How to Choose the Perfect Conference Venue in Berlin

by Akshayaa RaniM,  23 November 2023
by Akshayaa Rani M, 23 November 2023
How to Choose the Perfect Conference Venue in Berlin

Choosing the perfect conference venue for your next congress, convention, or business conference can be an uphill task or it can be a no-brainer, especially if the city you are in is Berlin. With its array of world-class venues, superior infrastructure and manifold offerings, Germany’s capital has just so many potential conference venues to make your event a huge success. Besides, the city has tons of historical and cultural sites, from the hangar of the former Tempelhof Airport to Brandenburg Gate, to entertain participants after an entire conference day!

In 2017, Berlin hosted 140,200 meetings and conventions with about 11,7 million participants alone. The German capital features the most modern hotel landscape in Europe. The wide range of hotels available is backed by compelling features such as outstanding quality of service and, in particular – excellent value for your money. The city wows with the largest number of Michelin restaurants in Germany and a fabulous range of international taste adventures.

Berlin has everything from state-of-the-art congress centres to former train stations for your next conference!

How To Choose The Right Conference Venue

Planning for your conference can be tough, particularly if event planning is not your forte. However, choosing the right conference venue can make things a lot easier for you during your planning process, enabling you to concentrate on other important things like conference content, marketing and outreach. Here are some tips on choosing the right conference venue in Berlin.

Know Your “Must-Haves”

Determine what you require for your conference, and have absolute clarity on what your “must-haves” are and your “good-to-haves” too. Strike those conference venues that do not meet your “must-haves” so you can narrow your search process down.


It’s all about the money, money, money. There’s no avoiding that, right? After all, your budget may be a key constraint on your eventual choice of a conference venue in Berlin. If you have a desired venue in mind, notify the venue providers from the start if you have huge budget constraints. If your conference dates are flexible, you may even be able to obtain a discounted venue hiring rate, as certain days of the week may cost less than others. Inform venue providers about your conference objectives so they can also add insights to help you plan and maximise your budget.

Venue Location and Accessibility

To maximise attendance at your conference, the location of your conference venue in Berlin is vital. Hence, before committing to a particular conference venue, ensure that the venue is easily accessible via all transportation modes, such as air, road or rail. Fortunately, Berlin has a world-class transportation system run by Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG), so you are in good hands in the city.

The Deutsche Bahn (German rail) consists of the U-Bahn (underground, or subway), the S-Bahn (‘city’ rail), buses, and, in the eastern half of town, trams. With ten lines and 173 stations, the U-Bahn is usually the most convenient way of travelling around Berlin’s inner area, while the S-Bahn is handy for longer distances. Trams and buses are the norm for shorter journeys.

Additionally, ensure sufficient parking for conference attendees who may wish to drive to the venue and if such parking is chargeable.

Estimate The Number of Conference Attendees

Make an educated guess regarding the lowest number of attendees you need to attend your conference for you to reach your breakeven. Moreover, estimate the maximum number of participants your conference will likely attract. With these figures in mind, most venue providers will quote according to the minimum numbers provided to help you avoid unnecessary expenses if these numbers don’t come to fruition. Another crucial thing to bear in mind is whether you need extra spaces for conference attendees to network or have breakout sessions, and see if your desired venue can cater to your needs.

Venue Layout

To maximise attendee interest and engagement in your event. Do not compromise the quality of your conference programme with a lack of space or an inappropriate space. Think of how each potential conference can meet your conference’s specific needs and goals. You may require several meeting rooms, an exclusive lounge area for breakout sessions, or unique seating arrangements to maximise attendee interaction. Always enquire if the venue can meet your expectations, as well as find out what can or cannot be done over there. The right venue would be able to collaborate with you to leverage space available to meet your conference needs.

Get A Feel of the Venue Before Booking

Conduct a site visit to your desired conference venue to get an authentic feel of how your upcoming event might materialise in such a space. If you are unable to head down for an in-person visit, check if the venue provides virtual 360 tours where you can explore available spaces and visualise your event online. A good venue virtual tour can even enable you to map out a 3D space, permitting you to visualise precisely how your props and equipment could blend into existing venue offerings.

Now that you are more familiar with choosing the perfect venue in Berlin for your conference needs, here are our top three conference venues in Germany’s bustling capital!

1. World-Class Hotel with Massive Conference Spaces
World-Class Hotel with Massive Conference Spaces via Eventflare.jpg
World-Class Hotel with Massive Conference Spaces via Eventflare

Spanning 150 square metres, our ground floor venue offers a versatile open plan space featuring three 4-meter-long tables. These tables are adaptable to your event's needs – they can be rearranged into different configurations like theatre rows, a large U-shape, or a classroom setting, or even removed entirely for an open space suited to various activities.

The venue boasts a contemporary feel with its grey concrete flooring, industrial lighting, and visible steel beams, making it ideal for workshops, meetings, exhibitions, and a range of other business events. Looking to book this space for your upcoming event? Don't hesitate to get in touch.

2. Landmark Venue for Large and Small Conferences
Landmark Venue for Large and Small Conferences via Eventflare.webp
Landmark Venue for Large and Small Conferences via Eventflare

A standout destination in Berlin, this venue is more than just a space - it's a hub for conferences, conventions, hotel accommodations, and entertainment. Elevate your events with a suite of services, from cutting-edge event technology and floor plan design to expert decoration. We go beyond the basics, also helping you plan additional social and cultural programs to ensure your event is truly exceptional. What’s more, its in-house culinary team can whip up gastronomic delights and cater to finger cocktail parties or lavish dinner banquets. Look out for this building complex and its noticeable glass façade, which encapsulates a large convention hall that can host up to 6,000 people. Additionally, the venue has foyers and galleries for smaller meetings and breakout sessions. A hotel adjacent to this location has 1,125 rooms for conference attendees to have a good night’s sleep after an event-filled day.

3. Futuristic Large Conference Venue
Futuristic Large Conference Venue via Eventflare.webp
Futuristic Large Conference Venue via Eventflare

A cube-shaped building offering space for up to 11,000 participants with 50 halls located over three stories, we recommend this avant-garde large conference venue in Berlin for industry fairs, conventions, business conferences, and meetings. The location’s multi-purpose hall, with its freely moveable walls, is highly versatile for various conference needs. Its largest room spans a wide area of 6,015 square metres, enabling lots of space for conference participants to interact with one another. Also, a glass-covered walkway links this venue with another hall on the exhibition grounds, offering more space for up to 18,000 conference participants.

Wrapping Up

We hope you’ve learnt more about what you need before choosing the perfect conference venue in Berlin for a memorable and fruitful experience! Do read up on our other list of event venues in Berlin that we have in store for you, and consult our team of event specialists at Eventflare to expedite your planning!

Your exciting conference journey has just begun!

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