7 Inspiring Training Rooms in Brussels

by HarryPrince,  01 March 2021
by Harry Prince, 01 March 2021
7 Inspiring Training Rooms in Brussels

So you’ve taken an interest in training rooms in Brussels. How convenient for both of us, because we happen to know quite a bit about them!

A training session is a gathering of people to learn and discuss a specific subject or carry out activities focused on that subject.

The subject can, of course, be something practical and specific to your work. Or, it can just be for fun. You could spend an afternoon with your team learning origami. The possibilities are quite literally endless.

What you’ve found here is a modest showcase of our most inspiring workshop venues in Brussels. Pure and simple. Book one, or get one of our experts to find one that is more to your style. Let’s crack on!

1) Modern Restaurant Near Canal 
Modern Restaurant Near Canal
Modern Restaurant Near Canal via Eventflare

The first of our training rooms in Brussels is this modern venue by the canal.

One of its greatest calling cards is its views of the canal and the city itself. But let’s not forget the elegant use of geometric shapes. This is clear for all to see, not only for its architecture, but in its interior design, too.

Another thing that is inspiring about this venue is how ecological it is. It is designed to reduce the carbon footprint of its users by using solar energy.

The building itself is built with a rainwater recovery tank, eco-friendly windows, highly insulated materials, a fresh air ventilation system, solar panels.

It accounts for up to 190m2 of Brussels real estate, and can accommodate up to 79 people for a seated function. So we’re certain that venue is more than big enough for your training session.

2) Cozy Theatre Space for Training Sessions in Brussels

Cozy Theatre Space for Training Sessions in BrusselsCozy Theatre Space for Training Sessions in Brussels via Eventflare

Banks of tiered wooden seating platforms with cute pillows? Yep, we can confirm that this is one cozy training room in Brussels.

The enormous pillars must have been sent back from the future because we haven’t seen anything like this before. This space pops with a deep red velvet curtain that dominates the background in sharp contrast with the white furniture.

Amenities include a high quality audio set-up, a projector, and WiFi. In a theatre-capacity it can accommodate up to 80 people.

3) Special Training Room with Terrace Foyer
Special Training Room with Terrace Foyer via Eventflare

This training room in Brussels could be described as being Neo-19th-century. Safe to say spaces for rent in Brussels like this are rare. That’s for sure.

This diet steampunk effect is due to the candle-like bulbs, the smooth steel arches, wood roof fixtures, and the striped feature wall.

This is not just a special venue for its charming looks, however. It’s also got an exemplary terrace foyer.

Amenity-wise you’ll have all the classics like WiFi and strong AV equipment. All in all, it stretches out over 600m2 and can accommodate anywhere between 25 and 740 people.

4) Creative Atelier Space for Training Sessions

Creative Atelier Space for training sessions in brusselsCreative Atelier Space for Training Sessions via Eventflare

If you’re looking for training rooms in Brussels that are cool and homely, how about this creative atelier space?

From the Turkish carpets to the complimentary brick floors, it’s an inspiring place for a team workshop. The plant life and bookshelves just add to that homely touch.

Feed your competitive monster by hosting foosball tournaments – just try not to let your session get in the way of it!

It has 250m2 of floor space, so there’s lots of room to stretch your legs. Plus, there’s a kitchen, wheelchair access, and WiFi.

5) Ingeniously Designed Event Space

Ingeniously Designed Event Space Ingeniously Designed Event Space via Eventflare

Where are the training rooms in Brussels for the edgy, urban corporate attendees? Well, how about this ingeniously designed event space?

It’s an urban art and graffiti museum that proudly celebrates Brussels’ finest street artists.

Brussels is well known for its street art. We strongly advise you to check it out while you’re here. We even wrote a guide on where to find amazing street art in Brussels to set you on your way.

It’s quite some size at 5,000m2. Under its industrial roof you can host all kinds of events. It’s yours to do with as you please!

6) Colourful Breakout Room in Brussels
Colourful Breakout Room in Brussels via Eventflare

This colourful breakout room is a good representation of what life should be. Organised, bright, and with just a small dash of eccentricity.

The light fixtures are playful depictions of what we think electricity looks like. Then there’s the colourful ribbon art installations and the translucent coloured chairs.

Over 244m2, it has a capacity of 30 for a seated event and 100 for a standing event. Amenities include things like a flip chart, music equipment, a projector and WiFi. Plus, it’s wheelchair accessible.

7) Magical Event Room
training room in brussels
Magical Event Room via Eventflare

The last of our training rooms in Brussels is this magical event room.

It’s a deep space with symmetrical columns and a precious wooden floor. You’ll also love the chandeliers, thick red curtains, and classical wooden furniture.

The venue also has a kitchen on hand and amenities such as sound equipment and WiFi.

Its final gift – in our final training space – is the hidden courtyard. Now, doesn’t that sound alluring?

Wrapping up

If you’re a collector, check out more workshop rooms in Brussels now.

Now, how about a change of pace? After you’ve smashed your own workshop, why does the productiveness have to stop? There’s no reason why you and your colleagues shouldn’t brush up on your knowledge of Belgian beer.

We’ll save you all some time and fill you in on the best beer tasting workshops in Brussels. All you have to do is choose which one.

Featured image: Ingeniously Designed Event Space via Eventflare

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