Event Videos 101: A Quick Guide

13 May 2022
13 May 2022
Event Videos 101: A Quick Guide

Videos are now widely chosen as a medium for introducing an event to the public. It has proven to be effective, inducing creativity and interest from both attendees and event planners alike.

But why is video marketing important for event promotion? Well, for starters, it helps brand your event to attract more viewers, and secondly – if done right – it will lead to your audience sharing the videos with their friends and family.

Such is the effectiveness of event videos that it now seems video and event promotion seem inseparable. An event doesn’t feel complete – especially big events – if it doesn’t have a promotional video to show to the public.

We’re here to help you get in on the actions. For example, you can also use a video marketing checklist to help you plan your event videos. But for a thorough and complete tutorial, you should follow several steps in using video to achieve a successful event, which we’ll discuss below.

How to Use a Video Before The Event

Using pre-event videos is also crucial in driving registration and virality. This will help your event attract more audiences to register for your event.With the right video editing software you can get it done in no time!

1. Build Hype with Explainer Videos

When you host an event, you need to plan a strategy to promote your event to your target audience. One of the most effective marketing strategies is to use explainer videos.

An explainer event video is defined by its short duration and ability to explain a program or event in an easy-to-understand way. They’re exciting and fun, with the ultimate goal of capturing your audience’s attention In addition to explainer videos, you can also make a video tutorial to provide step-by-step guidance on using a product or service effectively.

Regardless of which route you decide to take for an explainer video, here are the critical benefits for your perusal:

  • Easy explanation of complex ideas
  • It is easy to share and can be posted anywhere
  • Catch the audience’s attention effectively
  • Higher chance of going viral

So to recap, once your target audience understands and knows what your events are about, they will be more excited to participate and invite their relatives to join them. Therefore, don't hesitate to collaborate with video marketing agencies to create your explainer video.

2. Send Out Pre-event Sales Outreach Videos

You can grab your customers’ attention is to targeting your audience directly through individual videos. This will make a good impression on your potential audience and increase confidence in your event.

Your sales team can do this with just a webcam and a few minutes of outreach videos. That way, you can easily invite your potential audience to join. It’s a low-cost but high-impact way to make a personal connection that drives presence.

How to Use Videos During The Event

Eventbrite research shows that 94% of event creators who use video say video marketing effectively drives engagement. This will help your event build more trust, credibility, and loyalty for your audiences.

One of the best things is that you can do this stress-free by collaborating with an event production company that can take care of all of your video needs for you. That’s just the tip of the iceberg, they can help you with any and every part of the event planning process if that’s what you’re looking for.

If you’re not convinced check out this article on why you should hire an event production company for your next event!

3. Expand Your Reach with Live Event Streams

Live streaming your event is a great way to engage people who didn’t have the opportunity to attend, whether you’re broadcasting every moment or just a keynote lecture. Not only that, your event will be seen worldwide, thereby increasing your potential audience and the exposure of your brand.

Additionally, you can start creating live-streaming videos according to the concept of your event, starting by shooting top-angle videos with a drone or in front with a stationary camera. Edit these videos using high-quality video editing software to make them more effective.

Just look at TEDxCambridge to see a glorious example of live event streaming. They expanded their reach with a live audience of 2.500+ people through their live speaking event.

4. Utilize Customer Testimonial Videos

Customer testimonials are a very effective way to gain the trust of your audience, which will have a significant impact in the long run. In this type of video, your Participants are a rich source of video potential. You can conduct testimonial interviews with your audience for the events you have held.

Set up a quiet and professional recording environment and invite people to talk about their experiences attending your event. You can then use customer testimonial videos to market your next event.

5. User-Generated Content

User-generated content is any form of content ranging from videos, photos, reviews, and so on that is created by someone such as a consumer, customer, or even a follower. Brands will re-upload content that these people have created on their social media. Thus, it proves to increase the trust of followers or the target audience.

According to Right Mix Marketing, nowadays, many businesses rely on content from users as their marketing strategy. Audiences tend to believe user-generated content more than promotional content from the brand because people find it very natural and original.

To learn more about the benefits of user-generated content just check out this article we wrote earlier!

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How to Use Video After The Event

Using videos after the event is necessary to drive action of new audiences and remind your old audiences of the experience they had in the event so that they will be more likely to attend your next event. Thus, sharing your video content on a video advertising platform is a good strategy to effectively promote your content.

6. Follow Up with Post Event Recap Video

An event recap video is one of the best ways to drive future sales, especially for those who didn’t attend the event. The event recap video allows your audience to relive the participants’ feelings who have experienced it firsthand.

This video, which you can easily create using a video joiner, can attract the attention of your audience who were initially not interested or didn’t know at all about your event to be interested in coming to your next event. That’s why following up with a post-event recap video is essential for your event in the long run.

What Kind Of Video Can You Create For an Event?

When you have decided to make a video for your marketing strategy, choosing which types of videos are suitable for your event is crucial. There are various types of videos that you can create to promote your event, and each of them has its own way to convey messages.

1. Explainer Video

Explainer videos have become the most popular content among marketers as they can increase the conversion rate for their sites by 144%. As we mentioned before, they help convey important information about your event in a way that is entertaining, interesting, and easy for your audience to understand.

It can also be a strategy to attract large audiences, especially those not interested in reading. So, explainer videos can be the perfect choice to increase the promotion of your event. By utilizing video dubbing services, the explainer video can feature audio in multiple languages, thus enhancing its reach to a wider, global audience and effectively promoting the event beyond cultural boundaries.

2. Behind-The-Scenes Video

The next type of video is a behind-the-scenes video. Many people like this type of video because they can get to know the behind-the-scenes process and the struggles of hosting an event. A great online video editorprogram will assist you in creating your Behind-The-Scenes videos quickly and easily.

It eliminates their curiosity and can also give them experience and knowledge about the process of holding an event, especially a large event with a vast audience. So, this video also has a high possibility of being shared with their friends and family.

3. Webinars

Webinars are seminars conducted online. Participants who attend webinars are generally people who are not in the same place but are connected through applications with the help of the internet.

The flow of webinar activities is very efficient and straightforward. After participants register, the committee will contact participants to provide access or materials to be used during the webinar. The set up these dont have to be
complicated and ca be easily rub by a small team when starting your webinar series. That’s why it attracts wider audiences with a simple and accessible system.

4. Trailer

Last but not least, a trailer is very likeable because it allows your audiences to see a short clip of the event, which brings excitement to attend.

So, make sure you use good-quality images and clips to show a compelling preview of your event. Pay attention to the music element to make the video look more lively and entertaining. To make your videos more inclusive (especially for international attendees), consider hiring a professional translation service for your trailer.


Now you understand the importance of videos for your event. Videos have become the most popular content on every platform. So, it is the best choice for you to reach more audiences and realise the success of your event.

It’s a perfect way to capture all that excitement, emotion, and fun, meaning it should be a crucial part of your marketing plan for an event. It is time for your event to use video as your marketing strategy.

But before you go, have you booked the perfect venue yet? Because we can help you with that too. Check out our selection of exciting corporate event spaces now and give your guests an experience they’ll remember!

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