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    Guide to hosting photo & film events in Brussels

    Hello there, and welcome to our ultimate guide on hosting a photoshoot in Brussels. Get equipped with everything you need to curate picture-perfect moments. Be it choosing the right venue in the trends, exploring culinary delights, or connecting with skilled professionals who can bring your vision to life, our guide has got you covered.

    So, let’s get on this creative journey right away. And, just in case you need some extra inspiration, feel free to connect with one of our local experts. They’re just a click away!

    1) Choosing the Right Photoshoot Space in Brussels for You

    You’re going to find a diverse option of styles when it comes to photoshoot rooms in Brussels. So, depending on the photography style you’ve chosen for your photoshoot, you’ll find photoshoot rooms that can bring your creative vision to life.

    Check out these cool styles of photoshoot rooms in Brussels:

    1. Historic Charm: Give your photoshoot a historic charm and capture timeless frames. Thanks to Brussels's rich history, you have options for hosting your photoshoot in its iconic historic sites like medieval squares, grand castles, and ornate architecture.

    2. Natural Elegance: Everybody loves all things natural! So, how about aligning your photoshoot theme with the city’s natural beauty? The city’s beautiful parks, gardens, and green spaces offer a serene background with a whole lot of natural light for nature-inspired photoshoots in Brussels.

    3. Modern Chic: You could also give your photo shoot a contemporary vibe by going for event venues with an urban setting. The sleek cityscapes, graffiti-covered alleys, and modern skyscrapers can add an edgy touch to your upcoming photoshoot.

    4. Industrial Flair: What’s trending now though are industrial locations. Event venues like converted warehouses, factories, and industrial districts feature a gritty backdrop that can add character and an unconventional charm to your photoshoot.

    5. Architectural Wonder: Brussels features a mix of architectural styles. Be it Gothic or Art Nouveau, these class styles offer captivating facades, interiors, and landmarks that are perfect backdrops for a photoshoot.

    P.S. Here’s our list of some great examples of photo studios for hire in Brussels.

    2) How Much Will a Photoshoot in Brussels Cost?

    Now let’s talk about the costings. To give you an idea of how much photoshoot venues in Brussels cost, check out these estimates:

    • Basic Studios: Prices range from €50 to €100 per hour.
    • Mid-range Studios: The price for mid-range photoshoot studios can be anywhere from €100 to €250 per hour.
    • Premium Studios: Prices of premium photoshoot venues with state-of-the-art facility starts from €200 and can go up to €400 per hour.

    Additional Costs to Consider:

    • Equipment Rental: Expect prices to range from €50 to €100 per day.
    • Props and Set Design: Simple props start at around €10 to €50 each. Specialised props can go up to €200 per prop. And as for set design, depending on complexity, prices can be anywhere from €50 to €500 or more.
    • Professional Services
    • Transportation and Accommodation: A single public transport ticket within the city may cost €2.50. Whereas car rentals are around €30 to €50 per day, excluding fuel. Budget-friendly accommodation is around €50 to €100 per night, while mid-range options could range from €100 and go up to €200.
    • Permits and Location Fees
    • Catering: For basic event catering that includes snacks and beverages, you might spend around €10 to €20 per person. Plated meals and buffer-style Catering cost around €40 to €60 per person depending on the variety of food options you choose.
    • Post Production: For basic editing, you may have to pay €20 to €50 per person. When it comes to retouching, costs could range from €50 to €100 or more per photo. And as for batch editing, you may be paying €300 for a set of 20 to 30 photos.
    • Marketing and Promotion

    3) The Best Areas for Hosting a Photoshoot in Brussels

    The city has a treasure trove of prime areas that are just perfect for your upcoming photoshoot. Photography studios in Brussels reflect these area’s character and unique style. So, depending on what your company stands for and your photoshoot theme, take your pick from these amazing areas:

    1. The European District is an area that features modern architecture. It's also home to the EU institutions. So, you’ll find many sleek buildings surrounded by a cosmopolitan atmosphere that can add a contemporary flair to your photoshoot.

    2. Ixelles/ Elsene is a trendy area known for its Art Nouveau architecture, parks, and vibrant streets. This area offers you a stunning backdrop that ranges from natural to urban settings.

    3. Sablon is an upscale area known for being home to many antique shops, art galleries, and elegant architecture. So, if you’re looking for a photography studio in Brussels with a blend of classic and contemporary settings, Sablon is the area to pick.

    4. Grand Place (Grote Markt) is a historic area located at the heart of the city. It features mesmerising architecture, cobblestone streets, and ornate buildings, making it the perfect location to host a photo shoot that features the city’s charm.

    4) The Best Catering for Your Photoshoot in Brussels

    Running around during a photoshoot can get pretty tiring. So, keep everyone’s energy and spirits high by choosing an event caterer who can take your food preferences, dietary restrictions, and budget and deliver fueling delights at your photoshoot space for hire in Brussels.  

    Here is a list of top event caterers who are equipped for the task:

    1. Rogue Tomate: If you're aiming to add a health-conscious vibe to your upcoming conference, Rogue Tomate is your go-to destination. They're all about dishing out clever catering choices that not only fuel your crew but also reflect the dynamic flair and culinary creativity of the city.

    2. Le Tournant Catering: If you’re looking to treat your crew members to a one-of-a-kind culinary odyssey, then check out Le Tournant Catering. They are known for their devotion to gastronomic excellence. Their trained staff can give you and your crew an elevated dining experience at your photoshoot space for hire in Brussels.

