An Introduction to Eventflare, by our CEO

27 March 2023
27 March 2023
An Introduction to Eventflare, by our CEO

I’m proud of what we’ve done at Spacehuntr. And we could rest on our laurels. But my old mentor used to say, “If I rest, I rust.” I used to laugh at that, but over time this saying has taken over my life. It seems apt now, as we’re rebranding Spacehuntr to Eventflare.

In short, we’re growing past just curating venues. We’re now providing a 360 event planning journey. And this goes past even that.

So, for a personal introduction to what Eventflare is all about, come this way. It won’t be too long, I promise!

Previously on Spacehuntr…

We’re very proud of what we achieved at Spacehuntr. But we don’t stop. We’re here to keep growing.

It’s funny, one of our wise-ass team members said: “hitting targets only brings new targets.” And it’s true. As a principle, a smashed target is only protected from complacency by introducing a fresh one.

And before you call me cold, I can promise you, much of this is bravado. The only sane and proper way to respond to a target is with sincere gratitude and congratulations.

Anyway, as it is, we’ve been operating in 24 cities, and the numbers above can speak for themselves. As for where we land next, tune in to Eventflare to find out!

Why, Though?; Evolution or Revolution?

So, now that we’ve given ourselves a pat on the back, let’s look at the question of why. I’m going to answer that - as is fashionable now in drama - with some backstory.

I created Spacehuntr with my great friend Michaël. He was an engineer, I was in finance. We spent a lot of time in meetings. Hours and hours in boring old corporate event spaces. So much time, in fact, that we spent most of our free time complaining about it.

It seemed like a cold fact of life, but then we realised, why though? So, we decided to be the change we wanted to see in the world. We set off on our journey to provide cool venues to clients. And that’s how it went, and it went well. However, as is life, the unexpected always imposes itself on your plans: we got sucked deeper and deeper into the world of events, and now, we’re obsessed.

So I guess you could say we’ve outgrown our name. That’s the simple answer to a big question. When we started, we dealt with spaces. Hence, Spacehuntr. But we’ve grown beyond that. And growth is in our nature. We’re restless, and we won’t apologise for it. Take Covid, for example. The world stopped, and by all sensible metrics, we should have too. But we choose to grow. All the groundwork for our recent success was built at that time.

That’s not to say that we’re a unicorn, mind you; the whole industry is growing, so we need to keep our foot on the gas!

What this Means for Existing Frens

And excitement aside for one second, there will be no disruption to our clients in this new Eventflare era: It’s everything as it was, just faster, better, and more. So, to frens, partners, and clients we’ve made along the way, this rebranding won’t disrupt your user experience in the slightest. It’s still the same process for choosing and booking an event space. You have two options:

1) You can browse our amazing collections as you please using our intuitive filter systems.

Alternatively, there’s option 2) Ask an Expert. Simply drop us a line, spelling out your wildest dreams, and one of our local Event Super Heroes will come back to you with a hand-curated selection for you to choose from.

Once you’ve found the one, our secure booking system will take care of the rest. From Dollars to Ethereum and Bitcoin, pay however you want!

How Will Eventflare Work?

Eventflare is a fully integrated 360° online platform to book and manage unique high-impact corporate events. Join us, from ideation to execution and even game-changing post-event analysis.

Discover the unique, with our team of local event experts around the world. They’ll find you the best venue that suits your needs.

Book securely. Our system is fast, secure, and versatile to your preferred currency (even crypto!) Then, plan with ease. Our local experts will then give you on-the-ground support, inviting you to collaborate with the coolest local vendors.

And finally, experience Eventflare. Our international team will be there for around-the-clock digital support as well, helping your event planning go like a rocket!

*And N.B. By 360°, we mean the works, from catering to branding, winning sponsorships, team building exercises, parties, merchandising, the lot. But only the solutions you need, of course, our services are fully customisable, remember!

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Why Corporate Events are Important

We get so caught up in our work that it’s good to remind ourselves why on earth we’re doing this at all, right? Well, I have two simple answers to remind myself of the why.

The first one is the most crucial part: they lead to profits. That happens both directly and indirectly. When I say directly, it can mean meeting future clients, marketing, meeting investors, networking, direct revenue, brand building, conducting sales, and so on. Clear, positive transactions.

And indirectly, it means fostering better results from your team, which, in turn, leads to greater productivity, sales, etc. By that, it can mean sessions that lead to ideas that lead to sales, inspiring workers, boosting morale, forging company identity, training, celebrating success, stress relief, and all that stuff.

And my second reason is business talk aside. It’s admitting that they’re just fun. And I’m not being quirky or trying to force a tone on this thing. Things can just begin. Work is important - it’s my life - but unless you can do stuff just for the hell of it, what is life?

Look, I worked in finance before this. I had the job I had always dreamed of. And as much as I do have fond memories, for the most part, I didn’t particularly enjoy what I was doing. That’s why we’re so lucky to be doing this. We are living - and providing - the fun side of the corporate world. And that’s pretty cool.

The Shape of Modern Corporate Events

Change is inevitable, especially in the events industry. One of our big things is changing because we want to innovate, not because we fear obsoletion. If you only change to keep up, you’ve already fallen. You’re just taking longer to go down.

One cool thing about the events industry is that it’s just a series of one-up-man-ships. We see something cool, we take it and try and make it better, and vice-versa. You know what they say, competition breeds ingenuity.

One thing that it’s led to is a whole new world of depth in modern-day events. From awesome side events to ingenious ways of presentation, groundbreaking brand launches, sustainability, you name it. Every aspect of corporate events has been invigorated, from catering to the swag bags.

And with all this amazing tech that’s arrived and the tech that’s still to come, attendees now not only expect - but demand - memorable experiences. That’s the result of real competition. So, yes, I think the shape of modern events is healthy. And Eventflare is here to have its say.

Come Work and Play With US

Before I sign off, I’d like to take a minute to mention our team (I hope you’re reading this guys!). Obviously, without our team - our international brigade - we wouldn’t be here.

It’s another cliche - but for us - it’s all about cultural fit. We work hard, but we also play: attending events, taking a beer after work and going on legendary retreats. Plus, what’s cool about our team is that they’re really into lateral moves - and Michaël and I encourage that.

The copywriters trying their hand at sales; the sales guys indulging in their writing; marketing folks learning to code - we love it. And, of course, nothing makes us happier than promoting from within. It’s great to reward a deserving player. And perhaps, to congratulate ourselves on hiring the right person, right?

Now, as I said, we’re constantly growing. Relentlessly. Growth usually means expansion, so if you’re looking to grow too, keep your eyes peeled for posts.

If you think you have event flare, shoot us a line at [email protected], we are constantly hiring!

You can also keep an eye on our LinkedIn page for any job openings like Booking Agent, Event Manager, Publisher, Social Media Intern, and more.

Join US

If you’ve read this far, thanks for indulging me. All I want to say is, come and join us on this next journey.

Have you got a team you want to reward, clients to impress, or an idea that’s ready to impose itself on the world? Then experience it with Eventflare.

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