Hire Meeting Rooms in Brussels

Hire Meeting Rooms in Brussels
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    Guide to Hosting Meetings in Brussels

    Greetings, dear event planners! We hear that you’re heading to Brussels for a meeting. And that’s just perfect because hosting a meeting in Brussels means all things sophisticated and refined. 

    Our guide to hosting a meeting in Brussels is here to help you select the right meeting room, find your catering partner, and more. But, if there’s something extra you need, don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our local experts.

    1) What’s the Right Meeting Room in Brussels for You?

    You can find an array of meeting rooms in Brussels. Designed to cater to various needs and preferences, these meeting rooms literally set the stage for success. These meeting rooms have a versatile nature, they come in different styles that boast functionality and aesthetics. Check out the most sought out styles of meeting rooms that Brussels has to offer:

    1. Industrial Chic: Enhance your meetings in Brussels with cool industrial-style places that give your meeting a trendy feel. These venues are located in repurposed warehouses and stylish lofts, combining city vibes with modern convenience. 

    The spaces have visible brick walls, tall ceilings, and open designs that let you make a space that's both hip and adaptable. Whether you're spurring creativity or teamwork, or just want something different, these industrial meeting spaces in Brussels provide the ideal space for your ideas to come to life.

    2. Modern and Minimalist: If you’re interested in chic meeting rooms, then the city also offers meeting rooms that are modern and minimalistic. These rooms feature sleek designs and contemporary aesthetics.

    And, with a clean and uncluttered setting, you have the liberty to be creative. It also promotes a sense of focus and efficiency, leading to success. 

    • To get you started, we’ve put together a list of impressive boardrooms in Brussels for your upcoming meeting.

    3. Architectural Elegance: Being a city with a rich history and diverse cultural influences, you will find meeting rooms in a range of architectural styles. From Art Nouveau and Neoclassical architecture to Brussels Renaissance which has a bit of Gothic flair, each of these styles gives meeting rooms in Brussels its unique character.  

    4. Historic Elegance: Take your meeting attendees on a journey back in time with unique venues in Brussels that have a wonderful old-fashioned feel. These places are full of history and provide a captivating scene for your meeting. 

    From fancy castles to classic mansions, each space has its own tale to share while also having modern comforts for a smooth meeting. So, let your meeting attendees dive into the charm of the past as you bring them together in these exceptional event venues that create an environment of ageless inspiration and creativity.

    5. Sustainable Oasis:  In the city, you can find meeting rooms that care about the planet, just like you do. These spaces are created to help the environment and boost your creative ideas. They use lights that save energy, use recycled materials, and give you an eco-friendly setting for your meeting. 

    These places make a good atmosphere for learning and being kind to nature. 

    2) How Much Does a Meeting Room in Brussels Cost?

    Meeting spaces in Brussels are priced based on several factors, like the size of the room, where it is located, the amenities being provided, and the duration of your booking. But apart from that, the type of meeting space you choose- be it traditional, modern, or luxurious, and the specific neighbourhood you choose can impact the pricing.

    So, to give you a rough idea of what to expect when it comes to pricing, we’ve put down a few quotes for you:

    • Basic Meeting Rooms: The cost for small meeting venues in standard hotels or business centres starts at around €50 and goes up to €100 per hour.
    • Mid-Rrange Options: Medium-sized meeting rooms that offer better amenities, modern technology, and comfortable furnishing can range from €100 to €300 per hour.
    • Premium and Luxury Spaces: When it comes to larger, well-equipped meeting rooms in Brussels that are in upscale venues or luxury hotels, you can expect prices to range anywhere from €300 to €1000+ per hour. 
    • Specialised Spaces: As for unique and themed meeting spaces that come with creative or historic settings, the price range depends on their novelty and demand.

    Additional Costs to Consider

    • Catering: For a working lunch you can expect to pay anywhere from €15 to €30 per person. For formal dining, prices range from €40 to €100 per person.
    • Staff & Services: According to the services and the number of staff you require prices may vary. But on average prices range from  €15 to €500 per hour.
    • Audio-Visual Equipment Rental: Expect precise to range from  €50 to €800 per day.
    • Location: Meeting rooms located in the city centre can cost approximately €1500 per day. Whereas, meeting rooms in the suburban area can cost approximately €800 per day.
    • Season and Demand: Seasonality and demand fluctuations can significantly impact the prices of meeting rooms in Brussels. During Spring (High Season) prices for meeting rooms can go up to €3000 per day, and during Winter (Low Season) prices of meeting rooms can be around €1000 per day.

