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    Guide to hosting private dining events in Vienna

    Planning a private dining event in Vienna? It’s your lucky day! Get ready to take a bite out of the only guide you’ll need to host a stellar private dining experience in Vienna.

    Let’s dig in!

    1) The Style of Private Dining Rooms in Vienna

    The menu for your private dining room in Vienna is not the only time you’ll get a buffet. There’s a buffet of different styles for private dining rooms in the city as well!

    1. Historic venues: Add a vintage filter to your special event in Vienna with a historical venue. These time capsules set in the modern era are all about opulence and charm. Whether it’s a grand ballroom or an intimate courtyard, this is your passport to Vienna’s rich heritage, with private dining events here being the epitome of class.
    2. Rooftop spaces: Take your event to the top! Vienna's rooftop private dining restaurants offer more than a meal – they're a taste of the high life. Sip cocktails against the backdrop of a sparkling cityscape, and let the stars become your canopy. So if you’re ready to host a private dining event that touches the sky, rooftop spaces should be on your radar!
    3. Industrial venues: Craving something edgy? Vienna's industrial spaces are the epitome of cool private dining. Exposed bricks, minimalist designs, and a trendy vibe – these venues redefine chic. And to add to that mix, you’ll even find event venues that go way back like a restored bread factory or a former glass factory.
    4. Restaurants: Hungry for an unforgettable experience? Vienna's private dining restaurants serve more than just delicious bites – they offer a taste of the city's vibrant spirit. From cosy nooks to lively bistros, these venues blend flavours and fun, creating a recipe for a private dining event that’ll leave a great after-taste!
    5. 5-Star hotels: For a real treat, drop your guests into the lap of luxury by booking a private dining room at a fancy 5-star hotel. Vienna has plenty of reputable hotels that will pamper your guests with delectable food, attentive staff, and an A+ ambience.

    2) The Best Areas for Private Dining Spaces in Vienna

    We’ll tell you a little secret: the recipe for a successful private dining party in Vienna lies in the location. But don’t worry; we’ve got the culinary compass to help you find the best areas for private dining in Vienna.

    1. Innere Stadt: Fancy a side of history with your private dining party in Vienna? Step into the timeless charm of Innere Stadt where your private dining room may lie within the shadows of St.Stephen’s Cathedral or even in a centuries-old courtyard. Innere Stadt offers a fusion of culinary excellence and classic elegance, where every bite is flavoured with Vienna’s rich history.
    2. Neubau: History isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, so if you’re seeking a trendy culinary adventure, Neubau is the place to be.  This vibrant district is a playground for innovative gastronomy, featuring avant-garde bistros and cosy hideaways. Neubau is where modern cuisine meets urban sophistication, ensuring your private dining experience is as stylish as it is delicious.
    3. Leopoldstadt: What’s better than good food at a private dining venue in Vienna? Good food that’s seasoned with the river breeze! Dine al fresco with the river as your companion at a private dining restaurant in Leopoldstadt. It's a scenic feast, where the ambience will be as delightful as the dishes.
    4. Landstraße: Hosting a special event here? Consider it a passport to Vienna's flavour evolution. From charming cafes reminiscent of old-world elegance to trendy bistros crafting gourmet wonders, it's not just a meal – it's a taste of Vienna's culinary renaissance, served with a side of sophistication and a sprinkle of innovation.

    Bonus reading: Wherever you choose to hold your event, you can make your private dining event your own by hosting a pop-up dining experience.

    3) How Much Will a Private Dining Venue in Vienna Cost?

    Let's talk numbers! Navigating the world of private dining venues in Vienna isn't just about budgets; it's about finding the perfect blend of elegance and affordability. Let’s break down the expenses to plan your budget.

    • Basic private dining rooms: Great for intimate gatherings and smaller events, basic private dining rooms in Vienna typically cost around €50 to €100 per hour.
    • Mid-range venues: At approximately €100 to €200 per hour, mid-range venues offer a more refined atmosphere, a diverse menu selection, and personalised services.
    • Premium private dining spaces: Ranges from €200 to €500 per hour or even higher, depending on the exclusivity and amenities provided. This will usually include private dining rooms in 5-star hotels. 

    Additional costs to consider:

    • Food and beverage costs: On average, expect to budget between €50 to €150 per person for a well-rounded dining experience. This estimate includes appetisers, main course, dessert, and non-alcoholic beverages.
    • Service charge or gratuity: Ranges from 10% to 15% of the total food and beverage cost. It's essential to confirm with the dining room whether this charge is included in the package or needs to be added separately.
    • Beverage packages: Approximately €20 to €50 or more per person, depending on the selection of wines, cocktails, and other beverages. Packages might include a selection of wines, beers, soft drinks, and sometimes signature cocktails or spirits.
    • Additional services: These services are usually customised based on your specific requirements and can range from €500 to €2000 or more, depending on the complexity and scale of your event.
    • Transportation: You can budget around €100 to €300 for private shuttle services or taxis for local transportation within the city to your private space. If your event requires guests to travel from out of town, the costs can increase based on distance and mode of transportation.
    • Personalisation and entertainment: Adding personal touches or entertainment elements to your event, such as custom decorations, live music, DJs, or themed entertainment, can cost between €500 to €2000 or more, depending on the complexity and duration of the entertainment. 

