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Book Conference Venues in Buenos Aires
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    Buenos Aires

    Guide to hosting conference events in Buenos Aires

    Greetings, event planners! You've made a fantastic decision to host your conference in Buenos Aires. With its exceptional infrastructure, technology, culture, and hospitality, it's the perfect destination for successful conference events.

    Ready for a seamless conference in Buenos Aires? Delve into our ultimate guide, brimming with insider tips on top venues, city navigation, delectable catering options, and more! Your flawless conference experience awaits!

    1) Choosing the Ideal Conference Venue Style for You

    Buenos Aires’ conference venues are more than just spaces—they are a testament. With a flair for style and top-notch amenities, get ready to be wowed by the variety of conference rooms, all equipped with the latest AV technology. 

    From cosy meet-ups to grand symposiums, Buenos Aires offers tailor-made rooms just for you. Let's dive into the distinct styles awaiting you in this vibrant city.

    1. Contemporary and modern venues: Many conference rooms in Buenos Aires feature contemporary designs with sleek furniture, minimalist decor, and state-of-the-art technology. 

    Large windows provide ample natural light, creating a bright and airy atmosphere, and neutral colour palettes, comfortable seating, and cutting-edge audiovisual equipment make them ideal for corporate meetings and professional events.

    2. Historic venues: Buenos Aires is known for its historical architecture, and some conference rooms are set within historic buildings that will lend your conference an air of old-world charm. 

    Historic conference venues often feature ornate ceilings, chandeliers, and elegant furnishings, creating a sophisticated and refined ambience. However, it’s only the vibe of these conference rooms in Buenos Aires that will feel historic. Inside, these conference venues come equipped with all the latest technology for a smooth conference experience.

    3. Artistic and creative spaces: The city has a thriving arts and culture scene, reflected in some conference rooms that showcase local artwork and innovative designs. 

    These creative spaces may have colourful murals, unique installations, and eclectic furniture, fostering an inspiring environment for innovative and creative conferences.

    4. Tech-driven hubs: Buenos Aires is not just a city; it’s a hub of tech innovation. It’s no wonder that there are conference rooms here that brim with cutting-edge technology. 

    Be ready to elevate your meetings in these futuristic hubs

    5. Outdoor and rooftop venues: Buenos Aires enjoys a pleasant climate, making outdoor and rooftop conference rooms popular choices. 

    This style of conference venue in Buenos Aires often offers breathtaking views of the city skyline or lush greenery, providing a refreshing change from traditional indoor venues. 

    2) Top Neighborhoods for Hosting a Conference in BA

    When it comes to neighbourhoods in Buenos Aires, you’ll find the cool factor is pretty high with each one. Not only are most of the neighbourhoods here beautiful, but some of them also give you a taste of the city’s vibrant nightlife.

    Alas, we can’t describe every single neighbourhood in Buenos Aires here, so we picked our top three.

    1. Puerto Madero: What if we told you you can hold a conference in Buenos Aires that feels like a conference in Manhattan? We’re not kidding. Welcome to the lovely neighbourhood of Puerto Madero.

    This influential neighbourhood in Buenos Aires is one of the best in the city. A stunning hub of classy office spaces, lofts and hotels, plenty of venues are here to impress your guests. 

    We love that the conference rooms in Puerto Madero have an international flair, giving your conference an edge. Check them out and we’re sure you’ll agree!

    2. Palermo Soho: If you’re looking for a stylish conference room in Buenos Aires, you’ll find what you’re looking for in Palermo Soho.

    A hit with trendy upper-middle-class locals and tourists, some seriously chic venues are up for grabs. Plus, there are plenty of options for after-work in this area. Explore its Bohemian vibe in its creative cafes, restaurants and boutiques.

    3. San Telmo: If you’re looking for a conference room in Buenos Aires with a European feel, this is the place for you. And San Telmo specifically. 

    This neighbourhood reeks of old-world glamour, with charming cobblestone streets, patios with fountains, and enviable architecture.

