6 Outstanding Conference Venues in Brussels

by Akshayaa RaniM,  08 December 2023
by Akshayaa Rani M, 08 December 2023
6 Outstanding Conference Venues in Brussels

Get ready to upgrade your conference game with event venues in Brussels that are a notch above ordinary. From royal to offbeat event spaces, we've rounded up the most outstanding conference spaces that say goodbye to boring boardrooms.

Let’s explore!

1. A Venue in Brussels in a Charming Castle with a Stunning Garden

A venue in Brussels in a charming castle with a stunning garden via. Eventflare.webp
A venue in Brussels in a charming castle with a stunning garden via. Eventflare

Make your conference in Brussels a royal affair by hosting it at this charming castle with a stunning garden. Although this event venue is just slightly away from the lively city centre, it’s a magical space that’s not a run-of-the-mill event venue in Brussels.

Discover the magic in a fairytale setting with large windows that let in gorgeous sunlight, a choice of carpeted or wooden flooring, and other storybook features like vintage chandeliers and dreamy lighting.

Storybook settings are incomplete without a picturesque garden space and this convention centre in Brussels has the most charming garden that’s great for side events, after-works, or even as a space for your conference attendees to get a breath of fresh air.

With the super flexibility of six rooms to choose from, this space can host up to 1,260 conference attendees. The rooms’ capacity ranges from 40 to 800, making them great for both small and large conferences.

That’s not all, this charming castle comes with some fantastic amenities like AV equipment, projectors, TV screens, high-speed internet, and staff to help you host an unforgettable conference.

2. An Innovative Conference Space in Brussels with an Oceanic Theme

An innovative conference space in Brussels with an oceanic theme via. Eventflare.webp
An innovative conference space in Brussels with an oceanic theme via. Eventflare

You don’t have to dive deep into the depths of the ocean to bring the magnetism of the sea to your conference venue in Brussels. All you have to do is book this innovative event venue with an oceanic theme near Le Châtelain.

Inspired by the deep blue sea, this conference spot will take your attendees on a thematic escape with quirky decorations and stylish furniture. Ride the wave here with sea blue carpeting that’ll make your conference attendees feel like they’re standing on the ocean floor.

But the ocean magic doesn’t end there! There’s also a silver submarine-inspired roof and panelled walls to give the impression of a jolly submarine adventure.

If you’re wondering how many conference attendees you can take on this ocean expedition, you’ll be pleased to know that this themed event venue can host up to 100 participants.

As for amenities, you’ll have everything you need, including an in-house catering team and coffee and tea facilities to keep your attendees well-fed, projectors, flipcharts, and whiteboards to create an interactive experience, as well as top-notch sound equipment and high-speed WiFi for a seamless conference experience.

3. A Fabulous Conference Spot in Brussels Surrounded by a Waterbody

A fabulous conference spot in Brussels surrounded by a waterbody via. Eventflare.webp
A fabulous conference spot in Brussels surrounded by a waterbody via. Eventflare

Looking for a conference location in Brussels that’s a serene escape from city life? We have the perfect spot for you! This fabulous event venue surrounded by a waterbody is tucked away on a legendary island in Brussels.

Wrapped in nature with calming waters and lush green surroundings, this quaint convention centre with cosy and stylish interiors is a hidden paradise that will elevate your conference experience.

Both indoor and outdoor spaces are up for rent, depending on the crowd you’re catering to and your conference theme. In terms of capacity, this space can host between 200 and 500 conference attendees in various setups.

And if you thought that this tranquil space would lack amenities, you’ll be surprised! This event venue provides fabulous furniture, great sound equipment, projectors, and high-speed internet to make your conference in Brussels a grand success.

4. A Massive Convention Centre in Brussels with Flamboyant Interiors

A massive convention centre in Brussels with flamboyant interiors via. Eventflare.jpg
A massive convention centre in Brussels with flamboyant interiors via. Eventflare

Our next convention centre in Brussels will move us from a tranquil setting to a livelier setting. This massive convention centre with flamboyant interiors is just a quick ride from the Ribaucourt subway station and has everything you need to transform your conference into a sensational affair.

Step inside a riot of colours with seating spaces that paint the conference space in rainbow hues. And if that doesn’t set the tone for an exciting day, the lofty ceilings and majestic pillars will do the trick.

And did we tell you about the lighting here? The venue has expansive windows that will bathe your conference venue in dazzling light while giving you a canvas of flamboyant elegance to work your magic on.

With a generous capacity of 415 conference attendees, this venue is the epitome of grandeur, tailored for conferences that demand a touch of opulence. That’s not all; you can also elevate your experience with top-tier amenities: high-speed WiFi, a cutting-edge projector, a sleek screen, and an impeccable sound system.

5. An Amazing Underground Vintage Convention Location in Brussels

An amazing underground vintage convention location in Brussels via. Eventflare.webp
An amazing underground vintage convention location in Brussels via. Eventflare

Welcome to a versatile venue nestled in the heart of Brussels, just a hop away from the famous Manneken-Pis. This amazing underground vintage convention location is a retro treat for the eyes.

Picture this hall - warm wood and rustic stone, creating a cosy vintage vibe for your conference attendees. That’s not all; this conference space is also divided into two parts. There's a concert hall/dance area and a pub, which are great for side events and after-work as well as the main conference area.

Coming to capacity, this is a great event venue for mid-sized conferences with enough space to welcome 100 conference attendees.

When you rent this venue, you get a private space, a consultation with the manager, room cleaning, admin fees, insurance, and operating taxes, all in one package. Need equipment? Just ask, and you'll have a screen, projector, microphone, speakers, whiteboard, and flip chart to create a fantastic conference experience.

6. A Royal Conference Location in Brussels

A royal conference location in Brussels via. Eventflare.webp
A royal conference location in Brussels via. Eventflare

This royal conference spot in Brussels is more than just a space. It's a setting where your conference feels like a coronation.

Step inside to find large windows lining the walls. These allow natural light to flood in and dance with the magnificent chandeliers to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. The architecture, straight from the 18th century, adds a touch of timeless grandeur that's bound to impress your conference attendees.

Picture elegant red chairs, offering comfort to your attendees as they absorb the artistic wonders on the walls. Talented artists' works grace the space, adding an extra layer of sophistication.

And the best part? You're not just booking a room; you're unlocking a world of services. The amenities in this splendid space include music equipment, projectors, and WiFi, perfect for creating an unforgettable conference in Brussels for up to 180 conference attendees.

Wrapping Up

We hope these conference venues in Brussels have exceeded your expectations, but if you’d like to explore more options, we have plenty of amazing event venues in Brussels that’ll help your conference stand out.

Now that we’ve got the venue out of the way let’s plan a spectacular conference in Brussels. But before that, don’t forget to read this article with advice on hosting business events in Brussels so you can bring your A-game to your event. Good luck!

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