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Book Corporate Event Venues in Luxembourg
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    Guide to hosting corporate event events in Luxembourg

    Hey there! Ever thought about planning an event in a city where every street corner has a story? Welcome to Luxembourg — a true hidden gem for corporate events.

    Luxembourg City, blending historical charm with modern innovation, is an ideal place to rent your event venue. The contrast between the Old Town's mediaeval fortifications and the Kirchberg district's modern architecture reflects the city's dynamic character. 

    As a financial and digital innovation hub, Luxembourg is perfect for a conference focused on finance, technology, and sustainability. Its compact size and efficient transport make navigating between venues and cultural sites easy. Also, incorporating Luxembourger cuisine into your event introduces a taste of the country's rich culinary heritage. Traditional dishes like Bouneschlupp and Judd mat Gaardebounen or contemporary takes with local ingredients add a special flair to corporate events.

    Luxembourg City's combination of culture, history, and modern facilities makes every corporate event memorable, set against a backdrop of natural beauty and architectural marvels.

    In this guide, we will make choosing corporate event venues in Luxembourg a breeze. We'll cover everything, from selecting the ideal venue to creating fantastic experiences for your team.

    So, if you're ready to make your next event a hit, Luxembourg's waiting with open arms. And hey, if you need a hand, our local experts are always here to help. 

    Don’t wait, let’s get started!

    1) Finding Your Ideal Corporate Event Space in Luxembourg

    Let's kick off our journey by diving into the best event venues Luxembourg has up its sleeve. This city has a knack for mixing the old with the new, meaning there's something for everyone. So, grab a cup of your favourite brew and wander through the options together.

    1. Classic Elegance: Ah, the city's classic venues offer a fairytale backdrop for business events, making them some of the best venues in Luxembourg, especially for those seeking a blend of historical ambience and modern sophistication. 

    Picture your event venue in an exquisite ballroom in Luxembourg, where crystal chandeliers cast a gentle glow on plush seating. Picture the high ceilings adorned with intricate frescoes, the halls lined with artful tapestries, and the floors covered in polished marble or rich hardwood, all contributing to an ambience of timeless luxury.

    2. Contemporary Chic: Luxembourg's contemporary event venues embody a modern vibe that caters perfectly to those seeking innovation and style in their venue. These venues are celebrated for their sleek design, cutting-edge technology, and chic furnishings, creating an atmosphere that boldly declares, "We're here to innovate!"

    The conference rooms within these spaces are particularly noteworthy, showcasing modern functionality that supports efficient and dynamic meetings. With their adaptable layouts, these rooms can quickly transform to fit the specific needs of any event, from launch parties to press conferences.

    3. Historical Grandeur: Luxembourg's historic event venues? They're a portal to the past. Found within centuries-old buildings, they radiate grandeur and charm. Opting for one of these venues is like selecting a canvas painted with the rich hues of history. Host your event in a venue surrounded by ornate architecture, where vaulted ceilings and intricate frescoes meet the warm glow of antique chandeliers.

    The sophistication of the hand-carved woodwork, paired with the allure of historical furniture, creates an ambience that evokes a journey back to the grandeur of classical times. These are the right locations for those who seek to infuse their gatherings with a profound sense of time and place. Also, these venues provide meeting rooms that mix historical ambience with modern functionality.

    4. Industrial Charm: When searching for venues in Luxembourg, industrial venues present an intriguing option for hosting your event. These spaces, transformed from warehouses and loft-style buildings, showcase the architectural beauty of exposed brick walls, complemented by high ceilings that amplify the sense of openness.

    The interior design skillfully marries modern with vintage elements, creating an atmosphere of industrial elegance. Ideal for those aiming to make a statement, these venues cater to a variety of corporate events, from private parties to conferences, and offer reception rooms that seamlessly complement the industrial charm.

    5. Luxury Retreat: When looking for venues in Luxembourg to host your event, look towards the grandeur of upscale mansions or lavish hotel ballrooms. With their first-class amenities, stunning decorations, and flawless service, these venues are perfect for exhibitions and celebrations.

    Whether you need meeting rooms, spacious halls, or seminar rooms, discover these luxury venues in Luxembourg that provide the perfect background for hosting unforgettable events that embody sophistication and luxury.

    2) Prime Locations for Corporate Gatherings in Luxembourg

    Let’s be honest, the right area means the right tone, don't you think? We know how much the location makes an impact on your event, so here are our top neighbourhoods in Luxembourg:

    1. Kirchberg - In the core of Luxembourg's financial district, Kirchberg sets the tempo for corporate life. It harmoniously combines contemporary architecture with a relaxed ambience. Its central location and superb transport links further boost its reputation as a top venue location.

    Beyond the business world, Kirchberg reveals a world of post-event possibilities. Explore world-class dining options, ranging from Michelin-starred restaurants to cosy local eateries. 