    Pro-tip: For a budget-friendly way to personalise your event, consider making a playlist for your work party.

    4) What Cuisine to Include for Your Private Dining in Vienna

    Variety is the spice of life and your private dining event in Vienna! Keep the cuisines varied and tasteful at your event to create a menu that’s just *chef’s kiss*.

    1. Austrian cuisine: Kick off your meal with a local flair by including Austrian favourites such as wiener schnitzel, sacher torte, and apfelstrudel. It’s a bite into the comfort of the city with simple flavours that pack a punch.
    2. Vegetarian and vegan food: Don’t forget to invite scrumptious vegetarian dishes to your event catering menu for plant-based guests. Whether you go for a vegetarian twist on popular Austrian dishes or opt for global favourites, this is unmissable on the menu.
    3. International fusion: Serve the globe on a plate by including some popular international dishes. It doesn’t have to be completely authentic either! Think sushi with a Viennese twist, tapas with Austrian charcuterie, and Thai-inspired dumplings with a local flair. Whatever you pick, let every bite be a unique global adventure.
    4. Mediterranean cuisine: Sunny Mediterranean vibes meet Vienna! Include classics like Greek moussaka, Italian pasta, Spanish tapas, or a lively Mediterranean seafood paella to your private dining menu. Fresh, bold, and vibrant – it's like a sunshine-filled holiday for your taste buds, right in the heart of Vienna. 
    5. Street food: Unleash a tasty street food adventure into your private dining room in Vienna by including the best local street food in your menu. Käsekrainer sausages, langos, strudels, bosna sausages, falafel wraps, or Austrian chimney cakes are endless, but each bite will leave an impression.

    Wrapping Up

    Ready to craft your Viennese dining experience? We've shared the tips; now it's your turn to start cooking up your plan. If you’re still not ready to don the chef’s hat, use our Ask Expert function, and we'll handle the rest. Let the Vienna feast planning commence!

    A Guide to Hosting a Private Dining Event in Vienna

    FAQ about Vienna Private Dining Rooms

    How can I manage my budget effectively for a private dining event in Vienna?

    For a basic private dining room, you can expect to spend around €50-€100 per hour, while mid-range venues might range from €100-€200 per hour. Premium private dining spaces could go upwards of €200 per hour.

    As for catering, estimate around €30-€50 per person for food and beverage costs. Don't forget to factor in service charges or gratuity, which typically range from 10-20% of the total catering cost.

    Beverage packages might cost an additional €20-€40 per person. Additional services such as transportation, personalisation, and entertainment should also be considered, with costs varying based on your preferences.

    Can I arrange entertainment for my private dining event in Vienna?

    Absolutely, arranging entertainment for your private dining event in Vienna is possible and highly encouraged to enhance the overall experience.

    Just discuss your requirements with the venue staff or event planners in advance, allowing them to coordinate the logistics seamlessly and make your private dining event an unforgettable occasion for you and your guests.

    Can I opt for sustainable practices when planning a private dining event in Vienna?

    Consider using reusable or biodegradable tableware, minimising single-use plastics and work with caterers focusing on sustainable sourcing and waste reduction. Moreover, choosing a venue that emphasises energy efficiency and waste management can also help reduce your carbon footprint.

    For more ideas on incorporating sustainable initiatives into your private dining event in Vienna, follow these tips on how to host an eco-friendly event.

    How does seasonality impact the planning of a private dining event in Vienna?

    Seasonality significantly influences private dining event planning in Vienna. Securing popular venues might be more challenging during the peak tourist season, requiring early reservations. Additionally, catering options and menu choices may vary based on seasonal produce availability, influencing the overall dining experience. Lastly, weather considerations for outdoor events play a crucial role, affecting the choice of venues and event logistics.

    Is English widely spoken in Vienna for international guests?

    Yes, English is widely spoken in Vienna, especially in areas frequented by tourists and international guests. Most hospitality employees, including hotels, restaurants, and tourist attractions, are proficient in English.

    Additionally, signs, menus, and important information in popular tourist areas are often available in both German and English. While knowing a few basic German phrases is appreciated, international guests can comfortably navigate Vienna using English as their primary language, making their travel and dining experiences more convenient.

    Should I arrange transportation for my guests to the private dining venue in Vienna?

    Arranging transportation for your guests to the private dining venue in Vienna can greatly enhance their overall experience, especially if the venue is located away from the city centre or if your guests are unfamiliar with the area.

    Whether organising shuttle services, hiring private cars, or suggesting reputable taxi services, offering transportation options showcases thoughtful event planning and ensures that everyone can fully immerse themselves in the dining experience without concerns about getting to and from the venue.

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