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    Guide to hosting meeting events in Stockholm

    Planning to host a meeting in Stockholm, the vibrant and picturesque capital of Sweden? Well, you're in for a treat. Nestled across 14 islands on the stunning Lake Mälaren, Stockholm effortlessly combines historic charm with modern innovation. It's a city where cobblestone streets meet high-tech startups, and centuries-old palaces stand alongside cutting-edge conference centres.

    Whether you're organising a business summit, a corporate workshop, or a brainstorming session, Stockholm offers a captivating backdrop. But before you dive into the details, let's take a stroll through the cobbled lanes of knowledge and explore the essentials of hosting a successful meeting in this Scandinavian gem.

    From transport tips to venue insights and cultural cues, we've got you covered. So, grab a fika (Swedish coffee break) and let's embark on this meeting-planning journey in the heart of Sweden.

    1) What's the Right Meeting Room in Stockholm for You? 

    Let’s kick off with something that really matters: style! So, for your pleasure, here are the top looks for your meeting space in Stockholm: 

    1. Historical Elegance: Stockholm boasts numerous venues that showcase its rich history. You might stumble upon meeting rooms within centuries-old buildings, complete with ornate ceilings, grand chandeliers, and plush furnishings. These venues transport you back in time, providing an exquisite backdrop for your meetings.
    2. Modern Scandinavian Minimalism: In contrast to its historical venues, Stockholm is known for its sleek and modern meeting spaces. These venues often embrace the principles of Scandinavian design, characterised by clean lines, simplicity, and functionality. Expect minimalist furniture, neutral colour palettes, and an abundance of natural light. It's all about creating an atmosphere of calm and focus.
    3. Waterfront Wonders: Given Stockholm's unique geography, you'll find many meeting venues set along the city's picturesque waterfront. These spaces often feature large windows or outdoor terraces, allowing you to enjoy stunning views of the archipelago. The maritime influence is evident in the nautical-themed decor and maritime-inspired colour schemes.
    4. Industrial Chic: Stockholm's industrial heritage has given rise to a trend in repurposing old factories and warehouses into trendy meeting spaces. Exposed brick walls, steel beams, and high ceilings characterise these venues. They exude a raw, urban charm that can be both rugged and refined.
    5. Green and Sustainable: As one of the world's leaders in sustainability, Stockholm offers eco-friendly meeting venues that prioritize environmental responsibility. These spaces often incorporate sustainable materials, energy-efficient lighting, and greenery into their design. It's not just about the aesthetics but also about aligning with Stockholm's commitment to a greener future.

    2) How Much Does a Meeting Venue in Stockholm Cost? 

    Now then, the next thing you need to consider is your budget. So take a quick look at these estimates on meeting rooms in Stockholm: 

    • Budget Venues: These are typically basic meeting rooms or smaller spaces. Prices can start at around SEK 200 to SEK 800 per hour.
    • Mid-Range Venues: For more spacious and well-equipped rooms in central locations, you can expect to pay between SEK 800 to SEK 2,000 per hour.
    • Luxury Venues: High-end venues with advanced technology, stylish decor, and premium amenities can range from SEK 2,000 to SEK 5,000 or more per hour.

    Additional costs to consider when hosting a meeting in Stockholm:

    • Catering: If you plan to provide meals, snacks, or beverages for your participants, catering costs can vary widely based on your preferences and the number of attendees.
    • Equipment Rental: If you need audiovisual equipment, whiteboards, flipcharts, or other tools, rental costs should be factored in. This can range from SEK 500 to SEK 2,000 or more per day.
    • Facilitator Fees: If you're hiring a professional facilitator or speaker for your meeting, their fees will vary depending on their expertise and experience.
    • Transportation: If participants need to travel to the venue, consider reimbursing their travel expenses, which can include public transportation or parking costs.
    • Marketing and Promotion: If you're promoting your meeting, expenses related to marketing materials, online advertising, or promotional items should be included in your budget.
    • Contingency: It's wise to allocate around 10% of your total budget for unexpected expenses or last-minute adjustments.

