The 5 Best Expo Venues in Berlin

by Akshayaa RaniM,  05 January 2024
by Akshayaa Rani M, 05 January 2024
The 5 Best Expo Venues in Berlin

Ready to host a spectacular Expo event in Berlin? You've come to the right place! Germany's capital offers fantastic opportunities for all kinds of expo events and large-scale gatherings!

Affordable, thriving, relaxed, but down to business when you need it, it's no wonder Berlin has become a sought-after destination for exhibitions, trade shows, meetings, conventions, product roadshows, and congresses.

Germany, especially its capital Berlin, is one of Europe's top exhibition destinations, hosting and celebrating a significant number of global events and exhibitions every year. Germany's legacy as a land of major exhibitions and conventions can be traced back to the Middle Ages, when major European trade routes crossed through the country.

Berlin's attractiveness for business and trade, its robust business infrastructure and its vibrant start-up scene will ensure that your exhibition event is attended by the best in your industry! After all, doesn't getting ahead in business mean a lot of networking and stepping out of your comfort zone? And what better way to do that than by hosting an expo or convention?

As well as being Germany's political and cultural capital, Berlin is also the country's largest city for business, media and technology, making it a magnet for residents, tourists and business visitors alike.

With its many beer gardens, museums and art galleries, Berlin is more than capable of providing visitors and residents alike with a decent dose of German culture. (Psst, you don't have to go to nearby Munich for the Oktoberfest!)

Although the mere mention of food in Berlin may conjure up images of eisbein and sauerkraut, the city's gastronomic options extend far beyond typical German fare. In fact, the sheer variety of cuisines in this capital city, including Vietnamese phở, Turkish baklava, Italian pasta and more, means that Berlin can cater for all kinds of dietary requirements. With food markets scattered throughout the city, street food is king.

Berlin has an extensive and reliable public transport network, including underground and light rail, buses and trams. The city's bike-friendly culture will appeal to budget-conscious cyclists, thanks to its large student population.

So what are you waiting for? Read our guide to the best venues in Berlin to make your next event a smashing success!

1. A Spacious Venue in Berlin with Futuristic Lighting
A spacious venue in Berlin with futuristic lighting via Eventflare.webp
A spacious venue in Berlin with futuristic lighting via Eventflare

Step into a venue where tomorrow's ambience meets today's sophistication. Welcome to this spacious venue in Berlin with futuristic lighting.

Located in one of Europe's oldest film studios, this sustainable space has stunning interiors that are sure to impress. We're talking high ceilings, colourful curtains and an industrial vibe that provides the perfect blank canvas for an unforgettable exhibition. The highlight, however, is the futuristic lighting in this space that treats light as an art form that sets the tone for your event.

At full capacity, this Berlin venue can easily accommodate up to 200 people in a U-shaped configuration, 1000 people standing and 400 people in various other configurations such as theatre-style, classroom-style and seated dinners.

You'll also find all the amenities you need for a seamless expo experience, including coffee and tea facilities, ample parking space, and a high-speed WiFi connection.

2. A Multifunctional Expo Space in Berlin
A multifunctional expo space in Berlin via Eventflare.webp
A multifunctional expo space in Berlin via Eventflare

In a city pulsating with energy, this multifunctional conference venue in Berlin is a canvas to create a diverse experience for your audience.

Just a short drive from the famous Brandenburg Gate, this venue is designed to impress. It features a stunning circus tent-shaped ceiling, clean walls, modern lighting, chic furniture, and sturdy concrete floors, making it ideal for large corporate gatherings.

In terms of capacity, this 4270m² venue can accommodate up to 3100 people theatre-style, 2500 people standing, and 1000 people dining.

Amenities include high-speed WiFi, rigging points and top-of-the-range AV equipment. Catering and drinks are also available on request.

3. A Vintage Conference Venue in Berlin
A vintage conference venue in Berlin via Eventflare.jpeg
A vintage conference venue in Berlin via Eventflare

Step into the charm of yesteryear at this vintage conference venue in Berlin where the echoes of history seamlessly blend with the hum of modern ideas.

Built in the 1920s, this vintage gem is a well-kept secret just a stone's throw from the Prenzlauer Allee travel terminals, making it the epitome of convenience for any Berlin expo.

But it's not just the location that will capture your heart. Prepare to be charmed by the charming interior - think concrete floors, high ceilings, rustic walls, and vintage wooden furniture.

What’s more, there’s also a retro stage here that will steal the show by adding a delightful touch of nostalgia to your event.

Capacity-wise, this event space is perfect for mid-sized gatherings with room to comfortably accommodate up to 200 people.

And while the vibe may be historic, you’ll find no dearth of modern amenities here. From high-speed WiFi and impeccable lighting to a superb sound system and refreshing drinking water, you’ll have everything you need to throw a grand expo.

4. A Humongous Convention Space in Berlin
A humongous convention space in Berlin via Eventflare.jpg
A humongous convention space in Berlin via Eventflare

When it comes to expo venues in Berlin, this humongous convention space in Berlin is a titan among event venues.

Conveniently located a short 2-minute walk from the Landsberger Allee S-Bahn station and a hop, skip, and jump away from Alexanderplatz Square, this spacious venue is equipped with fantastic ambient lighting, glossy floors, and comfy furniture, making it possible to host a grand expo here.

If you’re wondering about the capacity of this large event venue, we’ll help put your mind at rest. The venue can host up to 1472 people in a standing setup and 1000 people in a seated arrangement.

Amenity-wise, you’ll be all set in this convention space. The place is equipped with projectors, screens, sound equipment, furniture, lighting, and a solid WiFi connection.

5. A Central Conference Space in Berlin with a Gorgeous View
A central conference space in Berlin with a gorgeous view via Eventflare.webp
A central conference space in Berlin with a gorgeous view via Eventflare

If you’re looking for an exhibition venue in Berlin where the views are almost as brilliant as your ideas, look no further than this conference space with a gorgeous view.

Located in a busy and accessible part of the city, this conference venue is not only easy to get to, but it also has some fantastic features.

The venue is on the first floor and it’s characterised by a sophisticated room layout. Ithas a staircase area with cloakroom facilities, a welcome area with the main cloakroom, two action areas and four separate lounges.

But it's not all business. There are also two bars and plenty of lounge furniture. The main bar is ten metres long and has 15 bar stools. The smaller bar at the end of the room is three metres long and offers a unique view as it is located directly on the terrace.

The terrace at the end of the room is 100 square metres and can accommodate 30-100 people (depending on seating and layout). The terrace's versatility is further enhanced by its stunning views of the Alexanderplatz sights.

At full capacity, the air-conditioned exhibition space can accommodate between 350 and 1000 people, depending on the layout. It also has a full range of facilities including furniture, lighting and sound equipment, projectors, screens, whiteboards, staff and cleaning services and a fully equipped kitchen.

Wrapping Up

And that’s a wrap for this curated list of the best expo venues in Berlin. We hope you’ve found the venue for your next expo event but if you haven’t, don’t worry. We have plenty of other event venues in Berlin you can discover and we’re sure you’ll find something that suits your requirements.

Meanwhile, don’t forget about the accommodation for the guests at your Berlin expo. Here are some great hotels you can stay at in Berlin during a work trip. Enjoy!

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