How To Use Visitor Management To Streamline Guest Event Check-Ins

26 January 2022
26 January 2022
How To Use Visitor Management To Streamline Guest Event Check-Ins

The National Fire Protection Association’s 101 life safety code specifies the need for 1 crowd manager per 250 guests. Furthermore, they stipulate that crowd density should not exceed one person every 7 feet.

Incidents related to overcrowding are still happening at events, shown by the 8 deaths at a Travis Scott concert in November. If you’re the host, it’s your responsibility to ensure the safety of guests.

So, what tools reduce the risk of overcrowding?

Read on, as this guide covers the benefits of visitor management software and how you can use it to protect your guests while they enjoy your events.

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What Is Visitor Management?

Visitor management is a solution that allows for more effective check-in procedures at events. It offers added security while providing health and safety measures at your guests’ convenience.

Touchless visitor management allows for the use of access cards stored on mobile devices to permit entry, meaning no more old school guest badges and limited spread of germs in waiting areas.

A visitor management system can provide the following functions at events:

  • Barcode-based check-ins
  • Pre-registration
  • Badge printing
  • Visitor analytics

This technology improves the guest experience at your events and protects you from liability caused by the dangers of overcrowding.

The Benefits of Visitor Management at Events

To understand why visitor management is a worthy investment for your event business, this section will cover all of the benefits included with a visitor management system:

  • Improved operations – cloud-based visitor management software collates all visitor information you need on one interface. This includes email addresses, check-in times, and visitor activity. This way, all the information you need is at hand, which will save your guest management teams a lot of valuable time. Some companies also use a private cloud for better data security and cloud monitoring.
  • Touchless check-ins – this feature provides a contactless method for your guests to enter the event and reduce the spread of germs.
  • Convenience – your guests will have an easy way to register and check-in that doesn’t involve standing in long queues, which will dampen their spirits at the event.
  • Safety 92% of respondents stated that implementing a visitor management system created a safer environment.
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How To Use Visitor Management For Event Check-Ins

Now you know what visitor management software is and why it is an excellent solution for your event management team. With this in mind, let’s discuss some of the ways you can use visitor management for event check-ins to keep things moving.

Once you have booked the space for hosting your event, you can assess your location’s specific security and health and safety requirements to implement these event management strategies.


Pre-registration allows your guests to enter their details before the event to get in more quickly at the doors. And, you will have all guest details registered in one place to make your management of the event more accessible.

You can customise your registration forms for the event to add choices and selections for your guests.

Touchless Check-In

Touchless check-in allows guests to enter with digital scannable tickets or via a digital access card to unlock doors for your event. You can enable your guests to gain access to the building without reaching in their pocket and pulling out their phones, as some touchless access systems allow access via BlueTooth communication.

By implementing this check-in method, you will also be providing added security control that restricts access to those who are not authorised to enter the event, which will help your security team.

Wellness Verification

In your pre-registration process, you can screen for coronavirus symptoms to ensure none of your guests will arrive with the virus and make your event a super-spreader event. Your wellness surveys can include questions about fever, a continuous cough, and other symptoms.

This will identify the need for any guests to skip the event and self-isolate instead to protect others.

Scheduled Check-Ins

To reduce overcrowding in the lobby at your event, you can also provide scheduled check-ins when guests register, letting them know what time to arrive.

If you provide staggered arrival times, your guests will be able to enter more quickly, and your guest management team will not be overwhelmed.

A Cloud-Based System

A cloud-based visitor management system allows you to view visitor logs and information on one interface from anywhere – this is particularly useful for staff members who will be on the go making arrangements for the event and need accessible and remote access to the information.

When optimizing your event check-ins, cloud consulting services offer scalable and efficient solutions. Learn how to leverage cloud technology for streamlined guest event check-ins in our in-depth guide.

The success of this cloud-based platform is noted by K1 Investments, who stated, ‘OpenPath is really easy to use, especially because it is integrated into our smartphones’. This reflects the convenience facilitated by remote access to visitor management data.

Signs Your Visitor Management System Needs Updating

Suppose you’re still unsure about investing in visitor management. In that case, you may benefit from analysing the effectiveness of your current system – how well is it holding up in the face of modern problems related to event management?

Some questions you should be asking are:

  • Does my current system promote safety and wellness? If your current system is ineffective at managing overcrowding, screening for symptoms, and reducing the number of surfaces your guests will have to touch, it might be time for a change. The pandemic has posed a higher standard for health-consciousness at events, and your event business would benefit from keeping up with the changing security climate.
  • Does my current system provide a user-friendly experience for staff? Your visitor management should be easy for the team to use, without forcing them to gather information from different interfaces to collate it and provide statistics. Consider switching to a more user-friendly platform if you want to facilitate the duties of your staff.
  • Am I concerned about the level of security at my events? If your event’s security system has flaws that could result in a security breach, it’s in your best interest to resolve this. You need to know exactly who is attending your event and who is in the building.


If you are thinking of using visitor management at your events, you need to understand all the features you can access with this tool.

You will find that a more modern system answers most of your current security, health, and safety concerns. Events can be vulnerable to many dangerous incidents, and your event company needs protection.

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