7 Cool Activities We Saw On EventSummit 2019

by Michael luckx, 22 February 2019
by Michael luckx,  22 February 2019
7 Cool Activities We Saw On EventSummit 2019

Some weeks ago, our entire team piled up in a car and drove to Rotterdam to attend EventSummit 2019. Amongst the many amazing things we saw there, there were a number of activities that left us a great impression.

Arcade Games

A big classic: arcade games. Games on wheels was there showcasing their many different games. We first saw some pinball games (always a success), but they also offer some other cult games like Pac-Man and Mortal Kombat. A great way to let your attendees have some fun while playing up the nostalgia card.

Obstacle Race

Veluwe Events was also present to showcase their activities. One that impressed us quite a bit was their obstacle race, played as teams. What motivates participants more to cooperate than an obstacle race? No one likes to lose, and especially not when your performance will affect other people. This race is a fun and very active way of having your attendees fully involved!

Football Pool Table

A bit later in the day, we walked in front of BB Freestyle’s stand and we had to notice their huge foot pool table. If you don’t know what a foot pool table is, it’s a giant pool table that the players need to stand on to play with their feet. Suffice to say it was pretty hard to miss! This could be a great activity for your next event, it’s a physical activity that’s fun and engaging but doesn’t need participants to be athletic.

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Escape Game

Another booth that we really liked was UP Events’. They offer a range of espace games, all more interesting than the other. Escape games have become quite popular in the events industry, as everyone seems to love to feel like Sherlock Holmes.


You’ve probably already thought of having a photobooth at your event, and we did too. Everyone loves funny picture and dressing up. Jolly Photo Booth has several decors and props so when we saw their booth (ah!) at EventSummit we were sold!

VR Game

VR is now considered both the present and the future of events, so it would be hard to exclude it from our list. The VR Room was at EventSummit and we were able to see all the fun games they offer. There’s few activities as cool as making your attendees experience a car race or a roller coaster from within the room!

Haka Workshop

And lastly, we were pleased to see the booth of the Haka Workshop as we know those guys quite well! They offer a 30 or 60 minutes workshop based on the famous Maori dance. The goal here is to energize your participants and give them a sense of unity and they will feel like powerful warriors, ready to take on anything. We can actually guarantee that it works because we’ve already offered it to our clients and it was a frank success!

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