5 Inspiring Cooking Courses in Brussels

30 November 2020
30 November 2020
5 Inspiring Cooking Courses in Brussels

We’re not going to lie to you. Going out to eat or getting take-away is pretty great. But it would also be great to have a speciality dish up your sleeve to blow your away guests. Or, just for yourself!

Cooking courses can be everything you want them to be; if you want to learn how to make something special to impress your friends; or, maybe it’s a great team-building exercise, or perhaps it’s a fun activity to put on for guests at your next corporate event?

As you know, there are lots of cool chocolate making workshops in Brussels. But it’s a big city, with lots of amazing flavours. So, check out our guide to the best cooking courses in the city.

1) Fermenthings

fermentation workshop
Fermenthings via fermentthings

Fermenthings embodies the DIY spirit. From making your first Sourdough bread to making your own Miso, they teach you fermentation in all its glory.

The Fermenthings shop has been going since September 2017. They offer unique brunches, weekly workshops and catering gigs all over the city.

Their workshops are unique because of their versatility; no two workshops are ever the same. And never fear, no boring lectures here! Expect to engage in open conversations about all things fermentation.

The Fermenthings gang love getting out and being spontaneous too. Like their sold-out Kimchi Party in the middle of the Green Lab cocktail bar. Their next grand event is going to be an enchilada night which promises to be great!

2) Le Local

Workshop in fermented drinks in Brussels
Le Local via eureka

Le Local regularly offers you the chance to master one of the biggest trends in catering in the last two years: the beautiful fermented drink kombucha.

They will share all their secrets with you over a 1.5 hour workshop. You’ll even go home with your own SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast), so you can continue to make your own kombucha at home.

For only €30, you get to participate in the workshop and will receive a manufacturing manual and starter kit. The programme includes a fascinating presentation, a tasting session of ten kombuchas, and making your own drink to take home.

If you’re feeling peckish afterwards, stay and enjoy the restaurant’s delicious zero-waste menu. They source 80% of their products from local suppliers and have received the highest score on the Good Food label for sustainable restaurants. Learn more about their commitment to a circular economy by listening to their TedX talk.

3) Les Filles

Snapshot of interior of Les Filles in Brussels
Les Filles via eventflare

Les Filles believe that cooking is the best way to celebrate nature. They take delight in subtle, delicious and healthy things. Their menu changes daily at the whim of the market and the season.

At Les Filles, cooking classes cost €65 and include an aperitif, meal, wine and conviviality. The focus of their workshops is accessibility, and learning something useful for day-to-day cooking.

If you’re looking for the perfect gift, you could offer that special someone a workshop gift voucher. These workshops are also a great choice for small private groups and corporate team-building activities.

In the meantime, you could get their book?

4) Mains à la Pâte

Pasta meal via cooking workshop Brussels
Mains à la Pâte via augoutdemma

Mains à la Pâte centres around one of Italy’s most cherished creations – fresh pasta! We are in love with this culinary workshop’s authenticity and intimateness.

Chef Michele Ambrosio puts on various home cooking classes to teach you how to produce and make fresh pasta and gnocchi of your very own.

Italian music playing in the background will set the tone. As well as technical teaching, you will receive an engaging history of pasta to better understand its importance in Italian culture. And, of course, the ingredients in your lessons are guaranteed to be natural and local.

5) OR Coffee

Coffee workshop in Brussels
OR Coffee via orcoffee

OR Coffee lives for good coffee. The husband and wife team follow the coffee-making process from A-Z; from the roasting process to coffee preparation. They also take great care when sourcing the beans, opting for Direct Trade over traders. You can learn more about it in their coffee journal Arabica.

Luckily for you, they love teaching their passion too. OR Coffee offers hands-on training with lots of practical tips and tricks. That’s not just sweet talk for their website. They limit the classes to a maximum of six people to ensure you are fully engaged and getting involved.

They offer training in brewing, barista training and roasting. Get expert insight into grinding the beans, selecting brewing methods, making milk foam, the perfect espresso, latte art, filter coffee and more.

Workshops range in price and are diverse in intensity. Do you want to be proficient in making quality coffee at home, or do you want to be at a professional barista level? If there is anything coffee related you could want to learn, OR Coffee will teach you.

Wrapping Up

So there you have it, cooking courses in Brussels. We hope you’re inspired. If you need further encouragement, we’ve got an excellent argument for why you should provide your activities for your event.

Happy cooking!

Featured image: Kitchen Tools via thedailymeal

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