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    Guide to hosting photo & film events in Helsinki

    A city blending dynamic Nordic flavours, Helsinki, Finland’s capital, is full of gorgeous sights, with some of them indeed Instagram-worthy. This “Pearl of the Baltic Sea” is brimming with architectural splendour and ingenious vibes, boasting neoclassical buildings to futuristic structures and verdant parks. Nominated as the World Design Capital in 2012, Helsinki stands at the crossroads of tradition and modernity with its eclectic mix of ultra-modern architecture and traditional saunas. 

    You will be in for the time of your life when you host your next photoshoot in Helsinki to market your business. Searching for picturesque venues for hosting events and with easy access to shooting equipment? Check! Scouting for creative minds and professionals? Double Check! All you’ve got to do is breeze through our guide to photoshoots in Helsinki for your photoshoot to be an unforgettable and successful event! 

    Moreover, Helsinki’s efficient and dependable public transportation system makes it almost effortless for locals and visitors to travel around. The city’s comprehensive network of buses, trams, and trains will make hosting an event and travelling around less tiresome, especially if you have to lug around photoshoot equipment. 

    Whether you are hosting an event, looking for creative museums, elegant working spaces or unique photoshoot rooms, check out our tips for hosting a photoshoot event successfully in Helsinki. Also, explore some of the city’s neighbourhoods to source your dream photoshoot venue for a truly memorable photoshoot event!

    1) How to Host a Successful Photoshoot Event in Helsinki

    Helsinki offers a variety of photoshoot room options for hosting events, depending on the type of shoot you are planning and your specific needs. Apart from dedicated photography studios with a range of different sizes for rent, Helsinki boasts an array of versatile event venues, such as quaint cafes that can be transformed into photoshoot rooms for unforgettable experiences. 

    A typical photo shoot venue in Helsinki usually comes fully equipped with distinct props, fascinating architecture, natural lighting, and perhaps even some quirky details that will ensure a successful event. 

    If you plan to head outdoors, Helsinki has tons of Instagrammable venues, such as grand landmarks and breathtaking waterfront views, to meet your shoot requirements. 

    Continue reading below what Finland’s capital has to offer for a wonderful and successful event! 

    2) The Best Venues in Helsinki for Photoshoots

    Helsinki is a city with tons of sprawling and incredible venues with their own distinct characteristics for successful photoshoot events. Whether you’re looking for a hip and trendy district, a historic backdrop, or a mesmerising waterfront location, this Nordic gem has the relevant spots for hosting events, including: 

    • Punavuori is an elegant and trendy area in Helsinki with an assortment of boutique shops, restaurants, and cafes. Notably, this area is famous for its striking Art Nouveau buildings, making it a superb venue for architectural photography.
    • Kallio is a hip neighbourhood in Helsinki that offers an edgy vibe. As this area is known for its colourful buildings and youthful energy, it is a suitable venue for urban or street photography.
    • Töölö is a residential area situated west of Helsinki’s city centre, with acres of green spaces and historic venues. This area is especially great for capturing photos of the Sibelius Monuments and the Helsinki Olympic Stadium.

    3) Essentials for Successful Photoshoot Events in Helsinki

    When planning a photoshoot in Helsinki, keep in mind a few pointers. First and foremost, hire a suitable photography agency, such as Kuvaamo or Studio Harcourt Helsinki. These reputable and reliable agencies come with a full-service package, making it perfect if you’re looking for commercial or event photography.

    When it comes to clothing and accessories, bring specific clothing and accessories for your photoshoot models according to the style and theme of your photoshoot. Alternatively, source clothing and props from stores and boutiques that offer stylish and unique clothing and accessories for memorable events, such as Marimekko, Samuji, or TRE. 

    Thinking of renting props and furniture in Helsinki for a successful event? Check out Nudge or Design Direct Helsinki, with a huge section of eclectic props and knick-knacks to jazz up your photoshoot.

    Additionally, Helsinki boasts top-notch production companies to help you organise and execute your photoshoot. For example, companies like Made in Helsinki, Werkko, or Laine Production offer various services for photoshoots and other creative projects, including venue scouting, casting, styling, and post-production. With the dedicated events personnel at these companies, transform your photoshoot concepts into a success! 

    Also, ensure you obtain a permit for photographing in public venues. Plan your transportation before your photoshoot to factor in travel time when scheduling your shoot. Also, make sure to research the weather, and wind intensity, as well as sunrise and sunset times for your desired shoot dates and plan.