    Plus, you can host your conference at one of the area’s many elegant boutique hotels and terrace spaces. And if your attendees are still around for the weekend, we recommend popping over to the large Sunday street market.

    3) Planning Your Buenos Aires Budget

    Next, let’s discuss how much to budget for a conference space in Buenos Aires. You’ll be happy to know that the city has various conference venues catering to different budgets. It's all about striking the right balance between your specific requirements and financial considerations.

    • Basic conference rooms: Basic choices can start from around €50 to €150 per hour. These venues typically provide essential facilities such as seating, basic audiovisual equipment, and perhaps some catering options.
    • Mid-range conference spaces: Mid-range conference spaces, offering more amenities and a slightly more upscale environment, can range from €150 to €500 per hour. These venues may include additional services like advanced audiovisual equipment, dedicated staff support, and better seating arrangements.
    • Premium conference venues: If you’re looking for top-notch facilities, modern technology, luxurious amenities, and excellent service,  premium conference venues in Buenos Aires start from €500 per hour and go up significantly, depending on the exclusivity and location. These venues often cater to high-end corporate events, international conferences, and large-scale conventions.

    Additional Costs to Consider:

    • Audiovisual Equipment: Basic audiovisual setup for a conference can cost between €500 and €1,500, while more advanced setups with multiple screens and interactive features may range from €1,500 to €5,000.
    • Catering: The budget for catering usually starts from €5 to €10 per person for a basic coffee break. For buffet lunches, expect to spend between €15 and €30 per person. Gala dinners at upscale venues can range from €30 to €100 or more per person, depending on the menu and exclusivity.
    • Materials and supplies: Allocate approximately €300 to €1,000 for badges, signage, and printing. Additional stationery and conference materials might cost between €200 and €500.
    • Staff and services: Depending on the complexity of the conference, hiring an event planner or coordinator might cost €1,000 to €3,000. On-site staff members typically cost between €100 and €500 per day, and security services can cost from €500 to €2,000, depending on venue requirements.
    • Marketing and promotion: Plan for €500 to €2,000 for online advertisements and social media promotions. Printed materials such as flyers and banners might cost between €300 and €1,000.
    • Transportation and accommodation: Shuttle services for conference attendees can cost between €500 and €1,500. Accommodation expenses vary based on the hotel category, ranging from €50 to €200 or more per person per night.
    • Insurance: Event liability insurance typically falls between €500 and €2,000, depending on the coverage required for the conference.

    4) Culinary Delights: Top Caterers for Your Buenos Aires Conference

    Conferences and networking go hand in hand, and there’s no better way to unite people than food. That’s why the catering for your conference in Buenos Aires has to be delectable.

    And as always, we’re here to help. Here are some of our favourite event caterers in Buenos Aires.


    1. Sabores del Sur: If you’re looking to add a taste of Argentina to your conference in Buenos Aires, this is the caterer that will help you do it. Sabores del Sur specialises in Argentinian cuisine with a modern twist and is perfect for adding a local touch to your conference.

    Some of their signature dishes include asado Argentino (traditional Argentinan barbecue featuring various cuts of meat), empanadas (savoury pastries filled with meat, cheese, or vegetables), and matambre a la pizza (flank steak grilled with pizza toppings).

    2. Casa Félix: For a fusion of Argentinian and international flavours, Casa Félix is our top choice.

    Their menu features some interesting and innovative dishes such as Milanesa a la Napolitana (breaded and fried meat topped with ham, tomato sauce, and cheese), humita en chala (steamed savoury corn pudding), and dulce de leche flan (caramel custard dessert).

    3. El Preferido de Palermo: This popular restaurant is no stranger to the Buenos Aires dining scene, and you’ll be thrilled to know that it also offers conference catering services.

    When you book El Preferido de Palermo, you can rest assured that they will bring their elegant setting to your venue. Treat your conference attendees to lomito completo (Argentinian steak sandwich with various toppings), parrillada (mixed grill featuring different meats), and chocotorta (no-bake chocolate cake dessert) for an authentic Argentinian culinary journey.

