Book Corporate Event Venues in Malta

Book Corporate Event Venues in Malta
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    Guide to hosting corporate event events in Malta

    Bravo! You've snagged the playbook for hosting a corporate event in Malta that's bound to get rave reviews.

    Have you ever wondered where to host a dream event that screams success, style, and unforgettable memories? Look no further than the heart of the Mediterranean – Malta! 

    This tiny island nation is rich in history and brimming with cultural gems. You can host your corporate event surrounded by stunning limestone buildings, from the ancient walls of Mdina to the elegant streets of Valletta. 

    Malta's event venues range from luxurious seaside resorts to enchanting historic houses and state-of-the-art conference facilities. Whether you're looking to inspire with Valletta's baroque halls, encourage creativity in a secluded farmhouse in Gozo, or break the ice on a traditional Maltese luzzu while cruising the Mediterranean, Malta has it all.

    The cuisine in Malta is a big, welcoming hug from history – each dish tells a tale of the many people who passed through. You can sit down to a cosy rabbit stew or enjoy the freshest seafood. 

    When the meetings end, the adventure in Malta begins. How about a team-building treasure hunt through Mdina's silent, narrow streets or a sunset cruise around the Grand Harbour for bonding over bubbly? This island creates experiences that linger long after the return flight home.

    Now, grab a cuppa and come along as we guide you through top corporate event venues in Malta. We’ll cover everything from charming neighbourhoods to engaging team-building activities. We're here to make sure you have everything you need for an event that everyone will remember.

    Let’s not wait any longer!

    1) Choosing the Style of Corporate Event Venues in Malta

    Okay, let’s start your journey by looking at the styles of corporate event spaces in Malta. With its diverse options, the island has something to suit everyone:

    1. Historic: Malta is rich in history, and many venues reflect this heritage. You can opt for historic venues such as renovated palazzos, fortresses, or castles. These venues often feature traditional architecture, elegant interiors, and a sense of grandeur – a memorable setting for ceremony venues in Malta.

    2. Modern and Minimalistic: For a contemporary feel, you can choose modern and minimalistic venues that prioritise sleek design, clean lines, and innovative architecture. These venues often feature state-of-the-art facilities, minimalist décor, and flexible venues customisable to suit various events, such as conferences, meetings, or product launches.

    3. Outdoor and Natural: Malta's Mediterranean climate makes it ideal for outdoor corporate events. You can go for venues situated in scenic locations such as gardens, terraces, or waterfront settings. These outdoor venues have breathtaking views, fresh air, and a relaxed atmosphere, perfect for team-building activities, networking events, or corporate celebrations under the sun or stars.

    4. Nautical and Maritime: Given the maritime history and picturesque coastline, nautical-themed venues are popular choices. You can host your event onboard a luxury yacht, in a marina-side venue, or at a seaside restaurant with maritime décor and views of the harbour. These spaces add a touch of elegance and adventure, suitable for launch event venues in Malta.

    5. Rustic and Rural: Malta's countryside offers rustic and rural venues that provide a tranquil escape from the hustle of urban life. Choose venues such as farmhouses, vineyards, or rural estates surrounded by picturesque landscapes and rolling hills. These venues offer a cosy and intimate setting for corporate retreats, team-building workshops, or executive meetings away from the city's distractions.

    2) Best Neighbourhoods in Malta for Your Business Event

    The island's packed with amazing areas for any business event. Whether you're after history, views, or convenience, we've got you covered. As promised, here are the best corporate event locations in Malta:

    1. Valletta: Located within centuries-old bastions, Valletta's streets are a tapestry of baroque architecture, with the Grand Harbour offering a dramatic scene for evening receptions. Its compact size makes many venues close to each other, making planning easier and offering a range of historic settings, from old forts to elegant halls, all nearby.

    2. St. Julian’s: This area is a fusion of coastal charm and urban sophistication, characterised by the Portomaso Marina and Paceville's bustling nightlife. St. Julian’s is about experiencing Malta's modern lifestyle, where events can transition from meetings in sleek hotel conference rooms to relaxed networking by the water's edge.

