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Book Conference Venues in Lisbon
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    Guide to hosting conference events in Lisbon

    So, you want to host a conference in Lisbon? The city with captivating charm, rich history, and a vibrant atmosphere. It offers a perfect blend of modernity and tradition, making it an ideal choice for hosting a memorable event. 

    From its strategic location, state-of-the-art conference facilities and inspiring cultural heritage, Lisbon provides an unrivalled backdrop for conferences of all sizes and industries.

    From initial planning considerations to logistics, travel, must-see attractions, networking opportunities, and practical tips, this guide covers it all. 

    So come with us, and soak up our experience. And if you need any help along the way, just ask one of our local experts.


    Choosing the Right Conference Room in Lisbon for You

    There’s a pleasing variety of conference rooms for hire, catering to different styles and preferences. Here are some of the different styles of conference rooms available in the city:

    Psst. Shortcut: a selection of some of our favourite conference  venues in Lisbon

    • Traditional and Elegant: Istanbul is known for its rich history and architectural heritage. Many conference rooms in historic venues embody a traditional and elegant style. These rooms often feature classic décor, ornate details, and sophisticated furnishings, creating a refined atmosphere.
    • Modern and Contemporary: Istanbul is a vibrant metropolis with a thriving modern infrastructure. Numerous conference rooms in contemporary venues and conference centres showcase sleek designs, clean lines, and cutting-edge technology. 
    • Open and Collaborative: Some conference rooms in Istanbul are designed to foster collaboration and interaction. These rooms often feature open layouts, flexible seating arrangements, and breakout areas. 
    • Rooftop and Panoramic Views: Istanbul's skyline is dotted with rooftop venues offering breathtaking views of the city. These conference rooms provide a unique experience, combining business with stunning vistas. 
    • Cultural and Theme-Inspired: Istanbul's rich cultural heritage and diverse influences inspire unique conference rooms. Some venues incorporate Turkish motifs, Ottoman-inspired designs, or specific themes related to art, history, or local traditions. 
    • Outdoor and Garden Settings: Many venues offer conference rooms in lush garden settings or outdoor spaces with tented setups. These venues are particularly suitable for conferences that wish to incorporate nature, fresh air, and a relaxed atmosphere into their event.

    When selecting a conference room for hire, consider the style that aligns with your event objectives, theme, and desired ambience. The city offers a wide range of options to suit different preferences, ensuring you can find the perfect conference room style for your event.

    However, if you want to go off-piste - to really surprise your guests, why not host your event at one of these super-cool warehouses in Lisbon?  

    The Best Areas for Hosting a Conference in Lisbon

    Lisbon’s areas each have their own unique, and pronounced sense of identity. We’ve narrowed it down to three specific neighbourhoods we think are perfect for hosting a conference. Namely: Avendias Novas, Bairro Alto, and Alfama. 

    • Avendias Novas: With its contemporary architecture and state-of-the-art conference facilities, the neighbourhood offers a professional environment that ensures a seamless and successful event experience. Avendias Novas benefits from excellent connectivity, making it easily accessible for domestic and international attendees, thanks to its proximity to transportation hubs such as Lisbon Portela Airport. 

    Moreover, Avendias Novas's corporate atmosphere, being close to business districts, government institutions, and corporate headquarters, creates networking opportunities and fosters a productive environment for industry professionals attending the conference.

    • Bairro Alto: Bairro Alto has a vibrant atmosphere, eclectic venues, lively nightlife, and a central location. With its narrow streets filled with trendy bars, restaurants, and live music venues, Bairro Alto creates a unique backdrop for networking and socialising. 

    The neighbourhood's diverse range of venues, including rooftop terraces, historic buildings, and modern event spaces, provides flexibility and options for hosting conferences of various sizes and styles.

    Furthermore, Bairro Alto's central location makes it easily accessible for local and international participants. Situated close to major transportation hubs and within walking distance of other popular areas like Chiado and Baixa, attendees have the opportunity to explore Lisbon's cultural landmarks, shopping districts, and renowned restaurants during their conference stay. 

