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    Guide to hosting photo & film events in Milan

    Hey there! We hear you’re headed to the enchanting city of Milan to host your upcoming photoshoot. So, to make things run smoothly, we’ve compiled this guide to hosting a photoshoot in Milan.

    Our comprehensive guide is here to help you discover the secrets to hosting a successful photoshoot in the city. From choosing the perfect photoshoot location to capturing the city’s unique charm here’s everything you need to know. Feel free to check in with one of our local experts for any assistance.

    1) Choosing the Right Photoshoot Space in Milan for You

    You are going to be amazed by the diverse styles of photoshoot venues in Milan. They’re all set to cater to every creative vision you can possibly have. Here’s a glimpse of some of some captivating styles that we’re sure you’ll love:

    1. Fashion Forward: Since Milan is the fashion capital, you will find many photoshoot venues like upscale hotels, designer showrooms, and luxury boutiques that offer a lavish backdrop for high-fashion photoshoots.

    2. Historical Elegance: You can also find photoshoot rooms in Milan that reflect the city’s rich history. The city’s iconic landmarks feature opulent interiors that offer quite the setting for a photoshoot with a historical twist.

    3. Industrial Chic: You could also highlight the city’s modern and industrial side by hosting your photoshoot in event venues like trendy lofts and converted warehouses that provide edgy and urban aesthetics.

    4. Botanical Beauty: The city’s lush gardens and parks are also great photoshoot locations. These natural beauties offer serene backdrops for photoshoots with a floral or outdoor theme.

    5. Romantic Renaissance: Give your photoshoot a Renaissance flair by opting for photoshoot spaces in Milan that reflect the Renaissance era. You can find ornate palaces that feature classical architecture and frescoed interiors that are simply divine.

    P.S. Check out the best photoshoot locations in Milan that we’ve compiled just for you.  

    2) How Much Will a Photoshoot in Milan Cost?

    Hosting a photo shoot in Milan comes at a price! We’d like to help you sort out an air-tight budget that will help keep your spending at bay. To give you an idea of the different kinds of expenses to expect, we put down some estimate figures:

    • Basic Studios: If you’re not looking for something over the top, then these basic photoshoot studios are perfect. Offering only the basic equipment and amenities, they cost around €20 to €50 per hour.
    • Mid-range Studios: These photoshoot studios can charge anywhere from €50 to €100 per hour. They offer better amenities, and more equipment and are conveniently located around the city.
    • High-End Studios: Premium photoshoot spaces in Milan start from €100 per hour and can go up. They provide top-notch equipment, and spacious layouts, and are placed in prestigious locations around the city.

    Additional Costs to Consider:

    • Equipment Rental: Depending on your photoshoot’s requirement, prices can range anywhere from €30 to €500 per day.
    • Props and Set Design: The price for props and set design during a Milan photoshoot can fluctuate. Spanning between €100 to over €1,000, these costs depend on factors like project intricacy, prop selection, custom set design, and any extra services required.
    • Professional Services
    • Transportation and Accommodation: When it comes to getting to and from your photoshoot room in Milan and finding cosy accommodation to rest your creative minds, you can expect to spend around €100 to €300 per day.

    But, if you're looking for a full-blown luxury experience, the budget might extend to about €500 per day.

    • Permits and Location Fees
    • Catering: As for catering, prices may vary depending on your cravings, the event caterers you’ve chosen, and how fancy you’d like it to be. But on average you might be spending €20 to €50 per person. But if you’re in the mood for all things gourmet, prices can soar as high as €100 per person.
    • Post-Production: Give your Milan photos that extra "wow" factor with post-production magic. On average, you could spend around €50 to €200 per hour editing wizardry.
    • Marketing and Promotion

    3) The Best Areas for Hosting a Photoshoot in Milan

    Milan is known for its picturesque neighbourhoods that are perfect for hosting photoshoots. To save you some time, we’d like to share with you some great areas that are home to cool photography studios in Milan:

    1. Brera is a charming area featuring cobblestone streets, picturesque alleys, chic cafes and an artistic setting. This historic neighbourhood is a favourite among photographers looking for photoshoot venues in Milan with a boho vibe.