    3. Sliema: Sliema's promenade has a perfect blend of old and new, with its panoramic Mediterranean views making it a perfect backdrop for outdoor events. The area's retail and dining scene adds a layer of convenience and luxury, offering employees a multitude of leisure options within a setting that reflects Malta’s growth into a cosmopolitan hub.

    4. Mdina: The silent city of Mdina offers an atmosphere of seclusion and historical wonder. Its ancient walls and narrow lanes provide a serene escape, ideal for high-level executive retreats or intimate gatherings that benefit from the city's mystique and architectural grandeur, creating a feeling of exclusivity and timelessness.

    5. Ta’ Qali: Embraced by Malta's countryside, Ta’ Qali stands apart for its spacious outdoor venues and artisanal heritage. The area's national park and crafts village offer interactive and engaging experiences, such as team-building activities centred around Maltese crafts and traditions, set within a landscape that showcases the island's natural beauty.

    3) How Much Will a Business Event in Malta Cost?

    Now, let's get down to the nitty-gritty: what it will cost to turn your next corporate event into a reality? Together, we'll explore the ins and outs of the costs involved so that your event shines without any surprises. 

    Venue costs in Malta can depend on factors like venue size, location, amenities, event duration, and timing. Here's a rough estimate to get you started:

    • Small to Medium Venues: €500 - €2,000/day
    • Seaside Event Venues: €3,000 - €15,000+/event
    • Contemporary Spaces: €1,000 - €5,000/day
    • Historic Venues: €2,000 - €10,000+/event
    • Luxury Event Spaces: €5,000 - €20,000+/event

    4) The Leading Caterers for Your Corporate Event in Malta

    Let's be real, great food brings people together like nothing else. And when you're planning your corporate event, delicious eats are non-negotiable. So, we've scoured the island to find the best caterers who'll whip up a feast nobody will soon forget.

    1. Mannarinu Caterers: If you want to treat your guests to freshly baked pastries and savoury snacks, Mannarinu Caterers is your go-to. As a family bakery specialising in premium outside catering, they're the perfect choice for outdoor corporate events.

    Their party menus suit any occasion, from finger foods to buffets and plated meals, Plus, their cakes, desserts, and drinks are made with fresh, local ingredients,

    2. Elia Caterers: For a more sophisticated and elegant event, you can rely on Elia Caterers to deliver exceptional food. They are a key catering company in Malta, with over 60 years of experience. 

    At Elia Caterers, they craft inspired menus featuring the finest local ingredients. Whether you're hosting an intimate gathering or a grand affair, their team is dedicated to wowing your attendees with the taste and presentation of their dishes.

    3. Ta’ Xmun Caterers: Looking for a taste of traditional Maltese cuisine and international flavours? Ta’ Xmun Caterers is the right option for you. 

    Their menu is a feast for the senses, featuring delights such as lampuki pie – a beloved Maltese dish crafted with fish, spinach, and olives – and a BBQ spread, perfect for outdoor gatherings.

    4. Corinthia Caterers: For a more luxurious and exclusive event, you can opt for Corinthia Caterers. They have a team of talented chefs, sommeliers, and mixologists who can create bespoke menus and experiences for your attendees. 

    Their star dish? Smoked Norwegian salmon with dill and lemon zest mayonnaise – a colourful blend of fresh seafood and creamy goodness.

    5. AX Caterers: If you’re looking for a new and innovative catering solution for your event, you might want to consider AX Caterers, a new catering company in Malta that offers diverse menus, from BBQ and street food to fine dining and fusion cuisine. 

    Picture this: pulled pork sliders, chicken tikka masala, Thai green curry, and Moroccan lamb tagine – all designed to satisfy any budget or palate.

    5) Amazing Breakout Suggestions for Your Corporate Event

    Who says a corporate event has to be all business and no play? Let's spice things up with some awesome breakout sessions! Now, behold these gems:

    1. Maltese Cooking Challenge: Plan a team-building activity where participants engage in a friendly cooking competition featuring traditional Maltese dishes. Guests can explore local markets to source fresh ingredients and then compete to create the most delicious and authentic Maltese dish. 

