Hot Advice for Hosting a Business Event in Brussels

by Akshayaa RaniM,  26 August 2023
by Akshayaa Rani M, 26 August 2023
Hot Advice for Hosting a Business Event in Brussels

Hello, hello to our favourite event planners. We hear that you’ve been gearing up to host a business event in Brussels, and we’re here with some help to make your day a grand success!

It’s no secret that the dynamic and diverse capital of Belgium seamlessly blends history, culture, and business, so you should know that planning a business event in Brussels can be a fun and collaborative experience.

So, grab your notepads (and maybe a side of Belgian waffles!) because we’re about to dive into some top tips for hosting a business event in Brussels that’s sure to make your event the talk of the town!

1. Great Catering Tips for Business Events in Brussels

Great catering tips for business events in Brussels. Image credit - Biorganic.webp
Great catering tips for business events in Brussels. Image credit: Biorganic

Our first piece of advice for business events in Brussels revolves around one of our favourite things, food!

Read on to learn more about how you can take your catering menu for your business event in Brussels to the next level.

Craft a local menu:If you’re hosting a business event in Brussels, we recommend you do as the Belgians do when it comes to food. Sure, you can find a whole host of international favourites in Brussels but trust us when we say that local delicacies are sure to go down well with your event attendees.

We mean, you’re in the city of heavenly chocolates and irresistible waffles so there’s definitely plenty of fun treats you can add to your menu!

Have a live waffle bar: Speaking of the great Belgian waffle, one cool way to incorporate a Belgian touch to your event catering menu and encourage networking at your business event in Brussels is to spring for a live waffle bar.

Your event attendees can customise their waffles with a choice of yummy toppings, from fresh fruits to whipped cream and even savoury options. It's a creative and interactive catering choice that'll have everyone smiling.

Bring together beer and bites:If your business event in Brussels has a more informal setting, we recommend you embrace the city’s diverse beer culture. It may be a fun idea to pair the various Belgian beers with complementary appetisers. This will not only provide a local flavour to your event, but it will also spark networking between your event attendees.

Add a local flair to your beverages: If beer isn’t quite your thing, fret not. You can still add a local flair to your event with your drink choices by adding local beverages like fruit juices, sparkling waters, and Belgian-style cocktails for those who prefer non-alcoholic options.

Balance the indulgence: Yes, we admit that Belgian food can be quite the treat. From sweet treats like waffles and pralines to delectable beers, it can be easy to indulge in Brussels. However, it’s important to help your attendees stay alert at a business event so make sure you balance the indulgences with some healthy alternatives.

Fresh salads, veggie platters, and lean protein dishes are all great options for a tasty menu that’s also light. Oh, and don’t forget to keep the coffee flowing!

2. Advice for Business Events in Brussels: Pay Attention to Stage Design and Decor

Advice for business events in Brussels - Pay attention to stage design and decor. Image credit - Eventflare.webp
Advice for business events in Brussels: Pay attention to stage design and decor. Image credit: Eventflare

Another aspect of event advice in Brussels that we can’t neglect is the stage design and decor. This not only sets the tone for your business event in Brussels, but it also can play a huge role in enhancing the engagement at your event.

Here are some cool insider tips to ensure that your stage design and decor steal the spotlight.

Pay homage to the city’s architectural elegance:Brussel is a city with architectural grandeur so why not bring some of that grandness to your stage design? Add elements inspired by iconic landmarks like the Atomium or the Grand Palace to add a sense of elegance to your event.

Incorporate some botanical beauty: The Belgians love their gardens, and this adoration can inspire your decor. Include some botanical accents, such as lush greenery and floral arrangements to your decor to bring a touch of serenity to your business event.

Include multilingual messaging:Brussels is a multicultural city, so you should seriously consider incorporating messages and branding in different languages. This demonstrates your attention to detail and inclusivity, and it will resonate with attendees from diverse backgrounds.

Add some playfulness with comic inspiration:Celebrate Brussels' comic art heritage by incorporating comic-inspired visuals into your stage design. This whimsical touch can bring an element of playfulness and nostalgia to the event atmosphere.

Be innovative: Brussels is a hub for innovation. Integrate cutting-edge technology, like interactive displays or holographic presentations, to showcase your business event's modern outlook.

  • Pro-tip:Stage design and decor is just the tip of the iceberg. To host a successful event in Brussels, you also need to think of the perfect event venue. We recommend checking out these unique convention centres in Brussels.

3. Entertainment Ideas for Events in Brussels

Next up, you can’t host a Brussels event without providing your event attendees with some fantastic entertainment. Not only does this help provide a slight relief from heavier discussion topics, but it also adds a touch of glamour to your business event.

Here’s some entertainment event planning advice in Brussels.

Have live jazz or blues music:Brussels has a vibrant music scene, and live jazz and blues bands can set the perfect mood for networking and relaxation. Whether it's a cocktail hour or a post-event gathering, live music adds a touch of sophistication.

