5 Tips For Throwing The Best Corporate Christmas Party

by Dietrich Moens, 21 November 2018
by Dietrich Moens,  21 November 2018
5 Tips For Throwing The Best Corporate Christmas Party

Its again this time of the year to get your annual office Christmas party organised. Here are 5 tips to have yours stand out and make it the most rocking party of the year.

Drinks – Get A Signature Cocktail And Become A Master Mixologist

Imagine the sheer of your coworkers when they take the first sip of your legendary company signature cocktail. You will not only have them associate your company’s name to its great professional reputation, but also to the memories of an amazing Christmas party. Doing this would also further propel its name through the future, as now you will have made each employee an ambassador of your signature cocktail. Taking it a step further, you can make a mini-mixologist of all your coworkers, by having a master mixologist at your Christmas party – whilst delivering the perfect cocktail – also instructing your coworkers how to recreate this signature cocktail at their next home party.

Entertainment – Quiz it to Dance it

What better way to get everyone to hit the dance floor then by starting a massive music quiz. When we are talking about a music quiz, we are not talking about those laid-back pub quizzes, but rather we are talking about a proper professional quiz with a dressed up moderator and couple of those massive red buzzers to hit as hard and fast as we can to get that golden first price at the end.

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Unique Venue – Make It Stick

Nothing is as boring as doing your company Christmas party in the HQ or a traditional venue such as a hotel. Your coworkers will greatly appreciate to discover a new and preferable special venue. Which will in turn increase their excitement and set the tone for a great office party.

Get it printed – So It Never Fades

Having a (retro) photo booth that can actually print on the spot is a great way to get some lasting visuals to enforce the shay memory of a heavy corporate party. Of course you should also get the company logo on the prints and provide some Christmas attributes to get dressed up.

Food – Make It Hearty And Give A Little Back

A Christmas party without a some hearty food is just not a Christmas party, so make sure your food is delicious. Whilst doing this, try to ensure to work with a catering company or restaurant that gives something back to a good cause. We should be more sensible to this in general, but for Christmas we should all do an extra effort to spread the love.

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