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The interior of this marvellous monastery is a captivating symphony of history and spirituality that unfolds as you step into its hallowed halls. A testament to over a thousand years of existence, the monastery's interior is a living tapestry woven from architectural styles spanning Romanesque, Gothic, and beyond.

The heart of this spiritual enclave is the Basilica of St. Margaret, an architectural marvel where Romanesque solidity meets Gothic grace. Vaulted ceilings soar above, adorned with delicate frescoes that whisper tales of devotion. The interplay of light and shadow dances across time-worn stone, accentuating intricately carved altars and statues that stand as silent witnesses to centuries of faith.

As you explore, you'll traverse cloisters, with their arches and columns, which offer a meditative sanctuary, allowing you to connect with the profound history that permeates every stone.

The chapter house stands as a testament to the functional yet spiritual aspects of monastic life. Its architecture speaks of both pragmatic gatherings and contemplative discussions, where decisions were made and ideas were shared.

This historic and picturesque setting provides a unique backdrop for hosting a variety of events that blend its rich heritage with modern occasions, such as celebrations, galas, lectures and seminars, and corporate events.

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