Host comic art side event:Embrace Brussels' comic art heritage by hosting interactive workshops where attendees can try their hand at creating their own comic strips. It's a unique and creative way to engage participants and tap into the city's artistic flair.

Virtual reality experiences: This is the age of VR, so combine technology and engagement by offering virtual reality experiences related to Belgian history, and culture, or even interactive games that immerse participants in a virtual Brussels.

Make a memory with cultural dance performances: Brussels is a city with a diverse cultural heritage and its traditional dance scene is proof of that. Entertain your event attendees with a traditional dance performance that’s sure to be memorable.

4. After-Work Ideas for When You Host Brussels Events

Now that we’ve covered the entertainment ideas you need to host a successful event in Brussels, let’s move on to the next tip on our agenda, what to do post your business event. To give your event attendees a complete experience, we suggest including some after-work ideas in your event planning.

Here are some after-work ideas that capture the spirit of Brussels and will keep the networking going between your event attendees long after your final business presentation.

Organise a chocolate workshop: Brussels is a chocolate haven, and it would be a shame not to indulge in this sweet treat while you’re here, we’re sure your event attendees will agree. Organise an interactive chocolate-making workshop as an after-work for your event attendees where they can craft their delicious Belgian chocolates while learning about the artistry behind them.

Let out the inner child with a comic strip tour: We’ve already mentioned that Brussel’s is a comic lover’s dream come true but you don’t have to be a comic book buff to enjoy the city’s comic art legacy. Organise a guided tour that explores the city’s comic strip murals and landmarks to allow your event attendees a chance to immerse themselves in the world of Tintin, Smurfs, and more.

Indulge in a moules-frites feast:For a low-key but quintessentially Belgian experience, treat your event attendees to a traditional Belgian meal withmoules-frites (mussels and fries) at a local brasserie. It's a culinary experience that's uniquely Brussels, especially when it’s washed down with a pint of local beer.

Attend a surrealism-inspired event:Pay homage to Belgium's surrealist heritage with themed events. Create whimsical spaces, interactive installations, and even surreal-inspired activities for an unforgettable experience.

Say cheers with a mini beer festival: Host a mini beer festival featuring a selection of Belgian beers from different regions. Brewmasters can share their expertise, and attendees can indulge in the rich diversity of Belgian brews.

5. Event Advice Brussels: Learn the Local Culture

You know what they say when in Brussels behave like the Belgians do and that’s honestly a solid piece of event planning advice for Brussels.

Here are some tips to help you navigate the local culture and make a good impression.

Keep in mind that the city is multilingual: Brussels is a multilingual city with French and Dutch as the main languages. Incorporate bilingual signage, programme materials, and communication to make attendees feel welcome and respected.

Be punctual: Similar to most European countries, Belgians generally value punctuality, so ensure that your event schedule is well-organized and adhered to. Arriving on time and keeping sessions on track will be appreciated by local participants.

Respect work-life balance:If your business event in Brussels is catering to a local audience, it’s helpful to know that Belgians are quite particular about their work-life balance. It’s a good idea to plan your business event only during business hours or in a way that doesn't encroach on personal time, allowing attendees to engage without feeling overly obligated.

Navigating the Belgian bureaucracy:Brussels is the administrative centre of the European Union. If your event involves official matters or collaborations with EU institutions, familiarise yourself with the bureaucratic processes and protocols.

The major EU institutions based in Brussels include the European Commission, the European Council, the Council of the European Union, and the European Parliament. Each institution has its own responsibilities and roles within the EU's decision-making process.

Follow the dress code:Belgians tend to dress well, even for business events. To keep things simple, it’s best to stick to formal wear for business events in Brussels.

6. Bonus Event Planning Advice Brussels: Marketing Ideas for Your Event

Before we end this guide on tips to plan a business event in Brussels, we also wanted to share with you some exclusive Brussels-centric marketing ideas to promote your event.

Here are some ideas to give your event an extra edge.

Take the love for comics to your marketing strategy: Create teaser images or videos featuring iconic Brussels comic characters like Tintin or the Smurfs, hinting at the excitement attendees can expect at your event.

Collaborate with local artists: Brussels has a great art scene, and a cool way to add a creative flair to your event is to collaborate with local artists to create limited-edition event posters, which can serve as collectable keepsakes for attendees.

Get your attendees excited about the food:We’ve already mentioned that Brussels is a food lover’s paradise, so it’s only right that food should play a part in your marketing strategy. Film short videos of local chefs preparing classic Belgian dishes or street food. Share the recipes with attendees to pique their culinary curiosity and get them excited for your event.

Behind-the-scenes sneak peeks:Offer glimpses of event preparations, behind-the-scenes setup, and interviews with key event personnel to give attendees a sense of the effort and excitement.

Wrapping Up

And with that, we saydag(goodbye) to our list of top tips for hosting a business event in Brussels. We hope these tips were helpful to you. Don’t forget to check out our list of event venues in Brussels to find the perfect event venue to host an unforgettable business event.

Bonus reading: To help you in your quest to find the perfect event venue, we recommend you first read about where you should host your event in Brussels.

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