Photo Shoot Spaces in Bogotá

Say cheese, event planners, because we’re giving you a reason to smile. Welcome to our guide to hosting a photoshoot in Bogotá. Over here, you’ll find everything you need to know about photoshoot rooms in Bogotá, tips on the best areas in the city to have a photoshoot, and insider information on photographers, makeup artists, hairstylists, caterers, and more.

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A Guide to Hosting a Photoshoot in Bogotá

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FAQ about Bogotá venues and events

What are some cool breakout ideas for my photoshoot in Bogotá?

Elevate the energy of your photoshoot in Bogotá by embracing the lively rhythms of traditional Colombian music, injecting a burst of local authenticity and a vibrant atmosphere into your images. 

Alternatively, venture into Bogotá's historic La Candelaria district, featuring charming cobblestone streets and colonial architecture painted with vivid street art. This backdrop captures the area's timeless charm and cultural richness. 

For a unique twist, consider a prop exploration at Paloquemao Market, where you'll find an array of vintage and artisanal props, turning your shoot into a captivating visual experience.

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How much should I expect to budget for my photoshoot in Bogotá?

The budget for your photoshoot in Bogotá will vary based on several factors. Professional photographers typically charge between €80 and €400 per hour, and equipment rental costs can range from €16 to €80 per hour.

Account for any location fees, particularly for private or iconic spots, and allocate a budget for props, set design, and costumes if necessary. Include transportation expenses if shooting in multiple locations.

Check for permit requirements and associated fees for commercial photoshoots. If post-production services are needed, set aside a budget for editing and retouching. It's recommended to reach out to local vendors for specific quotes based on your unique needs, and having a buffer for unforeseen expenses is always a wise approach.

How can my crew get to my photography studio in Bogotá?

Getting your crew to your photo studio in Bogotá is easy! You can use buses or the fast TransMilenio system if your studio is close to public transport. Taxis or apps like Uber are handy for a quick ride. 

If your crew is big or has lots of stuff, think about renting a van or a small bus. Make sure to tell everyone the studio address and how to get there, and if they're driving, check if there's parking nearby. Keeping things simple will help everyone arrive smoothly for your Bogotá photoshoot!

What locations and permits do I need for my photoshoot location in Bogotá?

When planning your photo shoot in Bogotá, think about where you want to take pictures. If it's a public place like a park or street, usually, you don't need a permit for small, non-commercial shoots. But, if it's someone's property or a business, get permission from the owner. 

For famous or historic spots, there might be rules to follow. If your photoshoot is for business or involves a big crew, check with local authorities about getting the right permits. And if you're shooting in parks or gardens, ask if there are any special rules. Always plan ahead and talk to the right people to make sure your photo shoot is legal and goes smoothly.

Are there legal and copyright complications when doing a shoot in Bogotá?

It's important to be aware of legal and copyright considerations. Obtain model releases, especially if photographing recognisable individuals, to secure permission to use their likenesses. 

For shoots on private properties, seek approval from the property owner and, if necessary, obtain a property release for commercial use. Understand copyright laws, respect the rights of others and be cautious with trademarks and branding. 

While capturing candid moments is generally allowed in public spaces, be mindful of privacy and cultural sensitivities. Certain iconic or historic locations may have specific rules and require permits, so it's crucial to check with local authorities or property managers. Being diligent about legal aspects ensures a smooth and ethical photoshoot in Bogotá, preventing potential legal complications.

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