How to Choose the Perfect Meeting Room in Lisbon

by Akshayaa RaniM,  30 November 2023
by Akshayaa Rani M, 30 November 2023
How to Choose the Perfect Meeting Room in Lisbon

Congratulations! Your meeting in Lisbon was upgraded with this guide to choosing a meeting room in the sunny Portuguese capital. Read on to learn all you need to know about choosing the perfect meeting room as well as other helpful tips to make your planning process a breeze.

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Types of Meeting Spaces in Lisbon

Whether you're after a cosy spot for a team brainstorming session, a chic meeting room for a corporate conference, or a creative space for workshops, this vibrant city has it all. Join us as we explore the various meeting rooms in Lisbon.

1. Traditional conference rooms: You can’t go wrong with going the tried-and-tested way. Traditional meeting rooms are equipped with audio-visual facilities, comfortable seating, and professional ambience. They often come with amenities like projectors, screens, and high-speed internet, ensuring your meetings run smoothly.

2. Co-working spaces:If collaboration is on your meeting agenda, Lisbon boasts a thriving co-working culture and many facilities offer meeting rooms for rent within their shared office spaces.

These rooms are perfect for collaborative discussions, team meetings, and networking events. They often come with modern amenities and a creative brainstorming and idea-generating environment.

3. Creative and unique venues: Think out-of-the-box with your meeting room in Lisbon and pick from one of the city’s many creative and unique venues like art galleries, rooftop spaces, and stylish cafes.

These unconventional settings add a touch of creativity and inspiration to your meetings, making them suitable for brainstorming sessions, workshops, and team-building activities.

4. Historic venues: Collaborate on new ideas in a historic event venue in Lisbon. Imagine conducting business discussions in the ornate halls of a palace, surrounded by centuries-old charm, or hosting a networking event amidst masterpieces in an art gallery.

Lisbon's historic venues offer a sense of grandiosity and infuse your events with a deep sense of heritage.

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The Best Meeting Locations in Lisbon

Here’s a little secret: you can host your meeting in Lisbon in almost any neighbourhood, and it will surely be a hit. It can be hard to pick just a few neighbourhoods in the city to host your upcoming meeting but to make things easier, we’ve narrowed down our top three.

1. Baixa: A popular choice for many event planners due to its close proximity to the city centre and easy accessibility via. almost all modes of public transport, Baixa is a neighbourhood in Lisbon that should be on your radar.

The area also has a variety of meeting rooms, hotels, restaurants, and shops that are perfect if you’re planning an after-work event or even if your attendees just want to wander in their free time.

2. Chiado: If chic meeting rooms are your choice, you’ll also need a neighbourhood that matches that vibe. This is where the trendy and upscale neighbourhood, Chiado, comes in.

Over here, you’ll find many luxurious meeting rooms in Lisbon with high-end amenities and services. There are also several classy bars and restaurants in the area if you’re planning to celebrate a productive meeting with your attendees.

3. Pricipe Real:Speaking of upscale areas, Pricipe Real is another neighbourhood with gorgeous meeting spaces that offer a unique blend of luxury and culture.

Think of beautiful gardens, high-end boutiques, and historic buildings that will give your meeting attendees the true cultural taste of Lisbon. Whatever the theme of your meeting room, the calm and trendy vibe of this neighbourhood is sure to elevate your event.

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Tips on What to Consider When Choosing a Meeting Room in Lisbon

Alright,let's break down the essentials you need to consider when choosing a meeting room in Lisbon:

1. Location:First things first, think about where you want your meeting to happen. Is it near the city centre, by the sea, or in a historic district? Consider the convenience for your attendees and the vibe you want to create as well as the accessibility of the neighbourhood.


2. Size: Be realistic about the number of people you're inviting. You don’t want a huge venue that your small group feels lost or so cramped that everyone's elbowing for space. Choose a venue in Lisbon that comfortably accommodates your guest list

3. Budget: Money matters! Set a budget and stick to it. You’ll find event venues in Lisbon for all budgets, so finding one that fits your financial plan is very doable. Remember, spending wisely means you can allocate funds to other important aspects of your event.

4. Consider amenities: Check what the meeting room offers in terms of facilities. Projectors, WiFi, sound systems – make sure they have all the tech you need. Also, consider basics like seating arrangements, catering options, and parking availability.

5. Plan for the unexpected:Always have a Plan B. Unforeseen circumstances can arise, so it's crucial to be prepared. Whether it's technical issues, unexpected guest numbers, or other surprises, having a backup plan in place ensures you can adapt swiftly and keep your event running smoothly.

Catering Ideas for Meeting Rooms in Lisbon

Last but not least, no perfect meeting room in Lisbon is complete without food. But if this ultimate guide to food in Lisbon is anything to go by, you know that the catering in this city is in good hands.

Check if your meeting room offers an in-house catering service. Most meeting rooms often have a team of experienced chefs who can create customised menus tailored to your meeting. From coffee breaks and light refreshments to full meals, all you have to do is opt for this service!

Another popular option is to work with a local catering company. You’ll be spoilt for choice with event caterers in Lisbon who offer everything from traditional Portuguese dishes to international cuisine.

Many catering companies also offer options for dietary restrictions such as vegetarian, vegan, or gluten-free meals, making it easy to accommodate the needs of all your meeting attendees.

Wrapping Up

And with that, we’ve reached the end of this guide on how to choose a perfect meeting room in Lisbon. We hope this information will help you confidently host a stellar meeting in the city.

But this isn’t goodbye yet! If you need more help during your planning process, just use our Ask Expert function and our local team will contact you!

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