    • Alfama: Alfama is a historic and authentic setting with unique venues, cultural attractions, and proximity to key landmarks. This neighbourhood's charming cobblestone streets, historic buildings, and traditional Fado music venues create a distinctive backdrop that inspires and engages conference participants. 

    Attendees also have easy access to cultural attractions, such as museums and art galleries, providing opportunities for exploration and immersion in the local arts scene.

    The intimate and welcoming atmosphere of Alfama fosters networking opportunities and creates a sense of camaraderie among attendees, making it a memorable conference location.

    How to Get to Your Conference in Lisbon

    Public transport in Lisbon is efficient and well-developed, offering convenient options for getting around the city. The primary modes of public transport in Lisbon include:

    • Metro
    • Trams
    • Buses
    • Ferries
    • Trains
    • Funiculars and Elevators

    It's worth noting that Viva Viagem or Lisboa Card passes can be used across different modes of public transport, providing convenience and cost savings. Overall, Lisbon's public transport system offers a reliable and comprehensive network that allows visitors and residents to explore the city and reach various attractions and destinations with ease.

    The Best Catering for Your Conference Space in Lisbon

    When it comes to event catering in Lisbon, several companies are known for their excellent services and culinary expertise. Here are some of the best event caterers in Lisbon for hosting a conference:

    1. Casa do Marquês: Casa do Marquês is a renowned catering company in Lisbon, specialising in high-quality event catering. With a diverse menu and a focus on innovative cuisine, they offer a range of options to suit various dietary preferences and event styles. Their attention to detail, impeccable service, and presentation make them a popular choice for conferences and other corporate events.
    2. Sá Pessoa Catering: Sá Pessoa Catering, led by renowned chef Henrique Sá Pessoa, is known for its exceptional gastronomic experiences. They offer personalised menus using high-quality ingredients, combining traditional Portuguese flavours with modern techniques. Sá Pessoa Catering provides a sophisticated and memorable culinary journey for conference attendees.
    3. EatTasty: EatTasty is a popular catering service in Lisbon that specialises in delivering delicious and freshly prepared meals for events. With their innovative approach and focus on convenience, they offer a wide selection of menu options, including vegetarian and vegan choices. EatTasty's emphasis on quality, affordability, and on-time delivery makes them an excellent choice for conferences with a large number of attendees.
    4. Companhia das Sandes: Companhia das Sandes is a well-known catering company in Lisbon that specialises in creating gourmet sandwiches and finger foods. They offer a variety of creative and flavorful options using high-quality ingredients. Companhia das Sandes is an excellent choice for conferences looking for a more casual and interactive dining experience.
    5. Lemon Events: Lemon Events is a full-service event management company that also provides catering services. They offer a comprehensive range of catering options, from coffee breaks and light snacks to full-course meals. Lemon Events is known for its attention to detail, professionalism, and ability to tailor menus to meet the specific requirements of conferences and corporate events.

    And while you’re in town, you’ll surely want to know where to find the best restaurants in Lisbon for lunch, right? Whether you’ve got clients to impress, or a hard-working team to reward, these places can’t be missed! 

    Afterwork Ideas for Conference in Lisbon

    Now then, after the last word is said at your conference space in Lisbon, it’s time to think after-party. Whether you’re celebrating or looking to foster a lead, one of these amazing cocktail party venues in Lisbon will leave an impression. 

    Alternatively, how about one of these stunning rooftop venues in Lisbon? You have to take advantage of the vistas while you’re here, after all. 

    Sponsorship for Your Conference in Lisbon

    Imagine your conference venue in Lisbon, decorated with the branding of some of the biggest names in your industry. Yes, that will give you major credibility for your event. But more importantly, it brings in the money! 

    So, your first consideration in getting sponsors for your conference room in Lisbon is professional preparation. This is why you have to bookmark our ultimate guide on how to write an event sponsorship proposal

    The next step is to read up on our top 4 tips on how to get sponsorship for your organisation

    And, finally - and perhaps most importantly - you need to speak to one of our local experts. Not only do they know the lie of the land when it comes to local businesses, but they also know how you can go about applying for local grants to fund your event activities. This is just one part of our all-in-one-place event planning services. So take advantage, friends! 

