8 Proven Tips To Successfully Remodel Your Restaurant

09 August 2021
09 August 2021
8 Proven Tips To Successfully Remodel Your Restaurant

Competing in the capitalist economy can be challenging. When you have decided to remodel your restaurant to make it more customer-friendly, you need a step-by-step approach. When you spend a lot of money on renovations, it is necessary to do it right the first time around. If anything goes wrong during the remodelling process, it will not only be a waste of money.

It will also cost you precious days of your business. You can carry out all the renovations from scratch by hiring a reliable renovator. We have handpicked eight tips for a rejuvenated restaurant remodel just for you.

Plan According To Your Budget

When you are planning a renovation, keep your renovation budget in mind. You will have to buy tiles, take apart all the old sidings and fittings, decide the kitchen layout, and change the heating and air conditioning settings. You will also have to revamp your plumbing to build a new kitchen.

Start planning with the kitchen remodelling because it will take up most of your time. You need to know how much time will be enough to carry out the renovation. Make sure you do not lose customers in the process. Write down a list of all the essential expenditures. If you have any money left after the necessary changes, you can use it to add an extra oomph to your space. After you have made all these considerations, you can plan the next step with an unburdened mind.

Choose A Theme

A theme gives shape to the type of renovations you want. If you have a mid-western vibe, go for light colours and plush furniture. If you want to install an avant-garde look, you can experiment with various ideas to give your restaurant a completely different look.

Honestly, when it comes to the ambience, keep the locality’s customers, location, and language in mind. If your regular customers are teenagers, add a fresh theme with a twist. Family restaurants, on the other hand, must exude a homely look. Use any animation software to design and plan the final look of the restaurant. Make sure you find the right workers to execute your ideas into reality without a hitch.

Customise Your Kitchen

Design your kitchen according to the new theme. Install multiple workstations and a sufficient number of stoves if you receive a lot of customers daily.Kitchen remodelling includes repositioning the refrigerator and oven without stuffing the place.

It is the most vital part of a restaurant remodelling project as it forms the basis of your whole business. Private dining is all about the quality of the food. Make sure you provide your customers with a pleasant dining experience with a functional and spacious kitchen. Also, don't hesitate to integrate online ordering systems for restaurants to ensure convenience and accessibility for your customers.

Style The Reception

The reception is the place that makes the first impression of your restaurant. If your reception is not state-of-the-art or at least sophisticated, you need to remodel it according to your requirements. Customers must be able to get a purview of the restaurant from the reception.

Position the reception at an angle towards the front door and bent inwards to the dining area to give first-time customers a full and hopefully breathtaking view of your fabulous restaurant.

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Focus On Seating and Table Decor

Most people choose to go to a restaurant for the ambience and privacy. Remodel your restaurant to give your customers the best dining experience ever. Don’t let the fancy decor interfere with the seating arrangement. Comfort is the key when planning a renovation in your restaurant.

Make room for private dining with at least four or five sets of enclosures. If it is too costly to build a private enclosure, make sure the private dining is entirely secluded from the hustle and bustle of incoming customers and waiters. Decorate the tables according to the theme while keeping all the essential cutlery in place for a quick dinner.

Mural The Walls With a Signature Style 

Painting a mural on a wall that faces the viewing glance can easily attract customers. If you are one of those people who would rather have writing on the wall rather than a face, then take a text template and use it as wallpaper.

The point is to create a signature style for your restaurant. If you want to choose a Victorian theme, use the colours to work for you. Stir things up to make your restaurant look unique and inviting. Your signature style will immediately boost the overall look of your restaurant and business.

Provide A Private Dining Experience

When you remodel your restaurant, make sure you add a separate enclosure for a private dining experience along with the kitchen remodelling. You can soundproof the area with a wooden divider. Add extra padding and fix the air conditioning unit in the private dining enclosure. Create a pleasant dining experience in the public section as well.

You can use plexiglass dividers to your advantage and turn them into mirrors by covering one side with acrylic sheets. With spectacularly painted plexiglass, you can meet the protocols for safe dining and provide a wonderful private dining experience to your customers in one go. All you have to do is choose the chairs or seats that block out adjacent seating areas. Chairs with long backs can do the trick. Don’t go overboard. Make it seem effortless with a little bit of pizzazz. A few effective restaurant promotions targeted at special events held in the private dining area could also work wonders for your profits.

Go Viral

According to Deco Facts, the purpose of remodelling your restaurant is to attract more customers. The best way to promote is to use social media for restaurant marketing. Publicise the changes by using your online platforms. If you already have a Facebook or Instagram page, start by posting compelling images. Keep your customers guessing until half of the renovations are complete. Take pictures of the restaurant from different angles and announce that you are carrying out renovations.

Post a question asking the fans what kind of theme you are installing in your restaurant. Don’t post an answer immediately. Record the funny incidents of the remodelling process. After completing the remodelling process, post engaging pictures to spread the word. If you are lucky enough to go viral, you will have a line of customers for the reopening event, if needed it's always good to take orders from the customers in advance, this can be done by the restaurant phone system or online.

Apart from restaurant management, the ambience of your restaurant can be detrimental to its success. So be sure to follow this guide for creative ideas to make the most out of your remodel.

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