    Bonus Advice: Top tips for hosting a successful event in Stockholm!

    3) The Best Areas for Hosting a Meeting in Stockholm

    Next up, we need to talk about which is the best area for your meeting room for hire in Stockholm. Because the neighbourhood sets the tone, after all! 

    1. Norrmalm: This central district is home to many modern meeting venues, conference centres, and hotels. It's convenient for attendees as it's well-connected by public transportation and close to popular attractions.
    2. Östermalm: Known for its upscale ambience, Östermalm offers several stylish meeting spaces and is ideal for corporate meetings and events. It's also close to the city's financial district.
    3. Södermalm: This trendy and artistic district provides a more relaxed atmosphere for meetings. You'll find a mix of modern venues and historic buildings converted into event spaces.
    4. Gamla Stan (Old Town): For a unique and historic setting, consider hosting your meeting in Stockholm's charming Old Town. There are several classic venues and restaurants in this area.
    5. Djurgården: If you prefer a quieter and greener setting, Djurgården, an island in central Stockholm, offers venues with beautiful park views. It's an excellent choice for more relaxed meetings and retreats.

    P.S. Check out our ultimate guide to the best areas in Stockholm for hosting an event to learn more. 

    4) The Best Catering for Your Meeting Space in Stockholm

    Okay, here’s the section you foodies have been waiting for. The best event caterers for your meeting venue in Stockholm! 

    1. Catering by Bonden: This popular caterer in Stockholm focuses on using locally sourced, organic ingredients to create delicious and sustainable meals for meetings and events.
    2. Tössebageriet: With a strong emphasis on high-quality, artisanal food, Tössebageriet offers a range of catering options for meetings, including traditional Swedish cuisine and international flavours.
    3. Hasselbacken: Known for their Swedish classics and innovative dishes, Hasselbacken provides catering services suitable for both small meetings and large corporate events.
    4. Stockholm Food & Wine: This catering company combines creativity and culinary expertise to craft custom menus for meetings and conferences. They offer a wide range of options, including vegetarian and vegan choices.
    5. At Six Dining: Located in the At Six Hotel, this restaurant offers catering services that feature contemporary Scandinavian cuisine with a modern twist, perfect for upscale meetings.

    5) Afterwork Ideas for Meeting in Stockholm

    So, after a successful meeting in Stockholm, you need to celebrate, right? Well, here are some unique and exclusive after-work ideas to let your hair down in style! 

    1. Private Archipelago Dinner: Arrange for a private boat to take your team to one of Stockholm's beautiful archipelago islands. Enjoy a gourmet dinner at a seaside restaurant with stunning sunset views.
    2. Nordic Spa Retreat: Treat your team to a relaxing evening at one of Stockholm's renowned Nordic spas, such as Centralbadet or Sturebadet. Unwind in saunas, hot baths, and enjoy spa treatments.
    3. Rooftop Mixology Class: Book a private mixology class at a rooftop bar with panoramic city views. Learn to craft signature cocktails while taking in Stockholm's skyline.
    4. Scandinavian Cooking Class: Join a professional chef for a private Scandinavian cooking class. Prepare traditional dishes together and enjoy a meal that you've cooked.
    5. Historical Ghost Walk: Experience Stockholm's intriguing history with a private guided ghost walk through the Old Town (Gamla Stan). Explore eerie stories and legends of the city.
    6. Nighttime Kayaking: Discover Stockholm's waterways by night with a guided kayaking tour. Paddle through the city's illuminated bridges and islands.
    7. Game Night at ABBA The Museum: Host a private game night at ABBA The Museum. Play vintage board games and enjoy ABBA-themed entertainment.
    8. VIP Observatory Visit: Arrange a private visit to the Stockholm Observatory. Learn about astronomy, view celestial objects through telescopes, and enjoy stargazing with an expert astronomer.

