Why You Should Provide Activities For Your Event

by Michael luckx, 12 March 2019
by Michael luckx,  12 March 2019
Why You Should Provide Activities For Your Event

Are you trying to make your next event the most memorable of the year? Booking the right entertainment activities is vital to take your event from good to great. Let me tell you why.


Some might say true happiness lies in spending money on experiences rather than on physical items. This is why participatory activities are a great idea to get attendees to actually enjoy the occasion.

People can think in two ways about your event. I’m going because I have to or oh, I’m so excited the event is finally here! Of course, we all want our guests feeling the second way. Activities make people feel involved and keep their interest focused on the event, they will help you keep that excitement.

Incorporate partnerships

If your event is funded by sponsors, your responsibility is to try to promote a strong relationship. You will want to provide them with enough value to convince them to partner with your events in the future.

One idea would be to place the name of their companies in the utensils the attendees will use or where the activity will take place. Try to do it in a way where your guests are sure to see it. The goal is to associate the positive emotion your guests will have to the name of your sponsor.

This is why having activities is a great way to incorporate your partnerships in your event.

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Being in a comfortable environment helps people interact with each other. Activities usually have this effect, they make you feel uninhibited from stress and worries. Consequently, networking becomes easier and your guests happier.


Now, you are probably thinking ok, I like the idea of activities in my event but how do I decide which one should I provide? Well, don’t worry, we got some ideas on our trip to Eventsummit and you can check them in our blog post 7 cool activities we saw in EventSummit 2019.

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