    3. Bouchéry: This next event caterer is placed in Uccle, which is a stone's throw from the heart of Brussels. This event catering service seamlessly blends contemporary and timeless Belgian flavours, ensuring an electrifying engagement of all your senses.

    4. Maison Dandoy: Maison Dandoy has earned quite a rep for their killer Belgian waffles and delectable pastries. So, if you're on the prowl for some mouthwatering delights to spoil your photoshoot crew, Madison Dandoy is the name to drop. They'll sprinkle your photoshoot space in Brussels with a dash of local flavour that's just incredible.

    5) The Best Professionals for Your Photoshoot in Brussels

    Hosting a successful photoshoot in Brussels requires you to connect and collaborate with top professionals in the industry. So, make sure to get in touch with some of these pros to help you through your photoshoot journey:


    • Geert De Taeye
    • Elodie Deceuninck
    • Lucas Boitquin
    • Yuri Andries
    • Jonas De Gent 

    Models or Subject Agencies:

    • Dominique Models
    • IMM Models
    • Flag Models
    • The Agent


    • Nathalie Hocq Styling
    • Kashara Style Studio
    • Frederic Degezelle
    • Isabelle Bauty Stylling
    • Yamina Sfari Styling

    Makeup Artists and Hair Stylists:

    • Sabine Peeters
    • Sarah Reygate
    • Sophie Janssens Makeup Artist
    • Olivier De Vriendt Hairstyling
    • Nabil Harlow Hair Styling
    • Christophe Giardino Hair Stylist

    Set Designers or Decorators:

    • Sarah Meyers Studio
    • Clara Jung Set Design
    • Atelier MM Set Design
    • Véronique Wilmart Set Design

    Art Directors or Creative Directors:

    • Cédric Vanhoeck
    • Vincent Van den Storme
    • Sophie Guisset
    •  Julien Bruneau
    •  Adrien Sterpstraeten

    Post-Production Specialists:

    • DPhotoF
    • Arret Production
    • Fotolab Kiekie
    • Foto Editing Brussels
    • Retouch Brussels 

    6) Equipment

    You’ve got the perfect photoshoot space in Brussels, and the best professionals in the industry. Next up is getting top-notch photography gear. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with that as well.

    Equipment Rental:

    • Kamera Express
    • Pixel Village
    • Blackbox Studios 

    Camera Stores:

    • Prophot
    • PCH Shop Photo Ciné House
    • Fotografica 

    Set Design and Props:

    • Ikea
    • Brussels Prop Rental
    • Casa

    Wrapping Up

    And with that, we’ve come to the end of our guide to hosting a photoshoot in Brussels. We hope that you’ve loved reading it as much as we did putting it together. Now, it's time to roll the cameras and get those perfect photo shots.

    But before we go, we’d like you to check out where to see amazing photography exhibitions in Brussels to get an idea of the different types of photography this city complements.

    A Guide to Hosting a Photoshoot in Brussels

    FAQ about Brussels Photo & Film Studios

    What are some cool breakout ideas for my photoshoot in Brussels?

    Uplift your photoshoot experience with some captivating breakout concepts. You could begin by immersing your photoshoot into the city’s lively street art scene, this gives an edgy flair to your shoot. But, as night falls, and to add a touch of drama and enchantment, try capturing the wonder of historic landmarks.

    Alternatively, you could immerse yourself in the soothing tranquility of the city’s parks, where lush greenery and serene lakes offer a natural haven for refreshing shots. Lastly, you can also experiment with the captivating blend of vintage allure and urban aesthetics at the Tour & Taxis area that channels an industrial charm.

    How much should I expect to budget for a shoot in Brussels?

    Creating a full-proof budget for your photo shoot in Brussels helps with its success. On average, be ready to spend around €2.50 for public transportation and up to €50 per day on car rentals.

    Accommodation on average costs anywhere from €50 to €200 per night depending on the services and where it is located. As for food, the budget is around €20 to €40 per person. Then there’s renting of equipment, which can range from €50 to €100 per day.

    How can my crew get to my photography studio in Brussels?

    Your crew can navigate their way to your photography studio in Brussels with the help of the city's slick and pocket-friendly public transport system. With four streamlined metro lines crisscrossing the cityscape and beyond, speed and ease will be their constant companions.

    Beyond the metro's realm, there is the tram network, the buses and trains that present alluring alternatives. But what tops the convenience charts is the MOBIB smart card that will help your crew members seamlessly glide through any of these modes of transportation.

    What locations and permits do I need for my photoshoot location in Brussels?

    When it comes to photoshoot locations in Brussels, you’ll find many iconic spots that you can choose from depending on the nature of your shoot. Now, some of these venues require permits.

    You can always reach out to the city’s relevant local authorities to secure permits. All you have to do is provide details about your shoot and follow any guidelines provided by the authorities.

    Are there legal and copyright complications when doing a shoot in Brussels?

    When dealing with legal stuff and copyrights in Brussels, it's important to know the rules. For instance, taking pictures in public places is usually okay, but remember that using pictures for business reasons, especially if they show copyrighted art or buildings, might need special permission. 

    If your photoshoot has people in it who can be recognised, it's a good idea to get their permission, especially if you're using the pictures for business. Also, be careful when taking pictures of kids because there are special rules about that as well.

    And lastly, to keep your own pictures safe, you can put a watermark on them and think about registering your copyright.  When you share your pictures online, make sure you follow the rules of the websites you're using. By being careful about the legal stuff, you can take awesome pictures while also being respectful of people's rights and privacy.

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