    3) The Best Areas for Hosting a Meeting in Brussels

    Brussels being a city that indulges in both its history and innovation has a lot to offer. Several areas in the city stand out when it comes to hosting a meeting in Brussels. To save you some time, we’ve put down the perfect areas for you to consider:

    1. The European District is a hub of international diplomacy and politics. So, if you’re in town to host a meeting related to policy, diplomacy, and international affairs, then this area is the place to be. With many corporate event spaces and numerous transport links, this area can add that extra weight to your event.

    2. Ixelles is a trendy area and it offers you a mix of modern and artistic spaces. It is the perfect area to give your attendees an air of authenticity. Being home to the city’s three famous universities, as well as many expats and immigrant communities, you’ll find diversity at its best.

    The fact that this area is diverse allows you to experience a more open-minded vibe while hosting your upcoming meeting.

    3. Avenue Louise is an area known for its upscale and stylish atmosphere. It is an excellent location for hosting meetings with a touch of luxury. It also has many boutique hotels and chic event venues that are suitable for meetings as well as other corporate gatherings.

    4. Sablon is a historic area that reflects charm and elegance. If you’re looking to host a small meeting in the city, then this area has got you covered with its intimate and artistic nature. You will also find many cosy cafes and restaurants that are perfect if you’d like to treat your attendees during a coffee break or a networking brunch.

    5. Saint Josse-ten-Noode is situated at the heart of the city. This conveniently positioned locale is within a stone's throw from prominent institutions and offers a fusion of contemporary and historical venues. 

    Being located centrally gives your meeting attendees the convenience of travelling with ease, thanks to its excellent connectivity via public transportation. 

    And, for more unique areas in Brussels to host your upcoming meeting, check out our guide on where you should host your events in Brussels.

    4) The Best Catering for Your Meeting Space in Brussels

    When it comes to your meeting in Brussels, working with professional event caterers can help enhance your meeting attendee’s overall experience. It allows you to showcase the city’s food scene.

    All you have to do is connect with one of the city’s top event caterers and discuss your preferences, dietary needs, and budget, and they will create a menu that you and your attendees will love. Here are a few event caterers in Brussels for you to consider:

    1. Le Tournant Catering: If you’re looking to serve up a creative culinary experience for your meeting attendees then Le Tournant Catering is the way to go. They are well-known for their commitment to culinary excellence. They take pride in using only high-quality ingredients and attention to detail. They also offer trained staff to ensure a seamless catering experience at your meeting space for hire.
    2. Bouchéry: Situated in Uccle, a little ways from the heart of Brussels, this event catering service combines both modern and classic Belgian tastes, ensuring your five senses stay fully engaged
    3. Maison Dandoy: This event catering company is famous for its Belgian waffles and pastries. So, if you’re looking for some yummy treats to pamper your attendees, Madison Dandoy has got you covered. They’ll add a unique touch of local flavours to your event.
    4. Rogue Tomate: Looking to be health conscious at your upcoming meeting? Well, then you should try Rogue Tomate. They offer healthy and innovative catering solutions that prioritise fresh and creative cuisine.
    5. Brussels Events & Catering: With a well-known reputation across the country for fantastic food, creativity, and top-notch service, Brussels Events & Catering can bring your ideas to life just the way you want. They're here to make things amazing for you, offering catering, event planning, and event management to create unforgettable culinary experiences at your meeting space in Brussels.

    5) After-Work Ideas for Meetings in Brussels

    After a successful and productive meeting, it's time to elevate everyone’s mood and celebrate. How about venturing into the city for a relaxed experience? The city’s got many great ways to unwind, catch up, and savour the laid-back atmosphere once your meeting concludes.

    Brussels offers you a variety of after-work activities that you and your meeting attendees can enjoy. Here are a few options for you to check out when it comes to after-work affairs:

    • Explore the Grand Palace: Organise an enjoyable and relaxed walk through the breathtaking Grand Place which is particularly enchanting in the evening as the illuminated buildings cast a beautiful glow.
    • Evening Boat Cruise: You could also arrange to take your meeting attendees to experience a calming boat cruise along Brussels' canals, where they can soak in the city's delightful sights from the water.
    • Live Music and Entertainment: Take your meeting attendees and explore nearby spots for live music gigs or jazz clubs to immerse yourselves in Brussels' lively nighttime scene.
    • Brussels Night Tour: You can also organise to join a guided tour that highlights the city's lit-up landmarks and bustling nightlife. We’ve put together the best cocktail bars in Brussels to cheer the good times.
    • Cinema Or Theatre: Wrapping up your day with entertainment by watching a movie or experiencing a live theatre show is also a great way to end your day in a chilled-out way.

