Where Should You Host Your Events in Brussels?

by HarryPrince,  25 February 2021
by Harry Prince, 25 February 2021
Where Should You Host Your Events in Brussels?

Any city that is famous for chocolate and beer has to be pretty cool. And the great thing is, that’s just scratching the surface with this place!

Did you know that Brussels ranked first in Europe in the MICE industry? It’s only second in the world, unfortunately. But who knows, maybe the top crown is next?

It’s a city that knows how to both indulge in its history and innovate. Brussels is a city utterly comfortable with itself, and where it’s going. And you can be a part of it easily!

This article is just an intro to event venues in Brussels, but there are loads more. It’s to lure you in, basically. We’d say sorry. But we’re not.

City Centre

Hosting international events in the centre is generally a good idea, regardless of the city you happen to be in. Brussels is no different.

If you opt for the centre here, La Grand-Place can be your backdrop. It’s the literal and figurative centre of this lovely place. And it’s old too, dating back to the 11th century!

Of course, accessibility is a big pro for this area of Brussels. You can get around quickly with the metro and even on foot. It’s even accessible by car. But a fair warning: there are limited parking options and locals grumble about the traffic daily!

Where to Host an Event in Brussels’ City Centre

Private Bar via Eventflare

This stylish and private bar is the perfect place to celebrate your corporate holiday in Brussels’ city centre.

Its swanky and colourful decor is a relaxing space to have dinner or a party after a hard day working on your projects.

And with a max capacity of 100 guests, it could be a night to remember.


Dansaert is relentless. It’s full of designers, entrepreneurs, innovators, and historically, Dutch speakers.

It’s relatively new compared to the neighbouring city centre. What was once a working-class and industrial area is now a somewhat gentrified and happening place to be.

It’s full of traditional bars, seafood restaurants and all manner of live music venues. It’s also home to the former market place and now exhibition centre, Halles Saint-Géry, so you already know it’s an area with corporate event experience!

Where to Host an Event in Dansaert

Fitness Box via Eventflare

This fitness box venue isn’t just for breaking a sweat. Although it’s primarily known as a CrossFit venue, it’s an ideal event venue for a team-building exercise, workshops, or even a photoshoot.

This is an event venue in Brussels that will make you stand out for sure. So throw your guests a curveball and hire this fitness box!

It’s located in Brussels’ centre and has more than 500m2 of space for whatever event you dare to dream up.


Have you heard that terrible joke about the seafood diet? You see food, you eat it? Yep, terrible. Anyway, Sainte-Catherine is famous for its fish market and seafood cuisine.

This is where you’ll find Brussels’ old port. It’s an area that has embraced modernity while still retaining its historic charm, which is the best of both worlds.

It’s also very close to the city centre; just a stone throw away from Grand Place. Sainte Catherine is best explored on foot and is full of medieval treasures that will lend its gravitas to any event thrown in this neighbourhood.

Where to Host an Event in Sainte-Catherine

Warm and Welcoming Event SpaceWarm and Welcoming Event Space via Eventflare

This warm and welcoming event space is in a historic building with a delicate vintage feel.

The wooden chairs, tables, and floors are beautiful. The bricks add authenticity, while the large floor to ceiling mirrors give you just the subtlest of reminders that you’re in the 21st century.

It’s very close to the city centre and could be a classic location for an afterwork, brainstorming session, meeting, or workshop.

The Marolles

If you like the sound of hip techno clubs, trendy pubs, indie fashion, records and antiques, you might like The Marolles.

Just next to the city centre, it’s situated between the Palace of Justice and the Brussels-South railway station. It’s a small place, so it’s easier for you and your guests to get to know intimately.

Its most iconic landmark is the Place Jeu de Balle, the city’s most popular flea market. It’s open every day from 7am to 2pm. It could be a good afternoon break for you and your team, right?

It’s an area that isn’t short of places to try the prestigious Belgian beer. The Chaff, La Brocante, and Le Marseillais are among the most popular beer-head haunts. If you’re peckish, Rue Haute is a sterling place to explore and find something to eat.