    4. Tegui: Speaking of gourmet experiences, Tegui is another caterer you can consider for your conference in Buenos Aires. 

    This Michelin-starred restaurant offers catering services for its exquisite Argentinian cuisine. Delight your attendees with innovative dishes such as pulpo a la parrilla (grilled octopus), ojo de bife (ribeye steak), and postre Tegui (Tegui dessert) for an unparalleled culinary adventure.

    5. La Cabrera: This event caterer is famous for its top-quality steaks and Argentinian grilling techniques. Impress your conference attendees with their bife de chorizo (sirloin steak), provoleta (grilled provolone cheese with herbs), and helado (Argentinian ice cream) for a savoury and sweet experience.


    • Now, we also know that Buenos Aires has some lovely weather and if you’re lucky, your conference venue might just have an outdoor space. If you happen to pick one of these to host your conference, a food truck is a good idea for the event catering. Here are Our 5 Favourite Food Trucks in Buenos Aires to help make this an unforgettable experience!

    5) Beyond Lectures: Amazing Breakout Ideas for Your Conference

    Transform your conference in Buenos Aires into an engaging and enjoyable experience for your conference attendees with some exciting breakout sessions.

    1. Tango workshops: Invite professional tango instructors to conduct interactive workshops. Participants can learn the basics of this iconic Argentinian dance, promoting team building, rhythm, and coordination. 

    It's a fantastic way to infuse local culture into your event.

    2. Interactive tech labs: Collaborate with local tech innovators to create interactive labs showcasing cutting-edge technology. These labs provide a glimpse into the future, from virtual reality experiences to interactive gadget demonstrations. 

    Your conference attendees can engage with the latest tech trends, making this breakout session both educational and exciting.

    3. Local panel discussions: Enrich your conference by inviting knowledgeable local experts to lead engaging panel discussions or interactive Q&A sessions. These experts can delve into topics of significant interest, such as the economic landscape in Buenos Aires, sustainable tourism initiatives, or cultural heritage preservation.

    Their insights will provide valuable perspectives and enhance the depth of your conference discussions.

    4. Innovation hubs: Create dedicated spaces within your venue where participants can actively engage in innovation-driven dialogues. These hubs are equipped with essential tools like whiteboards, sticky notes, and collaborative software, fostering an environment conducive to brainstorming and idea exchange. 

    Bonus reading:

    6) Post-Conference Fun:  Cool After-work Ideas

    While breakout sessions undoubtedly add a spark to your conference in Buenos Aires, what about the moments after the official proceedings?

    Here’s a list of fun after-work activities to help you maintain the networking spirit post-conference hours.

    1. Interactive art workshops: Collaborate with local artists to host art workshops. Your conference attendees can engage in painting, pottery, or sculpture, fostering creativity and collaboration.

    These hands-on experiences often lead to interesting discussions and connections.

    2. Wine tasting and tapas evening: Arrange a wine-tasting event featuring Argentina's renowned wines paired with delicious tapas. Experts can guide attendees through the rich flavours of Argentinian wines, creating a sophisticated atmosphere for networking.

    3. Historical walking tour: Discover Buenos Aires' rich history by organising a guided walk through its historic neighbourhoods. Visit iconic landmarks, learn about the city's architectural heritage, and discuss shared experiences while exploring the vibrant streets.

    4. Riverfront sunset cruise: Arrange a relaxing sunset cruise along the Rio de la Plata. Your conference attendees can unwind with breathtaking views of the Buenos Aires skyline, share stories, and relax after a day of conference sessions.

    5. Tango night: Organise a lively tango night at a local milonga, where attendees can enjoy dance performances and take tango lessons. It's a fantastic way to immerse in Buenos Aires' cultural heritage and encourage networking in a relaxed environment.

    Wrapping Up

    And that’s a wrap for our guide to organising a conference in Buenos Aires! 

    Now you're all set with plenty of insider tips to make your event in this amazing city a hit but it’s not quite goodbye yet. If you ever need more advice, just contact us using our Ask Expert feature; our local team will be happy to assist you.