    6) How to Power Up Your Meeting Breaks in Brussels

    Energising your meeting breaks in Brussels has the potential to significantly enhance productivity, engagement, and overall enjoyment for your meeting attendees. These creative ideas are poised to elevate your meeting breaks, infusing them with energy and providing a rejuvenating encounter for everyone involved.

    • Explore Local Delicacies: Turn those meeting breaks into tasty adventures taking your attendees to try Belgian specialities like waffles, chocolates, and frites. These sweet and savoury treats can provide a delightful energy boost that is well-deserved. 
    • Guided City Walks: Organise a short guided walking tour for your attendees to explore the city's landmarks or even venture into a particular neighbourhood. This activity can surely help refresh your attendee’s minds and promote team bonding. 
    • Outdoor Yoga or Stretching: Take care of your attendees’ well-being by offering them the opportunity to indulge in a brief yoga session or stretching routine to recharge themselves. You can take advantage of the city’s parks and outdoor spaces that are simply divine.
    • Team-Building Activities: Engage your meeting attendees in team-building exercises during breaks. Activities like icebreakers, quick problem-solving challenges, and trivia related to Brussels are a few you can try out.
    • Quick Workshops: A short workshop can also do the trick. By inviting local artisans to lead short chocolate-making workshops or even beer-tasting workshops in Brussels you can make those breaks pretty fun.

    These excellent ideas are the perfect way to recharge and build bonds among your meeting attendees.

    Wrapping Up

    As we conclude our comprehensive guide to hosting a successful meeting in Brussels, we're thrilled at the prospect of witnessing your mastery in action during your upcoming gathering.

    Before we leave, we’d like to share one last thing with you. We’d like for you and your meeting attendees to have a relaxed stay in the city, so we’ve put together the best hotels in Brussels for you to check out.

    Also, discover our entire collection of meeting rooms in Brussels and find your perfect meeting space for hire.

    Guide to Hosting Meetings in Brussels

    FAQ about Brussels Meeting Rooms

    How can my attendees get to my meeting room in Brussels?

    When travelling to your meeting room for hire in Brussels, you’ll find the city’s public transportation system reliable and affordable. The city's efficient metro system has four lines covering the city and surroundings, ensuring speed and convenience. 

    The tram network provides additional reach beyond the metro's scope, while buses and trains offer great alternatives. An added benefit is the ability to use the MOBIB smart card for easy payment across these transportation modes. Bike sharing and taxis are also a popular option for travelling around the city.

    What security considerations are there when hosting a meeting in Brussels?

    Brussels is usually safe for meetings, but like in any city, it's good to be careful. In crowded places, keep your things safe to avoid pickpocketing. When you cross the street, watch out for cyclists, they're common here. If something urgent happens, you can call 112 for police, fire, or medical help. People who speak English can help you.

    What’s the best time to plan a meeting in Brussels?

    Brussels offers its unique charm throughout every season. So, deciding when to host your meeting can be a bit challenging. However, it really comes down to the nature of your meeting and the experience you wish to provide to your attendees. 

    If your meeting takes place outdoors, the ideal times are Spring (March to May) and Summer (June to August) when the weather is pleasant for outdoor activities. But if your meeting is indoors, any time of the year is suitable.

    Should language be a consideration at my meeting venue in Brussels?

    In Brussels, many people understand and speak English. So, at your meeting, you can use English for talking and giving information. This makes it easy for everyone to communicate and be part of your meeting without any language constraints.  

    However, it's nice to learn a few basic phrases in Dutch and French to show that you care about the local customs and people.

    What are some helpful apps to download while in Brussels?

    Here’s a list of some helpful apps to download while visiting Brussels for your conference:

    • STIB/MIVB: This app provides real-time information about Brussels' public transportation system, including metro, tram, and bus schedules.
    • Uber or Bolt: Ride-sharing apps that offer convenient transportation options within the city.
    • Brussels Airports: If you're flying into or out of Brussels, this app provides flight information, terminal maps, and airport services.
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