Meeting Rooms in Istanbul

Hello there, event planners. We hear that you’re thinking of hosting a meeting in Istanbul and we’re here to tell you that’s a great choice (and help you out, of course!)

You probably already know this, but Istanbul is one of the top cities to host a meeting. Not only is it an established business hub, but it’s also shown incredible promise in the crypto and blockchain market as well.

So now that you know there’s an incredible audience for your meeting in Istanbul, let’s go ahead and start planning it. We’ve put together this handy guide to make it super successful.  

Read on to learn more about where to find the best meeting rooms in Istanbul, catering tips, how to get around the city, after-work entertainment, and more.

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A Guide to Meetings in Istanbul

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FAQ about Istanbul venues and events

Can I book a venue for a meeting in Istanbul for more than a day?

Yes, most event venues in Istanbul charge per hour, however, most venues can be booked for the day or multiple days if their calendar allows for it! 

What are helpful apps to download in Istanbul?
  • BiTaksi- a local taxi ordering app
  • Uber- international taxi ordering app
  • Trafi- live traffic updates
  • Moovit- transportation schedule app
How is the nightlife in Istanbul?

The nightlife in Istanbul is brilliant. It may be a tad bit more conservative than the nightlife in other European cities, but there is still a good variety of lavish bars, restaurants, and nightclubs. Another major nightlife attraction in Istanbul is the meyanehs (Turkish taverns).

Is Istanbul a conservative city?

Istanbul strikes a balance between conservatism and open-mindedness. A welcoming city for both locals and tourists, there are certain areas (around religious monuments and the old town) that are more conservative than the rest of the city. That being said, Istanbul is a well-developed city that is safe for travellers from all over the world.

What can I do after my meeting in Istanbul?

There are several activities for both groups and individuals in Istanbul. You can check out the city’s many restaurants and bars, take a tour of the cultural institutions and monuments, indulge in street food, visit art galleries and museums, or take a cruise along the Bosphorus Sea.

What are the add-on services I can get when I book a venue for my meeting in Istanbul?

Most venues in Istanbul will have basic facilities such as furniture and AV/VR equipment. If you require any other services such as cleaning staff or catering or more, this can usually be arranged at an additional cost.

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