About the space

This venue is an alternative to everything and for every one. It is a space where commerce is confronted with art, technology and human. This place is an unfinished project that is filled with imperfect content. This space is here to inspire, to break down and form. So, be a part of the Prague’s underground and look for new impulses. This place is probably not a spot where you’d go every day, but if you happen to be there, it’s an experience you probably don’t experience every day. In the underground of the former House of Art Industry at Narodnitridain Prague a new and partly reclaimed multi-genre scene is created where the creative personalities of various fields meet together and discover new possibilities of free expression of art. The unconventional and experimental space of industrial appearance attracts independent theaters, filmmakers, musicians, designers and artists but primarily civic-minded individuals who do not prevent open dialogue and self-reflection of society. The extensive exhibition hall with the floor gallery now serves various cultural subjects as well as educational institutions, which carry moderated debates or lectures for the professional and non-professional public.

This place is perfect to a hybrid of events! Message us for more info.

  • Standing
  • Bright
  • Charming
  • Contemporary
  • Elegant
  • Funky
  • Futuristic
  • Hybrid event
  • Industrial
  • Quirky
  • Spacious
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