Nine Essential Elements Every Conference Room Must Have

23 December 2021
23 December 2021
Nine Essential Elements Every Conference Room Must Have

Organising a business event is not easy. It is easy to think that running a successful conference is about spending money. However, you must also take responsibility for making your event an enjoyable experience for others by being mindful of their needs and concerns throughout the process.

Therefore, in this article, we will consider the points that we must consider when choosing a venue for a conference and equipping a conference room. The conference is the perfect place to learn, discuss and network with like-minded individuals. It’s also an opportunity for you or your team members from across the country/globe to come together to create new ideas!

Space selection

The range of conference venues available today is incredibly huge. Almost every hotel, coworking space, or entertainment centre offers its own venue for business meetings. Depending on the event you are planning, the versatility of the conference space you end up with is amazing.

If you plan to host your conference in the USA, you can check out co-working spaces in various cities, such as co-working spaces based in Los Angeles, and if you are planning to host your conference in Europe, you can check out Eventflare and reserve a space that suits your

How will the conference room be used?

The very first issue you should contend with is what is the conference all about. The question seems, at first glance, simple, but it requires a little research.

Who will work in the hall? How many guests would you like to invite? What opportunities do you need to provide them? Maybe there will be journalists among the guests who need audio recordings of events? If you give the floor to the participants in the room, how will you organise the process?

Regardless of what you’re planning, you’ll find the essential breakdown below that will set you up to achieve it.

1. Control system

One of the central elements of the conference room is the control system, which acts as the brain of the virtual coworking space. We can say that this is the brain of your conference room, without which the hall cannot be innovative and modern. You can control the hall systems through an interface. This should be accessible via Wi-Fi from almost any mobile device or computer. Just decide if you need an operator in the room, or will the conference chairman manage the room?

2. Audio

The second important element is a display. When thinking about LCD monitors, video walls, screens, you must consider the size. There are display devices that are adequate or inadequate for the given parameters of the room. This means that you need to select screens based on whether they will be visible or not.

The shape of the room or additional elements such as columns and the height of the ceilings can interfere with the view: if the ceilings are low, then the large screen for the back rows will be covered by the participants sitting in front.

In modern conference rooms with a conference system, technological television cameras are also usually integrated, which automatically aim at the speaker.

This is not the central element of the hall, but its presence makes the work more convenient, faster, and more comfortable. A monitor lift is a device that lifts or lowers a computer monitor onto a tabletop. PC transformation allows you to hide the display instantly. Suppose its presence on the table is not needed. Individual adjustment of the angle and height of the monitor allows you to set up equipment for convenient work in a matter of minutes.

3. Video

The same cameras can also be used for video conferencing if provided. It is crucial to think about where the cameras will be located and how many there will be. As a rule, you need a camera for a wide shot and cameras that allow you to broadcast larger shots. Because if you’re going to book a special venue, you might as well show it off!

4. Conference system

This is the third element. Each conferencing system has several functions (speaker queuing, voice transmission) controlled through the chairman unit. The volume is controlled from the operator’s console. But it is also essential to consider what other systems you need to equip a conference room, in addition to the conference system.

5. Translation

You can integrate a simultaneous translation system with a conference system, activated by pressing the conference microphone panel. An external simultaneous translation automation tool is also possible. The number of language channels you can broadcast by conference systems is quite large. The main thing is to consider where the interpreting booth for your translators will be. Or will the translators be in the hall? How many translators will there be? The appearance of the hall also depends on the answers to these questions.

6. Strong Wifi

You may have to connect with people on the Internet during meetings, and if you don’t have a fast enough Wi-Fi connection, that could be difficult. High-speed internet allows everyone in attendance for these events (especially those working remotely) to surf online while taking a break. But you also might need it during the presentation when you show something online.

7. Breakout Rooms

Breakout rooms are great for individuals who focus on specific aspects of projects, tasks or ideas. Teachers and trainers can use these additional spaces to organise small group learning sessions where they work with just a few people at once!

8. Staffing

You need a team of experienced personnel to plan your corporate event. Make sure you engage with the venue beforehand so they can provide all necessary support for success in running these kinds of meetings and conferences smoothly, efficiently, and successfully!

9. Catering Refreshment

Catering is important. Hungry attendees get grumpy, and worse still, poorly fed attendees get disappointed. Typically, the catering for a conference is provided by the venue, with many not permitting external catering services. So take catering into account when choosing a venue! Little things like ensuring there will be drinks and snacks on hand are the small details every event planner needs to double-check.

Wrapping up

So we considered how to select and equip a conference room. The core essentials. You should now have a working understanding of what you need to host a corporate event. But this is just the beginning. There’s so much more to learn. For starters, why not check out our ultimate guide to event planning?

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