8 Unique Reception Venues in Brussels

by HarryPrince,  26 March 2021
by Harry Prince, 26 March 2021
8 Unique Reception Venues in Brussels

Sometimes a group chat message inviting everyone to the local is what everyone needs. Sometimes, however, it just doesn’t cut it.

Sometimes you need a proper reception. A reception is a formal social occasion held to celebrate a particular event. If we’re honest, who’s to say you even need a special occasion to throw a celebration?

You worry about making up an occasion. Because we’ve already found the perfect place. Brussels. Brussels is fortunate to have a lot of stunning venues worthy of these hallowed events.

It’s our pleasure – and conveniently our business – to put together this article highlighting some of the most unique and spectacular reception venues in Brussels. Thanks to our streamlined booking system, it might be as easy as posting a message in the group chat.

1) Sleek Contemporary Space With an Industrial Look
Sleek Contemporary Space With an Industrial Look
Sleek Contemporary Space With an Industrial Look via Eventflare

Our first reception venue in Brussels is this sleek contemporary space.

Like any modern venue worth its salt, it’s defined by large glass windows, an uncluttered motif, and slender furniture.

Your amenities, should you need them, include an LED screen, speakers and wireless microphones.

It has a standing capacity of 175 people and a theatre capacity of 65.

2) Sophisticated Villa with Swimming Pool
Sophisticated Villa With Swimming Pool
Sophisticated Villa With Swimming Pool via Eventflare

Next up, we’re delighted to present you with a reception space in Brussels with a pool. Because what sophisticated villa is complete without one?

The pool is so cool; you could be forgiven for missing the beauty of the building itself. Art Deco is always a winner in our book, and this is Art Deco at its very best! On the inside, you’ll be treated to plenty of marble and stained glass.

But if you’d rather spend the day by the pool, we could never be mad at that!

3) New York Style Loft in Brussels 
New York Style Loft in Brussels via Eventflare

Although this reception space in Brussels is a long way from Manhattan, the spirit of the big apple is at play here in Ixelles.

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. And this New York style loft is sincere indeed.

What’s more, you’ll have access to a video projector, sound system, lighting and WiFi connection. So you won’t have to worry about anything.

4) Historic Venue for Gala Dinners 
Historic Venue for Gala Dinners via Eventflare

We’re continuing the historical theme with our next unique reception venue in Brussels. This historic venue for gala dinners

Dinners for up to 300 people and cocktail receptions for up to 600 people can take place here.

This venue is so special that we have one little tip for when you book it: hire a photographer so you can immortalise it forever. Check out the best event photographers in Brussels to get you started.

5) Industrial Venue for Business Events in the City Centre 
Industrial Venue for Business Events in the City Centre via Eventflare

We’re moving on to something more contemporary now. The warm modesty of this industrial venue is just so serene.

The devil is in the details: fairy lights, smooth wood flooring, a well-balanced blend of concrete and brickwork, and a series of windows that make a wall of natural light.

What’s more, it’s located in the city centre, so you and your guests can make the most of Brussels before and after without wasting time getting about.

Amenity-wise, you have access to an excellent WiFi connection, AV equipment, and different sorts of furniture and a bar. Other services, such as catering, are available upon request.

6) Classical Party Venue with a Modernist Glass Ceiling 
Classical Party Venue with a Modernist Glass Ceiling
Classical Party Venue with a Modernist Glass Ceiling via Eventflare

When two worlds collide, you can imagine some friction. The clashing of modern and classical yield some pretty spectacular results sometimes, though.

Take this classical party venue, for example. This reception venue in Brussels has a quite mesmerising modernist greenhouse.

The hall’s height and architecture are domineering. In contrast, the greenhouse is playful and charming. What happens when you marry them together is remarkable.

The perfect finishing touch to your experience is the unique lighting system. Under its glass, you can invite up to 419 people for your reception.

7) Contemporary Baroque Exclusive Event Space 
Contemporary Baroque Exclusive Event Space via Eventflare

Our next reception venue in Brussels is a contemporary baroque event space.

This venue is waiting for folk who want a slight suggestion of sophistication. Oh, and an excuse to put on your dancing shoes and experience a night full of lights and music.

You will have the bar, music equipment, WiFi, up to 80 parking spaces, and the option of a shuttle service to the said car park from a nearby international school.

8) Unique Baroque Chapel 
Unique Baroque Chapel via Eventflare

Our last reception venue in Brussels is this baroque chapel. Like a ruin from a fallen empire, its aura is awesome. You’ll be astonished, quite frankly, at how rustic a place can be.

Amenities include high-quality music equipment, a top lighting system, a projector, and WiFi. The venue also has versatile set-up options.

Under its saintly roof, you have 250m2 of space, which can accommodate up to 400 guests for a standing event and 180 in a theatre setting.

Wrapping up

Are you racking your brain trying to make up an excuse to host a reception at one of these unreal venues? Thought so. Does someone have a pet? That could be it. You could throw a gala ball because of… Peter’s cat’s birthday?

If you don’t have an appropriate excuse, you could always throw a good old fashioned after-work drinks event. Have a look at our after-work venues in Brussels to see what tickles your fancy.

Now for our final bit of advice. A great way to top off a perfect reception would be staying at one of the best hotels in the city. To whet your appetite, peruse our guide to the best hotels in Brussels.

Featured image: Classical Party Venue with Modernist Glass Ceiling via Eventflare

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