Our 5 Favourite Event Videographers in Helsinki

02 November 2022
02 November 2022
Our 5 Favourite Event Videographers in Helsinki

If you need to find an event videographer in Helsinki, gather round and listen up. This is the article for you.

Whether it’s fresh event video content, live streaming, editorial, or promotional stuff you’re looking for, we’ve got you covered. Because this is a handy list of the best pro’s the city has to offer.

All that’s left for you to do is read on and choose your favourite. Enjoy now!

1. Alejandro Lorenzo
Alejandro Lorenzo Event Videographer in Helsinki via Linkedin

The first videographer in Helsinki we’d like to share with you is Alejandro Lorenzo.

His love for creativity and the visual medium for storytelling is best encapsulated in his confession, “Truth be told, I became a photographer because I can’t draw.”

When it comes to your event video content he has a wealth of experience. From event videos to marketing, promotional videos, food content, and arthouse work.

He’s worked with some impressive partners too, including Linnanmäki, Inex Partners, Jussi-gala and the City of Helsinki.

And plus, if you’re looking for an interesting team-building activity to do in Helsinki, he also offers private lessons!

2. Made in HEL
Made in HEL Event Video Content in Helsinki via Facebook

Made in HEL – apart from having a great name – is a dynamic team of videographers in Helsinki focusing on high customer engagement.

They have particular expertise when it comes to live event streaming. More than that, they can optimise your live feed to cultivate real-time interaction like polls and questionnaires. Plus, they can optimise footage from your live stream to create fresh content going forward.

3. Agni Frames
Agni Frames Videographer in Helsinki via Facebook

The next event videographer in Helsinki for your consideration is Agni Frames.

Agni Frames focuses on what he calls ‘cinematic’ videography, with an emphasis on narrative storytelling in B2B and B2C marketing. He also has a particular skill for stunning drone work and corporate identity ideation.

His experience ranges from music and dance videos to fashion, promotional material, and influencer social media content.

4. Albert Wolf
 Lbert Olf Vent Ideographer In Elsinki Via Lbertwolf
Albert Wolf Event Videographer in Helsinki via Albertwolf

If you’re interested in creative advertising and fashion, you’ll have a lot in common with our next videographer in Helsinki, Albert Wolf.

From event video content to seasonal advertising campaigns, editorial shoots, and social media campaigns, he does it all.

Plus, he’s worked all over the world, with some of the biggest names going, such as Cosmopolitan, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, Grazia, Velvet Magazine, and Marie Claire.

5. VKornacheva
 Ornacheva Ideographer In Elsinki Via Kornacheva
VKornacheva Videographer in Helsinki via Vkornacheva

Our final event videographer in Helsinki for you today is VKornacheva. This is a team that specialises in event video content for in-person events, especially conferences, product launches, trade shows, exhibitions, and the like.

This crack team of professionals is led by Valeria. They can offer services with one professional on-site, or a wider team, depending on how big your event is.

Wrapping up

So there you are then, our favourite event videographers in Helsinki. Let us know which one was your favourite!

Now all you need to do is give them a location to capture in all its glory. You can see our selection of fantastic venues in Helsinki here. We’ve got the most unique and magical spaces in town waiting for your approval.

And before you go, while were’ on the topic of event video content, read our Event Videos 101 guide.

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