    2. Grund: Grund invites you back in time with its enchanting historic charm. This neighbourhood has history and modernity, boasting cobblestone streets and a rich architectural heritage. Its best venues are located a stroll away from these historic gems.

    Venture deeper into Grund, and you'll encounter quaint artisanal shops, quaint cafes, and hidden courtyards that offer a taste of local life. You can turn your event into an authentic journey through the heart and soul of Luxembourg.

    3. Belair: Belair merges the vivacity of city life with the tranquillity of lush green spaces, providing a distinctive environment for your event venue. Known for its inviting and refreshing atmosphere, it strikes a balance between urban living and natural serenity. The neighbourhood's lush parks and green spaces are living proof of a community dedicated to minimising its carbon footprint. 

    4. Findel: Conveniently located near the Luxembourg International Airport, Findel acts as a bridge connecting the world. Designed to facilitate global interactions, it's an ideal choice for corporate gatherings, such as seminars or conventions, with an international outlook.

    Imagine stepping off your flight and, within minutes, finding yourself in a locale where cutting-edge facilities meet the warmth of Luxembourgish hospitality. This is where every corporate event can pair with an exploration of local culture, cuisine, and the lush landscapes Luxembourg is famed for.

    Extra Insight: For an in-depth exploration, check out our guide on the best areas in Luxembourg for hosting events.

    3) How Much Do Event Venues in Luxembourg Cost?

    Now, you might think Luxembourg is a luxurious choice for your event venue, but it's surprisingly budget-friendly. You’ll be pleased to know that there are some options that cater for all price ranges.

    Small to Midsize Event Venues: Expect to pay between €500 and €3,000 per day, suitable for meeting rooms or small conferences.

    Historic Castles and Chateaus: These unique venues start at €3,000, reaching upwards of €10,000 per event.

    Luxury Hotels and Resorts: Ideal for upscale events, with prices ranging from €5,000 to over €20,000 per event.

    Large Event Spaces: For major gatherings, costs begin at €10,000 and can exceed €50,000, depending on the scale and requirements.

    Additional costs to consider:

    • Audio-Visual Equipment
    • Decoration and Theming
    • Transportation and Parking
    • Staffing
    • Insurance
    • Marketing and Printing

    Note: The figures provided are estimates and can fluctuate depending on the specific details of your event, such as the season, exact place, and the services required.

    4) The Best Catering for Corporate Events in Luxembourg

    Here's your quick stop for the finest eats in Luxembourg because great events need great food. Period. We've picked the top caterers in town, ready to transform your corporate gathering into a flavour fest.

    1. Steffen Traiteur: This renowned catering business provides services from company receptions to seated meals and buffets. They focus on crafting unforgettable culinary experiences with custom menus, logistics, table service, cooking equipment, and on-site chefs. Their dedication to detail and quality products makes them ideal for a meeting where a lasting impression is crucial​.

    2. This is a versatile catering service with over 50 menus ready for your event, including options for chefs on demand. Their services are diverse, ranging from exotic menus to gourmet buffets, and they can cater to a minimum of 5 to 30 guests, depending on the menu selected. They provide a variety of styles like buffets, seated meals, lunch boxes, and even a culinary show.

    3. FoodRiders: Known for their street food flair, FoodRiders brings a unique touch to catering with their four eye-catching LA food trucks. They pride themselves on using local products and high-end quality ingredients. 

    Perfect for small and large events, they offer everything from burgers and fries to custom recipes without plastic wrappings. Their experience catering to large music festivals like Rock am Ring and Tomorrowland highlights their ability to handle events of any scale​.

    4. Dean & David Catering Luxembourg: Health-forward and sustainability-focused, Dean & David Catering offers nutritionally conscious catering focusing on fresh, healthy, sustainable, and delicious foods. They have a variety of dishes, including fresh salads, wraps, sandwiches, flatbreads, bowls, and curries.  

    Dean&David Catering is known for its high-quality ingredients, free from flavour enhancers, colourants, and preservatives.

    5. Kaempff-Kohler: This culinary artisan creates unique culinary experiences for corporate events. They focus on using fresh, high-quality products rigorously selected from the best on the market. Their service ranges from appetisers to finger food, with each event tailored and personalised to meet clients' desires. 

    5) Breakout Session Concepts for Corporate Events in Luxembourg

    Let's mix business with pleasure, Luxembourg-style — where brainstorming meets castles! Here are four breakout sessions that bring the city’s charm to your event:

    1. Cultural Immersion Workshops: Luxembourg's rich cultural tapestry can provide a unique take on breakout sessions focused on cultural immersion. These workshops can range from Luxembourgish language basics, and traditional cooking classes to sessions on the country's history and its role in the European Union.