Where to Host an Event in The Marolles

Science Inspired Event Space
Science Inspired Event Space via Eventflare

This science-inspired event space is undoubtedly unique. Its whacky and unapologetic decor is like the inside of a child’s imagination.

You could throw a company disco here, or maybe a photoshoot. Or use the Astro-inspiration for a creative workshop?

If you opt for a disco, have you got a playlist ready? If not you might fancy checking out our Spotify playlist making masterclass?


As an affectionately known area as ‘The village within the city’, you’d expect it to be ill-suited for corporate events. We say otherwise.

In recent years, it has emerged as a cultural hotspot. This will surely serve as ample seasoning for any creative themed event you have in mind.

Expect to see glorious examples of Brussels’ Art Nouveau architecture. You can also spot some of the best indie galleries Brussels has to offer, including the peerless Horta Museum.

The food scene is making noises, too. Take the square that sits before the Commune de Saint-Gilles. You’ll find locals and expats alike gathering to do their organic grocery shopping, indulge in their wine, and explore local delicacies.

And besides, maybe a bespoke village feel is just the thing to make your corporate event in Brussels sing.

Where to Host an Event in Saint Gilles

Huge Workshop Room in Brussels
Huge Workshop Room via Eventflare

This huge workshop room can host any event you could possibly imagine. In fact, we challenge you to think of a corporate event it can’t pull off.

It has an outdoor court to give your event that extra depth you never knew you needed.

The lighting motif is subdued, enhancing the venue’s modern and cool vibe. The wooden and brick fixings give further reassurance that there’s been a lot of effort going into making this place as lovely as it is.

The capacity is 250 people, so go big or go home!


Ixelles is a great area to give your attendees an air of authenticity. It’s real-life Brussels, but it’s not everyday boring.

It’s old, too, stretching back to when it was a medieval kingdom. You can still visit iconic buildings such as the Abbey of La Cambre, founded in 1196. Put it on your itinerary if you fancy showing your guests a touch of Belgian history.

It’s a complex part of the city that is both an affluent local area and home to vocal expat and immigrant communities from Europe and Africa. For example, Matongé is an Ixelles neighbourhood that is rich with the Congolese community.

Ixelles is also home to Brussels’ three universities, further adding to the tapestry of the neighbourhood. It is undoubtedly an area of Brussels that will give your event a unique flavour of Belgian life.

Where to Host an Event in Ixelles

Elegant Event Venue via Eventflare

This elegant event venue could be the dinner you never forget. Event spaces don’t come much classier than ceiling paintings and chandeliers.

You’ll love the chic and neat design. Underpinned by its elegant classical feel, the modern touches bring it to the next level.

What’s more, the food is smashing too! It’s a rising star in Brussels culinary scene, specialising in veggie food. Not convinced? Well, it won a Michelin Green Star at the beginning of 2021. So there.

The European District

Some people will tell you that politics is boring. At times, it can lack the X-Factor. That being said, the European District and its impressive European Union buildings are pretty cool!

Power and success are elusive, mysterious, and, sometimes, a confidence trick. You know, fake it until you make it. Putting yourself in the seat of European political power might rub off on you and your attendees. Could it add some extra weight to your event?

Because of this concentration of power, you’ll find lots of corporate event spaces and lots of transport links too. So it’s a double whammy: you’ve got the ideological and logistical pull.

Where to Host an Event in The European District

Elegant Meeting Space
Elegant Meeting Space via Eventflare

Want to show guests that you mean business and that your event is hot stuff? Book this elegant meeting space.

There’s a marble staircase, deep fireplaces, rich leather seats, and smart wooden furnishings.

And if you’re tired of taking things too seriously, they have a wonderful garden for you and guests to unwind in or, perhaps, throw a private party.

Wrapping Up

It’s clear why Brussels is such a popular location for corporate events. The city can offer you everything without being overwhelming.

It’s not too big, not too small. It’s not too fancy nor too plain. It’s our home, and we love it. Now it’s up to you to make the tough choice of which neighbourhood to choose!

Are you looking for more fun stuff to do in Brussels? Impress your guests by taking them to one of the best cocktail bars in Brussels.

Featured image: Brussels via Eventflare

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