    2. History Hunt Adventure: Take advantage of Malta's rich history and organise a scavenger hunt through iconic historical sites such as Valletta, Mdina, and the Hypogeum. Teams will navigate through historical landmarks, solve puzzles, and complete challenges related to Malta's past. Along the way, they'll learn about the island's fascinating history while fostering teamwork and problem-solving skills.

    3. Eco-Friendly Beach Cleanup: Embrace Malta's stunning coastline and environmental consciousness by organising a beach cleanup as a corporate team-building activity. Partner with local environmental organisations to provide guidance and equipment. Guests can work together to collect litter, promote sustainability practices, and contribute to the preservation of Malta's beautiful beaches. 

    4. Maltese Wine Tasting and Vineyard Tour: Give your team a unique cultural experience with a guided tour of a local Maltese vineyard followed by a wine-tasting session. Participants will learn about Malta's emerging wine industry, explore vineyards in the picturesque countryside, and sample locally produced wines. 

    5. Maltese Language and Cultural Exchange: Immerse your team in Malta's vibrant culture with a language and cultural exchange session. Local language instructors can lead fun and interactive lessons, teaching participants basic Maltese phrases and expressions. Additionally, cultural ambassadors can share insights into Maltese customs, traditions, and folklore.

    P.S. Oh, and we’ve got more cool team-building ideas in Malta

    6) After-Work Ideas for Your Company Event in Malta

    After your corporate event in Malta, why not keep the good times rolling with some awesome after-work fun? Here are a few exciting post-event options to consider:

    1. Beachside Bonfire Gathering: Arrange a cosy evening gathering on one of Malta's scenic beaches. Set up a bonfire, provide blankets and snacks, and let your team unwind while enjoying the sound of the waves and a breathtaking sunset.

    2. Scenic Harbour Cruise: Charter a boat for a leisurely cruise around Malta's stunning harbours. Enjoy drinks and snacks while taking in panoramic views of Valletta, the Three Cities, and other historic landmarks from the water.

    3. Outdoor Movie Night: Why not transform an outdoor space into a movie theatre for a relaxed evening under the stars? Provide bean bags, popcorn, and classic films for a laid-back bonding experience.

    4. Local Pub Crawl: Take your team on a guided tour of Malta's vibrant pub scene. Explore hidden gems and popular watering holes while sampling local beers and spirits, accompanied by fun games and challenges along the way.

    Bonus: Want to let loose with a few drinks after your event? Then you’ll love these top bars in Valletta for after-work drinks.

    Wrapping up

    And that wraps up our guide on corporate event venues in Malta! We've walked through the neighbourhoods, venues, and cuisine, we even planned some post-conference fun. 

    Now, it's over to you. So, let our experts do what they do best. Or pick your favourite venue and book it yourself with Eventflare.

    Before you get out of here, why not wrap up your busy days in comfort? Check out the top Valletta hotels for your stay in Malta

    Good luck with your event planning. See you soon!

    A Guide to Hosting Corporate Events in Malta

    FAQ about Malta Corporate Event Venues

    What makes Malta a unique destination for corporate events?

    Malta's stunning historical sites, beautiful Mediterranean scenery, and warm climate sets it apart as a unique location for corporate events, with a mix of professional settings and leisure activities.

    How can I make my Malta event environmentally friendly?

    Opt for eco-conscious venues, use digital materials over paper, encourage public transport or group shuttles, and choose local and seasonal food for your catering needs.

    Can Eventflare provide corporate event venues close to key Maltese landmarks like the Mdina Gate, the Grand Harbour, or the Blue Grotto?

    Yes, Eventflare can provide corporate event venues located in the heart of Malta's charm, with locations that provide easy access to the island's most iconic views and experiences.

    What are the best ways to incorporate Maltese culture into a corporate event?

    Integrate Maltese culture through local cuisine tastings, folklore evenings, traditional music performances, and tours of historic sites.

    How can I manage transportation for my attendees in Malta?

    Malta's size makes it easy to manage transportation. Arrange for private buses, minibuses, or car rentals for smooth logistics from one venue to another.

    What should I keep in mind about the weather when planning an outdoor event in Malta?

    Malta enjoys sunny weather most of the year, but consider the hotter months of July and August for indoor venues with air conditioning, and always have a backup plan for unexpected rain in winter and spring.

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