Popular Trends For Your Next Venue

by Michael luckx, 27 February 2019
by Michael luckx,  27 February 2019
Popular Trends For Your Next Venue

Forever gone are the days when events were restricted to four walls. Nearly any space has the potential to be your next special venue with the right approach.

The venue should make an outstanding impression, even before arriving on the location. For example, imagine the face of your guests when you tell them that the conference will take place in a boat, that will take their breath away.

So, let’s explore some options in the following trends!

Unexpected and Unusual Spaces

The more bizarre or wonderful the venue, the more shareable on social media which brings attention and can help your reputation.

Make non-standard spaces available for example, host a conference in a venue with a private F1 car collection. These original spots are helping venues capitalize on areas of their business they weren’t using before and will help you organizing a creative, fun and unforgettable conference.

Be brave and explore options for event spaces that have never been used before!

Go Rustic

On these days where our phones are attached to our bodies, opting for quiet, rural locations outside the city center will remove distractions and will make everyone more focused on the event’s objectives.

For some people, disconnecting from technology may be hard, for others it may be a relief. But in any case, the efficiency of your employees will increase.

Eco Venue

People want to associate with organizations that have sustainability implemented in their personality. They look for businesses built on green standards, transparent about their initiatives and who measures their impact on the environment.

Try to find a venue that respects some (or all) of the following aspects:

  • Low energy consumption.
  • Easy to access by public transportation, on foot or by bicycle.
  • Optimization of energy and water management, sorting and recycling waste.
  • Use of suppliers and service providers who also respect sustainability.
  • Access to rooms with natural daylight

Those types of venues are especially trendy now, but tell us what you think the next trends are going to be!

Featured image: Modern Venue via eventlounge

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