A Guide to Choosing Outdoor Events Suppliers in Bogotá

19 July 2022
19 July 2022
A Guide to Choosing Outdoor Events Suppliers in Bogotá

Welcome event planners, to our guide to choosing outdoor event suppliers in Bogotá! From the best venues, caterers, and vendors, we’ve got it all covered.

Each outdoor venue and event has its own rhyme and reason, so it might be difficult to know where to start. But that’s where we can help.

Whether you’re hosting a casual after-work event or a grand summer reception, all your needs and wants will be addressed below.

So without further ado, let’s dive right in and share out best info. Enjoy folks!

Choosing a Pre-Furbished Venue For Your Outdoor Events in Bogotá

But before you dive in, there is a way to avoid dealing with lots of different outdoor event suppliers in Bogotá.

The answer is simple: book a pre-furbished venue, meaning all you need to do is show up and have fun with your guests.

We’re corporate event venue experts, and we have a fantastic collection of outdoor venues in Bogotá. Have a browse at your leisure, and you won’t be disappointed.

You can use our intuitive filter system and browse at your leisure. However, if you’re busy, just send a request to one of our local experts. They’ll come back to you with a hand-picked selection for you to choose from.

And just to give you a quick example of what’s up for grabs, here are two of our favourites:

1. Enchanting Outdoor Venue in Bogotá

 Nchanting Enue Ith A Harm Of The Ature
Enchanting Outdoor Venue in Bogotá via Eventflare

Take this Enchanting venue, just to the north of the city. What your guests will love is its authentic countryside feel while still being right next to the hum of city life.

The action revolves around a folklorish barn space. One of the most precious fixtures is the spacious patio, an expansive green space, and lots of beautiful old trees.

It’s a blank canvas space, meaning you can build the stage design and decor as you like, to suit the needs of your outdoor event in Bogotá.

It also means you can use it for after-work events, conferences, exhibitions, photoshoots, receptions, and more.

Plus, it comes with versatile furniture arrangements, free parking, high-speed WiFi, and finally, it has a total capacity of 150 people.

2. Emblematic Outdoor Location in Bogotá With a History

Emblematic Mansion With a History
Emblematic Outdoor Location in Bogotá With a History via Eventflare

Alternatively, how about this emblematic mansion with a deep history, perfect for events with a real

If you like venues with real historical pedigree, then prepare to be in awe. This location is over 400 years old, moreover, it’s a real piece of cultural heritage, having been designated a national monument!

There is a beautiful white interior building, full of charming nostalgic fixtures. However, the large garden space with manicured greens, patios, fountains, and magical trees, is where the real magic is.

And thankYou’ll find it in the North East of the city. And finally, capacity-wise, you’ll be able to accommodate up to 100 people here.

Using an Event Production Company For Your Outdoor Events in Bogotá

Another way to avoid the hunting down of outdoor event equipment in Bogotá is to have an event production company do it for you.

And more than just fitting out venues, there are so much more advantages to hiring a production company for your outdoor events in Bogotá. From branding and marketing to live streaming and post-event analyses.

To learn more about why you should hire a production company for your events, just read this article here!

Sourcing Your Outdoor Event Suppliers in Bogotá In-House

So, if you’re the type who likes to roll their sleeves up and get stuff done themselves, you always have the option of sourcing all of your outdoor event supplies in Bogotá in-house.

That’s great, and we wish you all the luck. To get you started, we have made a list of some of our favourites

Our Favourite Vendors For Outdoor Event Equipment in Bogotá

Here we are, the part you’ve been waiting for, our favourite caterers in Bogotá. We hope you’ve already had your lunch because your stomach might be rumbling after this.

Nikki and Mom’s: Nikki and Mom’s are the purveyors of fabulous South-Asian event food. Their catering is that their ingredients are fresh, locally sourced, and seasonal, meaning not only is it eco-friendly, but they have a new and exciting menu each month!

Fork Catering: Fork Catering is a catering service that offers traditional and family-friendly food. Your outdoor event in Bogotá will be augmented by treats such as empanadas, eggs benedict, and more familiar favourites.

Salak: Salak are meat experts with over 12 years of experience. Highlights of their menu include things like al pastor tacos and veal Osso Bucco.

But outdoor events in Bogotá aren’t just about food, there are other things to think about too…

Vento Tents: Our first recommendation for outdoor event equipment in Bogotá is Vento Tents. They’re bespoke tent manufacturers who make magical outdoor experiences with hand-crafted materials. They model their designs after classical yachts.

Don Eloy Eventos: Don Eloy Eventos is a highly stylised floral decoration service. Their motto is “Luxury. Class. Fantasy.” They are one of our favourite outdoor event suppliers in Bogotá as they have a tailor-made approach, with each service no matter how big or how small, being entirely unique. Their service is so much celebrated that they’re even brought in to do fashion editorials for many magazines.

Wrapping up

So that’s a wrap. We hope you enjoyed our guide to outdoor event suppliers in Bogotá. So now you’re ready to choose one of our fantastic outdoor venues in Bogotá, right?

But before you go, we did promise you some bonus expert advice. So how about diving into our guide to getting around Bogotá?

And if you want more, you can read much, much more expert advice for event planning in Bogotá on our platform.

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