Where To Host Your Company Party In Stockholm

07 January 2021
07 January 2021
Where To Host Your Company Party In Stockholm

Packing a suitcase is more often a chore than a pleasure. But it’s important to take a second to think, “what am I going to wear to the company party?”. So while you’re busy forgetting to pack your toothbrush, take that small moment to be excited about the party.

Now, what you wear is your business. But where you host the party, that’s something we can help you with. We’re passionate about event spaces, especially for when they’re afterwork events. Feel the passion for yourself in this guide to where to host your company party in Stockholm.

Pop House Hotel

Glass house for events in Stockholm city
Pop House via pophouse

Juliet Capulet of Romeo & Juliet fame curiously asked, “what’s in a name?”. A good question. But let’s be honest. Names matter. And what better name for a party than Pop House!? 

The Glass House is a particularly beautiful place. You can book this bold room for up to 250 people for your company party in Stockholm.

The food and drink do one essential thing; it makes you happy. Their range of pizzas is where it’s at. When it comes to drinks, it’s a wine drinkers paradise. But don’t worry, they still offer a good selection for our beer, cocktail, cider and spirit heads! 

And, you’ll never guess who Pop House shares a building with… 

ABBA Museum

Wax statues of ABBA in ABBA museum in Stockholm
ABBA Museum via facebook

The ABBA Museum! Pop House shares a building with the ABBA Museum! A party in Stockholm could not be more Swedish than here, surely? 

ABBA is brilliant. We will not accept any ABBA slander here. Anyone who doesn’t like them is either trying to be too cool for school or just doesn’t like music. 

You can pop in for a visit, book a guided tour, or go all out and book the whole museum to yourself. 

Your private party can include dining, performing on stage, quizzes, virtual helicopter rides, live performances from the ABBA Choir, karaoke, or just have space for you and your guests to explore and enjoy!   


Minimalist restaurant with environmentalist-friendly furniture
YUME via facebook

YUME has a simple slogan. Where friends become family… 

YUME’s space is a lesson in modesty and simplicity. Plain honest wood furniture, minimal art, low hanging lights, and flowers. It’s a sweet and wholesome space, deserving of their slogan. 

One thing to be admired about YUME is the steps taken to be more environmentally friendly. An example is their drive to use less plastic and disposable goods. For instance, they now offer guests the option of taking food in a glass box deposit system. 

Or maybe you’d like the sound of their second restaurant coming up next….

Niklas and Friends

Portrait of chef and snapshot of the rustic and wood interior of the restaurant
Niklas and Friends via niklasandfriends

Yes, Niklas and Friends is YUME’s second restaurant. They specialise in catering events. So will it be a good old buffet or a ready plated meal brought to your table? Or, maybe you want them to deliver somewhere else? They can do that too! 

They have sample menus of tried and tested classics, like Archipelago Smoked Salmon, Melon Salad, or Slow Roasted Beef. That being said, they also like to hear what you want! So the menu is still blank if that’s what you prefer. 

Niklas counts big names like Nike, Spotify and Hyper Island as it’s customers and friends. So you’ll be in good company.

Swing by Golfbar

Man playing mini-golf in a event venue
Swing by Golfbar via facebook

Swing by Golfbar might be the most unusual conference centre we’ve ever come across. And this is our business. But we love it! 

Mini golf is fun because, well, it just is. It’s accessible so that anyone can play it. And it’s just whacky enough to make it a conversation topic. Most importantly, it’s competitive! 

They specialise in group parties and private rooms for intimate events, so it’s as versatile as your corporate party ideas can stretch. 

The food menu is pure Americana – perfect for getting stuck into at a party. The drink menu is beer, wine and cocktail heavy. God forbid you to overindulge and putt for the win; you might start seeing three holes. Always aim for the one in the middle. 


Luminous restaurant with industrial, Scandinavic interior
Usine via facebook

Usine is deep in Södermalm, Stockholm’s southern island, a popular area in the Stockholm nightlife scene. It’s the hippest part of town, it has a unique vibe and atmosphere your guests will love. 

Usine is unapologetically modern in design. Think exposed airing vents, big, bold windows, and low hanging, moon-like ceiling lights. It’s a venue that invites wall flys to flock to its buzzing centre. They have two restaurants, one cafe, one party room, and a large conference department. 

Usine can offer you a tailored experience, and they have an unbeaten record in getting it right. From big boombastic parties to low-key receptions, they will take careful consideration of your budget and wishes. 


Classic private dining area with view of Stockholm
Operakällaren via operakallaren

Operakällaren took its name from 1787 when it was the cellar under Gustav III’s opera house, making it one of the oldest venues in Stockholm. It has been permeating tradition and excellence ever since.

What you’ll love about Operakällaren is its diverse style. The main dining room sports an original interior with gentle and subtle modern furnishings to create a stunning location.

The Opera Bar is a baby in comparison – it opened in 1905. Your guests will be in awe at its predominantly Art Nouveau interior. Aristocratic gentleman’s club vibe? Check.

And for something a little more down to earth, there’s the Bakfickan. It’s what they call, The Hip Pocket. It’s smaller than its sister rooms but offers intimacy and a more personal experience in return.

Moderna Museet

Snapshot of the sleek and modern foyer of Moderna Museet
Moderna Museet via modernamuseet

Moderna Museet is a choice for the cultured event planner. It’s a modern art museum that has been keeping up with the times since 1958. The Spanish architect Rafael Moneo designed its current home in 1998. 

You can choose to be left to your own devices at this event venue to chat, drink, dance. Or you could lay on some cool activities. Guided tours of their exhibition, perhaps? Or why not try your hand in their workshops? We’d love to hear your wildest corporate party ideas! 

The Moderna Museet has various rooms available for hire. Host a party for between 30 and 1,500 guests in one of their lounges, bars, restaurant, cinema, auditorium, or workshops. Honestly, they have everything. And you’ll get the approval of the cool folk in the office. What more could you want? 

Lasse I Parken

Event venue with beautiful outdoor terrace
Lasse I Parken via hitta

Lasse I Parken is in the middle of Hornstull, close to the city centre. But you will have to pinch your arm to remind yourself of that. Lasse I Parken makes you feel like you’re far away in the countryside. 

The building is from the 18th century and has a rustic feel you just can’t buy. This rustic and rural atmpshphere makes it one of the most unique venues in Stockholm.

The venue can organise live music for your event, and there’s a wide range of food options available. Does a Summer BBQ or a Christmas time feast tickle your fancy? It’s really up to you. 

You can book the party venue for groups of 15-50 people. Or 500 people if you fancy throwing a garden party!


Restaurant with beer bar and brown interior
Pressklubben via pressklubben

What makes Pressklubben unique is its menu concept. They take food from Europe’s three biggest beer countries – Belgium, Germany and Britain – and introduce them to classic Swedish dishes. You have to admire the audacity. 

If you fancy a party in Stockholm with an extra dimension, why not arrange a Beer Tasting? Casual activities like this are a great way to get people engaged with the night. Regardless, The Beer Bar is incredible, with over 150 beers to choose from!

Wrapping up

When you’re listening to ABBA in impatient excitement for your company party in Stockholm, are you loud and proud about it? Or are you doing it in secret? No shame as far as we’re concerned. No shame at all. 

Now, we hate to bring you back down to earth, but we can soften the blow. Meetings can be sorrow affairs. But not on our watch. And we can prove it. We’ve put together a guide to the most inspiring meeting rooms in Stockholm, for your pleasure. 

Featured image: Operakällaren via operakallaren

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