    1. Public Squares With Various Historical Landmarks 

    In the oldest part of Helsinki, public squares are popular photoshoot venues for hosting photoshoot events. Various iconic landmarks like the National Library, the main building of the University of Helsinki, as well as the Helsinki Cathedral with its towering green turrets and domes can feature in your photoshoot. Climb the steps to the main entrance of the Helsinki Cathedral to soak in incredible views of the entire square. Located near the Helsinki Cathedral, the Helsinki City Museum is another photogenic venue which houses intriguing history exhibitions. Besides being a hub for vendors selling traditional Finnish delicacies, aromatic coffee, and handmade souvenirs, Helsinki’s Market Square also has picturesque views of Helsinki’s South Harbour, implying more astounding photo ops and a successful photoshoot event! 

    2. Popular Helsinki District With Eclectic Collection of Buildings 

    This district is one of Helsinki’s most sought-after photoshoot venues, owing to its eclectic range of houses and buildings in Art Nouveau style. Saunter along a street entirely dotted with vividly painted buildings featuring sculptural roofs, intricately designed windows, and captivating verandas. As part of Helsinki’s vibrancy, this area is renowned for its trendy cafes, design shops, and lush green venues. Take note of the Observatory Hill Park, one such green space. With an observatory at its centre and surrounded by impeccable lawns studded by tulips and gorgeous trees, this park is a must-have for any nature-themed photoshoot event to be successful. 

    3. Instagrammable cafe with Countryside Vibes 

    Only a minute’s walk away from the surreal-looking Sibelius Monument in Töölö district of Helsinki, this cafe is another awesome venue for photoshoots. This Instagrammable cafe is housed in an alluring traditional hut built in 1887 that was formerly used as a storage venue for fishing nets. Also, this traditional red cottage cafe has brought vestiges of the Finnish countryside to the heart of bustling Helsinki. Let the fragrance of freshly brewed coffee swirl in the air as you stage your photoshoot while savouring the cafe’s blueberry pie and sweet cinnamon buns during breaks or after your shoot is done. Hosting events like a photoshoot at this venue has never been that easy. 

    Wrapping Up

    We hope our guide has covered the main bases of planning a successful photoshoot event in Helsinki. If you need a bit more information on photoshoot venues, our local experts are only a click away for you to enjoy the ultimate visual treat in this charming Nordic capital.

    Ready to rumble? Lights, Camera, Action!

    A Guide to Hosting a Photoshoot in Helsinki

    FAQ about Helsinki Photo & Film Studios

    How much does a photoshoot venue in Helsinki cost?

    The cost of a photoshoot venue in Helsinki depends on several factors, such as venue size and location, rental duration, and additional equipment and amenities available. 

    Here are some estimates of what photoshoot venues in Helsinki can cost:

    Basic Studio: A small studio with minimal amenities can cost from 50-100 euros per hour.

    Mid-Range Studio: A mid-range studio with a decent amount of space, basic equipment, and amenities like a makeup station and a changing room can cost anywhere from 100-200 euros per hour.

    High-End Studio: A high-end studio offers top-of-the-line amenities like a kitchen, lounge area, on-site staff, and equipment. It can cost anywhere from 200-500 EUR per hour.

    What are the cancellation policies for photoshoot venues in Helsinki?

    The cancellation policies for photoshoot venues in Helsinki vary, depending on rental conditions set by individual venue providers. Some may offer a flexible cancellation policy, whereas others may be stricter. 

    Therefore, we recommend that you check the rental terms and conditions of the specific photoshoot venue you choose before signing any contract. 

    Are there any restrictions on what I can shoot in a photoshoot venue in Helsinki?

    Such restrictions depend on specific rules and regulations of individual venue providers, as well as any applicable laws and regulations. However, in general, most photoshoot rooms may have certain restrictions related to their space use.

    Where can I hire Photography equipment for your Photoshoot in Helsinki?

    Firstly, we recommend that you review the equipment offered by the individual photoshoot venue provider. To obtain additional equipment, head to Rajala Pro Shop or JAS- Kamerakauppa. These are well-known photography rental providers in Helsinki that provide all photography equipment, professional advice, and support.

    Is there a minimum booking time for photoshoot venues in Helsinki?

    The minimum booking time for photoshoot venues in Helsinki depends on specific rental terms and conditions set by individual venue providers. Some photoshoot venues may have a minimum booking time of one hour, while others may require a longer booking period, like two to three hours. Some also offer half-day or full-day rates as well.

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