    A Guide to Hosting a Conference in Buenos Aires

    FAQ about Buenos Aires Conference Venues

    When's the best time to book a conference venue in Buenos Aires?

    The best time to book a conference space in Buenos Aires depends on your specific needs and preferences. However, there are a few factors to consider:

    • Weather: Buenos Aires experiences its peak tourist season during spring (September to November) and autumn (March to May) when the weather is mild and pleasant. This is an excellent time for conferences, as attendees can enjoy the city without extreme heat or cold.
    • Local events: Be mindful of local events and holidays. Some periods, like during Carnival in February, may not be ideal due to increased tourism and potential venue unavailability. Similarly, major national holidays might affect local businesses and services.
    • Budget: Prices for conference spaces and accommodations can vary based on the season. Peak tourist seasons usually have higher rates. If you're looking for a budget-friendly option, consider booking during the off-peak months (winter months of June to August) when prices might be more affordable.
    • Availability: Popular venues in Buenos Aires often get booked well in advance, especially during peak seasons and major events. Plan and book your conference space several months ahead to secure your desired venue and dates.
    Does Buenos Aires offer support for sustainable conferences?

    Buenos Aires offers support and resources to achieve sustainability goals for conferences. Many venues have adopted eco-friendly practices, offering recycling facilities, energy-efficient lighting, and sustainable catering options.

    The city also has local suppliers specialising in green products and services. Event planning companies focused on sustainability can assist in venue selection and waste reduction strategies.

    Public and private partnerships, as well as community engagement initiatives, promote eco-conscious events. Sustainable transportation options, like the city's extensive public transit system, provide environmentally friendly commuting choices for attendees.

    Additionally, some venues and services hold certifications or awards for their green initiatives, indicating their commitment to sustainability. Buenos Aires provides a supportive environment for organising conferences focusing on environmental responsibility.

    What's the estimated cost for hosting a conference in Buenos Aires?

    The cost of hosting a conference in Buenos Aires can vary widely depending on several key factors. The size of the event, the chosen venue, the duration of the conference, the number of attendees, the level of services and facilities required, and any additional customised elements all influence the overall cost.

    For a basic conference package in a mid-range venue with standard amenities, the cost per attendee per day might range from €50 to €150. Larger conferences or events in premium venues with advanced services and specialized requirements could exceed €200 per attendee per day.

    You can read more about the average cost of hosting a conference in Buenos Aires in this guide.

    How can I find local sponsors for my conference?

    There are several government and private organisations that you can approach to help sponsor your event. The Global Chamber of Buenos Aires is a great place to start when looking for sponsors.

    Of course, we encourage you to approach sponsors with a solid plan of action. Read our 4 Tips for Growing Event Sponsorship to help you get started.

    And, as always, we’re here to help you. Our local experts have in-depth knowledge of Buenos Aires and the local market. They will be able to help you figure out sponsorship opportunities for your conference in Buenos Aires as well as help you with anything else you might need.

    What transportation options are there for attendees to reach the venue with ease?

    In Buenos Aires, you really don’t have to worry about transportation. The public transport system here is well-connected, reliable and cheap.

    The locals mostly travel by bus(Colectivo) and subway (Subte). A single ride costs just $0.25, and both are well-linked to the other major areas in the city.

    Alternatively, you can always opt for a taxi but be wary of scammers. You can book a taxi using a taxi app or hail a regulated black and yellow radio taxi that will charge you by the metre.

    What language considerations should I keep in mind?

    Spanish is the primary language spoken in Argentina, so having essential conference materials available in both Spanish and English is important. This includes agendas, programmes, signage, and any official documentation.

    For international attendees who might not be fluent in Spanish, offering translation services or providing bilingual staff and interpreters can greatly enhance their experience. Moreover, it's a good practice to inform speakers about the language preferences of the audience, ensuring they adjust their presentations accordingly.

    By addressing these language considerations, you create a more inclusive and accessible environment for all attendees, fostering better communication and understanding during the conference.

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