How to Choose the Perfect Event Venue in Brussels

by Akshayaa RaniM,  23 November 2023
by Akshayaa Rani M, 23 November 2023
How to Choose the Perfect Event Venue in Brussels

In the world of event planning, selecting the perfect venue is often the keystone to a successful gathering. Whether you're hosting a conference, wedding, or gala, the choice of venue plays a pivotal role in the overall experience.

In this guide, we'll explore the essential steps to find the ideal event venues in Brussels, backed by actionable advice, statistics, and examples.

1. Step 1 in Finding The Perfect Venue in Brussels: Understanding Your Event Needs

Before delving into the options available in Brussels, it's crucial to understand your event's specific requirements. For instance, did you know that Brussels boasts an impressive array of over 300 wedding venues, with prices ranging from €50 to €200 per guest, depending on the level of luxury and inclusions?

Example: If you're planning a wedding, consider that a wedding in a charming historic Brussels venue may cost around €10,000 to €15,000. This cost includes venue rental, catering, decorations, and entertainment.

Moreover, estimating the number of attendees is essential for determining space requirements. Overcrowded venues can lead to discomfort and logistical challenges, while excessively spacious ones might feel empty. A well-suited venue will effortlessly accommodate your guest count.

Example: If you're organising a conference, you should plan for approximately 10-15 square metres of space per attendee. So, if you expect 200 attendees, you'll need a venue with at least 2,000 to 3,000 square metres of space.

2. Event Spaces in Brussels: Location, Location, Location

In Brussels, the choice of location is paramount. The city offers a mix of central and scenic venues that can create the perfect ambience for your event. Did you know the Grand Place, a UNESCO World Heritage site, welcomes around 4 million visitors annually, making it one of the city's most iconic and central event locations?

Example: Hosting a conference at a venue near the Grand Place can significantly enhance the appeal of your event and make it more accessible for attendees travelling from different parts of the city or abroad.

3. Event Locations in Brussels With Charm: Venue Styles and Themes

Brussels, the capital of Belgium, offers a diverse range of event spaces, each with its own unique architectural style and historical period. Here are some of the notable styles you can find in event spaces in Brussels:

  1. Art Nouveau: Art Nouveau architecture is prominent in Brussels, with its sinuous lines, floral motifs, and intricate ironwork. Event spaces in this style often feature organic shapes and decorative elements, creating a harmonious and ornate atmosphere.
  2. Neoclassical:Neoclassical event spaces in Brussels harken back to the aesthetics of ancient Greece and Rome. They are characterised by symmetrical designs, grand columns, and a sense of order and proportion, creating an elegant and formal ambience.
  3. Gothic Revival: Some event venues in Brussels showcase the Gothic Revival style, known for its pointed arches, ribbed vaults, and ornate detailing. These venues exude a sense of historical grandeur and often feature intricate stained glass windows.
  4. Baroque:Baroque-style event spaces are marked by opulence and extravagance. They typically boast ornate decorations, richly detailed interiors, and a sense of drama, making them ideal for luxurious and lavish events.
  5. Industrial/Modernist: Unlike the more historic styles, Brussels offers event spaces with a modernist or industrial aesthetic. These spaces often feature open spaces, exposed materials, and minimalist design elements, providing a contemporary and urban ambience.
  6. Belle Époque: The Belle Époque period in Brussels, roughly from the late 19th to early 20th century, is characterised by decorative opulence and elegance. Event spaces in this style often have a nostalgic and charming atmosphere.
  7. Renaissance:Some event spaces in Brussels showcase Renaissance architecture, known for its symmetry, classical elements, and intricate facades. These venues offer a sense of cultural richness and historic significance.
  8. Contemporary: Brussels has a growing number of contemporary event spaces designed with sleek lines, innovative materials, and cutting-edge technology. These venues offer a fresh and modern setting for a wide range of events.
  9. Eclectic: Some event spaces in Brussels combine various architectural styles, creating an eclectic blend of design elements. These venues often have a unique and diverse character, making them suitable for creative and unconventional gatherings.

Bonus Advice: To see all of the above - and more - in action, check out our guide to the most unique event venues in Brussels.

4. Budgeting for Event Centres in Brussels: Cost Considerations

Budgeting is a crucial aspect of event planning. Did you know that the average venue cost for a wedding in Brussels typically ranges from €5,000 to €20,000, depending on factors such as guest count, location, and included services?

Pro-Tips: Read our guide on inflation and event planning strategies for success to make your event budget sing!

5. Event Venues in Brussels: Amenities and Services

When scouting for event venues in Brussels, ensure they offer essential amenities. A venue with ample parking and spacious reception areas can significantly enhance guest comfort.

Example: The Brussels Event Brewery, a converted brewery offering a modern event space, provides ample parking space, making it a convenient choice for large-scale events.

6. Visiting Potential Venues in Brussels

Scheduling site inspections is a vital part of the decision-making process. During these visits, pay attention to the venue's space layout and flow, ensuring it aligns with your event's needs.

Example:When inspecting a conference venue, consider whether it offers breakout rooms, audiovisual facilities, and a convenient layout for networking opportunities.

7. Reviews and Testimonials for Event Spaces in Brussels

Leverage the power of reviews and testimonials when making your decision. Gathering insights from others who have hosted events in Brussels can provide valuable perspectives.

Example: Reading reviews from previous event hosts can help you identify potential issues or areas where the venue excels, giving you confidence in your decision.

8. Final Checklist and Decision-Making When Choosing Your Perfect Event Venue in Brussels

As you approach the final decision, summarise the key points to consider. Based on your event's unique needs, evaluate the pros and cons of each venue.

Example:Create a comprehensive checklist that includes factors such as location, budget, guest capacity, and included services to facilitate your decision-making process.

Wrapping Up

Well then, friends, how did you enjoy our guide to choosing the perfect event venue in Brussels?

As a final piece of bonus advice, why not surprise your guests by booking one of the best food trucks for hire in Brussels?

Goodbye, and good luck!

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