    6) How to Power up Your Meeting Breaks in Stockholm

    And In our final section, we’ve prepared some amazing ideas to power up your work breaks during your meeting in Stockholm: 

    1. Fika Tasting: Fika is a beloved Swedish tradition of taking a coffee break with pastries. Arrange a Fika tasting session where your team can sample different types of coffee and traditional Swedish treats like cinnamon buns and cardamom rolls.
    2. Outdoor Yoga Session: Take your team outdoors for a refreshing yoga session in one of Stockholm's parks or green spaces. It's a great way to rejuvenate and boost energy levels.
    3. Swedish Massage Chair Stations: Set up Swedish massage chair stations during breaks, allowing your team to relax and unwind with quick chair massages from professional therapists.
    4. Language Crash Course: Offer short Swedish language crash courses during breaks, teaching your team basic phrases and words. It's a fun way to immerse in the local culture.
    5. Team-building Games: Engage in team-building games like Swedish trivia, outdoor team challenges, or quick icebreakers to keep everyone energized and connected.
    6. Mini Swedish Design Workshop: Stockholm is known for its design culture. Offer a mini design workshop where participants can create small design projects or crafts inspired by Swedish design principles.
    7. Photo Challenge: Provide disposable cameras or encourage smartphone photography. Challenge your team to capture the most interesting or scenic moments during breaks. You can even organize a mini photo contest.

    Bonus Advice: Discover the team-building activities in Stockholm right here. 

    Wrapping up 

    And that’s a wrap, folks. We hope you loved our guide to hosting a meeting in Stockholm. 

    To start turning all your new ideas into reality, ask an expert how they can help you in your event planning adventure! 

    A Guide to Hosting a Meeting in Stockholm

    FAQ about Stockholm Meeting Rooms

    How can my attendees get to the meeting venue in Stockholm?

    Stockholm offers excellent transportation options for your meeting attendees. The city's public transportation system, including the subway (Tunnelbana) and buses, is well-developed and efficient. Consider providing Stockholm Travelcards to your attendees for unlimited travel within the city's public transportation network.

    Taxis are readily available and can be hailed on the street or booked in advance. Ride-sharing services like Uber and local alternatives such as Bolt and ViaVan also operate in Stockholm. For a more eco-friendly option, suggest bike rentals or encourage attendees to explore the city on foot, especially if your meeting venue is centrally located.

    What security considerations should I keep in mind when hosting a meeting in Stockholm?

    Stockholm is known for its safety and low crime rates. However, it's advisable to maintain standard urban safety precautions. Remind attendees to be mindful of their belongings, especially in crowded areas and public transportation. While Stockholm is generally safe for pedestrians, encourage attendees to obey traffic rules when crossing streets.

    In the event of an emergency, Sweden uses the unified emergency number 112 for police, fire, and medical assistance. Operators can assist in English, ensuring prompt response to any situation.

    What's the recommended time for scheduling a meeting in Stockholm?

    Stockholm is a year-round destination, each season offering a unique experience. To plan a meeting with favourable weather and fewer crowds, consider scheduling it during the late spring (May to June) or early autumn (September to October).

    Late spring welcomes milder weather, longer daylight hours, and blooming greenery. Early autumn offers pleasant temperatures and colourful foliage, making outdoor activities enjoyable. These periods strike a balance between weather comfort and fewer tourists compared to the peak summer months.

    Booking meeting venues in Stockholm is generally manageable, but popular locations may require reservations several months in advance to secure your preferred dates and ensure availability.

    Is language a concern at my meeting venue in Stockholm?

    Swedes are generally proficient in English, and language should not pose a significant barrier at your meeting venue in Stockholm. Most signage, instructions, and services are available in both Swedish and English.

    While it's not necessary to speak Swedish for business meetings, a few polite Swedish phrases such as "Tack" (Thank you) can be appreciated and add a friendly touch to interactions. Stockholm's cosmopolitan atmosphere and English proficiency among its residents ensure a smooth experience for international attendees.

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