not, tell one of our experts what it is you want and they’ll find it for you. Or if you feel like having a good browse yourself, you could always check out the rest of our meeting rooms in Stockholm on our platform.

Featured image: Bright Boardroom in Stockholm with an Industrial Look via Eventflare

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