    2. Navigli is a canal district with colourful buildings and vibrant street life. Host your photoshoot along the canals or surrounding streets to capture the true essence of the city’s urban and lively atmosphere.

    3. Duomo is an area with a historic charm. With the iconic cathedrals and other landmarks offering stunning architectural backdrops, your photoshoot will reflect a grand and historic feel.

    4. Porta Nuova is a modern and upscale area. With sleek and contemporary architecture and public spots, you’ve hit the jackpot when it comes to photoshoot rooms in Milan for fashion and urban photoshoots.

    P.S. Check out our complete compilation of the best areas in Milan for hosting photoshoots.

    4) The Best Catering for Your Photoshoot in Milan

    Treat your team to the city’s artful flavours in style. You’ll find renowned caterers who can come to your photoshoot space for hire in Milan and dish out delectable Italian classics, and international delights that can turn your photoshoot into a tasteful masterpiece.

    1. Ristorante Bice: This famous Italian restaurant is famous for its impeccable cuisine and catering services. With a history that dates back to 1926, this iconic restaurant offers a menu that features traditional Italian flavours in the form of a culinary backdrop for your photoshoot in Milan.

    2. Catering Sartoriale: They are a catering company that specialises in custom-tailored catering services for various events, including photoshoots. They have a knack for creating gastronomic artistry that not only replenishes your team’s energy but also takes them on a magical culinary journey at your photography studio in Milan.

    3. Paper Moon Giardino: This chic dining destination also offers catering services. They are known for their vibrant blend of Italian and Japanese cuisines that is as fashionable as delicious.

    4. Brian & Barry: Now, they are a department store in Milan that offers great catering services through their gourmet food section. This lavish haven is a feast for the senses thanks to the fashionable culinary delights they have to offer.

    P.S. We recommend that you share a meal at any of these fine dining restaurants in Milan to get acquainted with the city’s culinary excellence.

    5) The Best Professionals for Your Photoshoot in Milan

    Once you’ve narrowed down on the dream photography studio in Milan, you need to make sure that you’ve got the perfect team of professionals to make your photo shoot a success. Here’s a list of professionals you must have on your dream team:


    • Luca Campri Photography
    • Alberto Buzzanca
    • Giovanni Gastel
    • Francesco Carrozzini
    • David Sorrenti Studio

    Models or Subject Agencies:

    • Elite Milano
    • Next Milan
    • Fashion Model Management
    • Independent Model Management


    • Veronica Mazzitta
    • Elisa Zaccanti
    • Simona Sanfedele
    • Andrea Vilpi
    • Cristina Casini

    Makeup Artists and Hair Stylists:

    • Stefania Casu
    • Alessandra Casoni
    • Cinzia Trifiletti
    • Daniele De Angelis
    • Simone Prusso
    • Alessio Magliulo

    Set Designers or Decorators:

    • Alessandro Moradei
    • Giulio Muratori
    • Emanuela Ponzano
    • Marta Talon
    • Andrea Cellerino

    Art Directors or Creative Directors:

    • Sara Maino
    • Alessandro Maria Ferreri
    • Marco Braga
    • Giulio Nocera
    • Luca Stoppini

    Post-Production Specialists:

    • Antonio Boccia
    • Luca Pancrazzi
    • Paola Ciatti
    • Federica Carlet
    • Giovanni Mafrici

    6) Equipment

    With the perfect photoshoot space for hire in Milan, and the experts in the field by your side, all you need now is excellent photography equipment to complete your planning list. So, without any delay, let’s get you familiarised with the best places to get your photoshoot necessities.

    Equipment Rental:

    • Nital
    • Rent Photo Studio
    • Reflex Noleggio
    • II Fotoamator

    Camera Stores:

    • La Rivista della Fotografia
    • II Fotoamatore
    • Foto Ottica Cavour
    • Mamiya Milan

    Set Design and Props:

    • Fonderia Artistica Battaglia
    • Bianca Prop Hire
    • Studio Zibetti
    • Artefice Group

    Wrapping Up

    And that is a wrap for our guide to hosting a photoshoot in Milan. We hope you’ve enjoyed reading it as much as we did while putting it together.

    We’d like to show you some more love before we sign out, here are some amazing design hotels in Milan for you to stay at during your visit. 

    A Guide to Hosting a Photoshoot in Milan
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