    2. Innovation and Creativity Labs: Organise sessions that challenge teams to think creatively about future trends in fintech, space technology (inspired by the city's space resources initiative), or sustainable development. Teams can work on hypothetical projects or problem-solving scenarios, facilitated by experts in these fields.

    3. Outdoor Team-Building Challenges: Given Luxembourg's beautiful landscapes, including the Moselle Valley and the Ardennes, outdoor team-building activities can be a refreshing way to enhance communication and leadership skills. 

    4. Activities could range from treasure hunts in historic sites, such as the old quarters of Luxembourg (a UNESCO World Heritage site), to team challenges in adventure parks or hiking expeditions that incorporate elements of problem-solving.

    5. Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility Workshops: With an increasing focus on sustainability, sessions dedicated to understanding and implementing sustainable business practices can be transformative. These workshops could cover topics such as green finance, a growing sector in Luxembourg, corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategies, and sustainable innovation. 

    Bonus Tip: There are many more activities you can dive into with your team, you're in for a treat with our picks of the best team-building activities in Luxembourg.

    6) After-work Ideas for Your Corporate Events in Luxembourg

    So, you’ve wrapped up your successful event; what's next? You could head back and call it a day, or you could make the evening memorable with your team! Be the office legend by throwing an epic post-event bash.

    1. Wine Tasting Tours in the Moselle Valley: Moselle Valley is renowned for its vineyards and scenic beauty. A guided wine-tasting tour offers a relaxing and educational experience where you can learn about local winemaking traditions while enjoying the exquisite taste of local wines. 

    2. Adventure Activities in Little Switzerland: For guests looking for adrenaline, the region known as Little Switzerland in Luxembourg offers outdoor adventure activities like rock climbing, hiking, and mountain biking.

    3. Luxembourg Night Tours: Experience the beauty of Luxembourg after dark with a guided night tour of the city. This unique activity offers a different perspective of the city's landmarks, beautifully illuminated against the night sky. Guests will have the opportunity to see the Grand Ducal Palace, the Bock Casemates, and other historical sites in a new light, literally. 

    4. Luxembourgish Cooking Classes: Engage your team in a cooking class to learn about and prepare traditional Luxembourgish dishes. This hands-on activity is a fun way to bond as a team and offers a taste of the local culture and cuisine.

    And let’s be real, after a long day, you’re bound to have food on your mind. So, check out these exceptional Luxembourg restaurants.

    Wrapping up

    And with that, we wrap up our journey through the best corporate event spaces in Luxembourg. 

    Your next move? Search for your favourite event venue and book online today!

    Catch you later, and here's to your success!

    A Guide to Hosting Corporate Events in Luxembourg

    FAQ about Luxembourg Corporate Event Venues

    What makes Luxembourg a unique destination for corporate events?

    Luxembourg's appeal lies in its rare combination of rich historical heritage and cutting-edge technology. This creates an unparalleled atmosphere for corporate events, where centuries of tradition merge with a forward-thinking attitude.

    Can Eventflare offer corporate event venues that are centrally located or near key landmarks like the Notre Dame Cathedral and The Old Quarter?

    Absolutely! We specialise in providing centrally located venues, offering convenient access to iconic landmarks such as the Notre Dame Cathedral and The Old Quarter. Whether you prefer historic settings or contemporary spaces, we have options to suit your needs.

    How far in advance do I need to book?

    We recommend booking your corporate event venue as early as 8-12 months in advance to secure your preferred date and location. Popular venues tend to fill up quickly, so making arrangements well in advance is advisable to avoid disappointment.

    What are the terms and conditions of hire?

    Our terms and conditions typically cover aspects such as venue usage, payment terms, cancellation policies, and any additional services or amenities requested. We'll provide a detailed contract outlining all terms and conditions upon booking.

    What insurance requirements are needed?

    We require all event organisers to have comprehensive liability insurance coverage for their corporate events. This insurance helps protect against unforeseen accidents or damages that may occur during the event. We can provide guidance on the specific insurance requirements based on your event's size, scope, and location.

    What is the cancellation policy?

    The specifics of the cancellation policy may vary depending on factors such as the venue, the timing of the cancellation, and any additional services or arrangements made.

    How accessible is Luxembourg for international attendees?

    Luxembourg is highly accessible, thanks to its international airport, Findel, with flights from major cities across Europe and beyond. Additionally, its efficient road and rail links make travel within Europe convenient.

    How can guests maximise their free time in Luxembourg?

    Attendees can explore Luxembourg's rich cultural heritage, visit museums, stroll through the old town, relax in beautiful parks, or enjoy shopping and dining in the city centre. Luxembourg’s compact size makes it easy to enjoy a variety of activities even within a short visit.

    What are the visa requirements for international attendees visiting Luxembourg for a corporate event?

    Guests from outside the Schengen Area may require a short-stay visa. It's advisable to check the latest requirements on Luxembourg's official immigration website or consult the nearest Luxembourg embassy.

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