    Unique Breakout Ideas for Your Conference Venue in Lisbon

    Here are some ideas for breakout sessions that can add value and engagement to a conference in Lisbon:

    • Cultural Workshops: Organize interactive workshops that immerse participants in Lisbon's rich culture. Offer sessions on traditional Portuguese tile painting (azulejos), Fado music appreciation, or cooking classes to learn how to prepare authentic Portuguese dishes. These sessions provide a hands-on experience and promote cultural exchange.
    • Tech and Innovation Talks: Lisbon has emerged as a hub for tech startups and innovation. Arrange breakout sessions focusing on emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, or sustainability solutions. Invite industry experts and thought leaders to share insights and discuss the latest trends, fostering knowledge exchange and inspiring innovation.
    • Urban Exploration: Lisbon is a city with a vibrant urban landscape. Plan breakout sessions that encourage participants to explore different neighbourhoods or landmarks. Offer guided walking tours of areas like Alfama, Bairro Alto, or Belém, highlighting their historical significance, architecture, and cultural attractions. These sessions combine learning with physical activity and create a sense of connection to the city.
    • Panel Discussions: Host panel discussions on relevant industry topics and trends. Invite experts and thought leaders to share their experiences and insights on subjects such as entrepreneurship, sustainability, or digital transformation. Panel discussions encourage dialogue and provide diverse perspectives, promoting meaningful conversations among participants.
    • Networking and Collaboration: Devote breakout sessions to networking and collaborative activities. Facilitate speed networking sessions where participants can connect with each other in a structured and time-efficient manner. Alternatively, organise group brainstorming sessions or problem-solving workshops that encourage participants to collaborate and generate innovative ideas together.
    • Wellness and Mindfulness: Incorporate sessions focused on well-being and mindfulness to provide a balanced conference experience. Offer yoga or meditation sessions, stress management workshops, or wellness talks. These sessions promote self-care, mental well-being, and work-life balance, enhancing the overall conference experience for participants.

    Remember to align the breakout sessions with the conference theme and target audience's interests. By offering a diverse range of engaging breakout sessions, you can provide valuable learning opportunities, promote networking, and create a memorable conference experience in Lisbon.

    Wrapping up 

    Well then, we hope you’ve enjoyed our handy little guide to hosting a conference in Lisbon. If there’s anything else you want to know, don’t be a stranger. We’re happy to chat. 

    And, finally, here are our top tips and tricks for honing your conference networking skills, for when the time comes. 

    So, goodbye, and good luck! 

    A Guide to Hosting a Conference in Lisbon

    FAQ about Lisbon Conference Venues

    How Much Does a Conference Room in Lisbon Cost?

    A conference venue in Lisbon can cost between €55 - €95 per hour. This price can vary depending on the number of participants, staff, breakout rooms, catering, and accommodation. Check out our guide to conference planning to ensure you have considered all expenses in your budget. Our City Experts can give you a rough quote based on your event requirements.

    What Are The Cancellation Policies for Conference Rooms in Lisbon?

    Cancellation policies will vary depending on the conference venue's internal policies. In general, you can expect to recuperate more money if you cancel earlier. Last-minute cancellations (less than two weeks before the conference) are typically non-refundable.

    What are the Best Areas for Conferences in Lisbon?

    Lisbon has many superb neighbourhoods for conferences such as Bairro Alto, Alfama, Alcântara and Príncipe Real. But choosing the right one for your event depends on your conference's requirements. What are your essential criteria? Find an overview of our favourite areas for events in Lisbon.

    Do Conference Spaces in Lisbon Have Breakout Rooms?

    Most big conference venues in Lisbon have breakout rooms. In smaller venues, there is usually one large conference space. It's sometimes possible to construct partitions in these rooms. Our City Experts can suggest the best configurations for your conference.

    What Size Conference Space Should I Hire in Lisbon?

    We suggest booking a venue with the following available space for a conference of 100 attendees:

    Theatre-style = 122m²   
    Banquet-style = 181.9m²  
    Cabaret-style = 357.2m²

    Your location expert can advise you for alternative space configurations.

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