Where To Rent A Room In Stockholm For Productive Meetings

07 January 2021
07 January 2021
Where To Rent A Room In Stockholm For Productive Meetings

Swedes are masters of productivity. We think this is partly to do with the care they put into their spaces. And after reading this guide, you’ll be clambering to rent a room in Stockholm.

Your surroundings are important for getting the best out of yourself and your colleagues. We don’t need to work in bland corporate spaces anymore, because the corporate world isn’t bland.

We’ve saved you a good deal of time by doing all the research for you. This guide to rooms in Stockholm for productive meetings has some absolute beauts, honestly. We hope you spot something that’s right for you.

Picuture of the facade of Fotografiska in Stockholm
Fotografiska via facebook

Fotografiska is an exciting place. Is it a meeting and conference place, or a photography museum? Well, it can be both!

The food and drinks at your meeting at Fotografiska is the vision of their creative chef Paul Svensson. The concept is one they call, Conscious Cuisine. They focus on waste reduction but are not exclusively vegan.

All of the produce is entirely seasonal too. So whether you choose with meat, fish, or something else entirely, the planets’ footprint is considered.

Fotografiska aims to give you more than just a meeting. They have a host of activities to liven up your day, such as guided tours around the gallery or photography workshops. Their spaces are super modern as well. You can film or livestream your event to keep your clients, customers, and supporters updated.

Meeting room in center of Stockholm
7A via 7a

Location is key to 7A’s success. You can enjoy the view of the Nybroviken bay, go for a breath of fresh air in the electric Odenplan Plaza, or walk around the corner to Central Station.

The range in size and depth of their conference and meeting rooms is impressive. It all depends on the kind of vibe you want. They have rooms for serious business, a community feel, creativity, and for those with an eye for grandeur!

Food and beverage can cover anything you and your guests could ever want; enjoy delicate breakfasts, three-course dinners, a classic buffet, mingling platters or table service. The menus are always seasonal and put together by their dedicated catering chefs.

Meeting room with lounge chairs and bright red and blue colours
Helio via helio

Helio might have the boldest tagline ever to exist: to make you love Monday mornings. Daring, yes. But when you get to know their amazing spaces, you may become a believer.

They have over 60 meeting spaces. And friends, it’s not just the volume that impresses us, it’s the individuality of each space. When you start to collate so many rooms in the same city, at some point, surely, they must start to get boring. But they don’t! Honestly, look for yourself.

Their meeting room filter system makes it easier to find your perfect room. There are rooms to accommodate events starring two people to over 100. And they cover all manner of occasions.

The Park
Meeting space with natural light and yellow chairs
The Park via thepark

If you want to win someone over, you could try talking numbers. The Park has some very nice numbers. Like 850 active members, 350 associated business, and over 100 event spaces.

Their conference and meeting rooms have a unique, modest and loveable atmosphere to them. Their spaces are available for small, medium, or large groups, so there is no reason why you shouldn’t book with them.

Their cafe is a winning option too. A homemade lunch, bread, and distinguished coffee will go a long way with your colleagues.

Stockholm City Conference Centre 
Meeting table in majestic and classic room
Stockholm City Conference Centre via facebook

Stockholm City Conference Centre is bang in the middle of the city. Located in two fabulously historic buildings – the Norra Latin and Folets Hus – it’s one of Europe’s largest and famed convention centres.

And when we say large, we mean they can accommodate a group of up to 1,400 guests! Their minimum is 5, so quite a margin there. They are 50 different conference rooms, so it is your proverbial oyster.

Food and drink is something they take quite seriously. As an international conference centre, they know how important it is for your guests to be well-nourished. They have a big catering team that offers a specialised menu to suit your guests. From light snacks to three courses, they’ll do you right!

Kapitel 8
Majestic and classic conference room with brown leather furniture and frescos
Kapitel 8 via tandstickspalatset

The philosophy at Kapitel 8 is one of reflection and looking at the bigger picture. What is refreshing about Kapitel 8 is that they promise ‘fewer but better choices in a world where you have seemingly endless options’.

The conference and meeting rooms are incomparable. If a James Bond villain was to host a Stockholm meeting, this is where they would have it. Their spaces aren’t all omnipotent though. They also have colourful and playful rooms on a smaller scale.

Kapitel 8 makes no secret that their staff is their priority, and what they’re most proud of. And rightly so. So if their philosophy resonates with you, maybe you should get in touch with them?

Stylish meeting space with modern black furniture and art
No.18 via facebook

The famous saying is, write the story you want to see. Well, at No.18 they’ve built the workplace you’ve only dreamt of working in.

No.18 is an exclusive members club for those engaged in the business lifestyle. You’d be signing up for a healthy combination of work and leisure here.

It has two meeting venues: Central and Stureplan. Stureplan is in Stockholm’s business district. Within marbled halls, it has the qualities of an urban mansion. Meet in large, luxurious rooms decorated with inspiring furniture and decorations.

Central is above Stockholm Central Station. So you couldn’t be better connected to the rest of the city and country. Despite this convenient location, the sound and bustle of the station couldn’t feel further away. It looks and feels like a regal countryside home.

Services you can count on with No.18 are concierge, breakfast and lunch, complimentary hot drinks, printing, super-fast WiFi, and health club and treatment services.

T5 Community
Cosy meeting room with quirky desing and homely atmosphere
T5 Community via facebook

T5 Community is a coworking space in Vasastan, the very centre of Stockholm. The venue is a hive of collaboration, innovation and creation.

And productive meetings are a sure thing. Their spaces are a mix of dignified white and greys complemented by modernist fixings.

The T5 gang are undoubtedly robust when it comes to event planning. They have tons of experience throwing conferences, meetings, parties, dinners, pop-up shops, flea markets, book launches, and more. You can organise anything you like here, let’s just put it that way.

Have it fully staffed, catered, or be left to your own devices in their spaces. It’s as you like it! A gem of Stockholm’s meeting rooms indeed.

Hantverkargatan 7
Modern meeting studio with a quirky design in Stockholm
Hantverkargatan 7 via mynewsdesk

Hantverkargatan 7 is the place to rent if you think your guests enjoy (or need!) good coffee. This is their speciality, without a shadow of a doubt. Their tea collection is on another level too.

Their Stockholm conference and meeting rooms can host up to 30 people. Their motif and style are fearless. The spaces combine different looks and emphasise lounging and creativity.

You can book a private room for a meeting, or go all out and hire the whole place for a conference.

Wrapping up

Pretty inspiring stuff, right? You’re spoiled for choice should you need to rent a room in Stockholm. There are meeting rooms for any meeting you plan, from laidback and bubbly, to the height of luxury, to soothingly minimal.

By now, you’ve got an idea of which one is perfect for you. Onto the next conundrum then. After your productive meeting, where do you host the company party to celebrate?

Don’t worry, we’ve assembled the best of the best. Check out our guide to where to host your company party in Stockholm so you can start getting excited for it early!

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