How to Host an Amazing Sustainable Event in Lisbon

by Akshayaa RaniM,  11 August 2023
by Akshayaa Rani M, 11 August 2023
How to Host an Amazing Sustainable Event in Lisbon

Lisbon, where golden beaches meet pastel-coloured streets and Fado music fills the air. But guess what?

This sun-kissed paradise is also a champion of sustainability. If you're planning to throw a bash in this coastal wonderland, why not make it as green as the hills of Sintra?

We've got your back with a treasure chest of tips to help you host a sustainable event in Lisbon that's as dazzling as the city’s sunsets!

1. Choosing the Right Venue for Your Sustainable Event in Lisbon
Eco-Friendly Event Ideas in Lisbon via Eventflare.webp
Eco-Friendly Event Ideas in Lisbon via Eventflare

Now then. The first and perhaps most important part of making your venue part of an eco-friendly Lisbon is the location.

You can go through the hard work of finding the best eco-friendly venues for yourself. Or, you can take the help of a friend who’s done it already.

A friend like us, perhaps? Well, we’d love to help. So, without further ado, enjoy our favourite sustainable venues in Lisbon. All you need to do is pick the best one for you and book!

  • Statistical Snapshot: Choosing an eco-friendly venue can lower your event's carbon emissions by up to 40%. That's like making the Earth do a happy dance.
2. Integrate Sustainable Catering into Eco-Friendly Event Planning
Sustainable Event Ideas in Lisbon via Facebook.jpg
Sustainable Event Ideas in Lisbon via Facebook

Your food choices can make waves as big as those crashing against Lisbon's shores. Partner with local markets like Mercado da Ribeira to create a feast of local and organic delights. A tasty way to build a green event in Lisbon.

Show plant-based dishes some love too – they're as trendy as Lisbon's iconic trams. Collaborate with Lisbon-based Foodprint to calculate and minimise the environmental impact of your event's menu.

But once again, put your feet up. We’ve done all the research for you already on this one: et, viola, the best places for vegan catering in Lisbon!

  • Delicious Data: Lisbon's food waste reduction efforts have saved over 200,000 meals from going to waste. That's like feeding the entire city for a day!
3. Build Green Waste Management into your Sustainable Event Planning

Our next piece of advice regarding eco-friendly event planning concerns trash. But trash isn’t in Lisbon's vocabulary. Set up recycling stations that would make the city's legendary custard tarts jealous. Collaborate with Lisbon-based Circular Economy Hub to learn their tricks of the waste-free trade. Oh, and don't forget that "Trash Talk" corner – where discussing waste reduction becomes as fashionable as Lisbon's street art.

  • Example Extravaganza: Ever heard of LX Market's upcycled furniture? Yup, they turned discarded treasures into event wonders.

If this seems like a daunting task, don’t fret. Here are our top tips to start making a zero-waste event.

4. Source Decor Responsibly for Green Event Planning

Time to bedazzle your event with sustainable sparkle. Scout local shops like Retrosaria for upcycled decor treasures. Or, put on your creativity hat and breathe new life into vintage items. Your event space will shine brighter than the Belem Tower.

  • Charming Comparison: Your event's sustainable decor is like Lisbon's blend of old-world charm and modern cool, creating a unique blend that captivates all who behold it.

Further Reading: The Ultimate Guide to Event Decor

5. Utilise Green Transportation for your Eco-Friendly Event

In Lisbon, trams, tuk-tuks, and cycling are the rhythms of transportation. Encourage your guests to embrace the local style and sustainably make their way to your event. Better yet, collaborate with GoWithFlow for carbon-offsetting transport options and watch your event attendees tango in eco-friendly style.

  • Whimsical Comparison:Picture your attendees riding to your event like they're on a grand adventure, just like intrepid explorers discovering Lisbon's hidden gems.
6. Source Clean Energy for Green Event in Lisbon

Lisbon's sunshine is a renewable superpower, and you can harness it for your event.

Go solar for energy needs and team up with SunEnergy to let the sun power your event's magic. Your event will radiate a glow as enchanting as the city itself.

  • Sunlit Fact: Every kilowatt-hour of solar energy used can reduce CO2 emissions by 1.5 kilograms. That's like sending air kisses to the ozone layer.
7. Build your Event With the Community For Great Eco-Friendly Event Ideas
Tips for a Green Event in Lisbon via Vecteezy.jpg
Tips for a Green Event in Lisbon via Vecteezy

Lisbon thrives on community spirit, just like your event can. Team up with local artisans, musicians, and eco-warriors like ADAO to bring an authentic and green vibe to your gathering. Let the pulse of Lisbon's inclusive culture set the rhythm for your event.

  • Heartwarming Highlight: The "Green Expo Extravaganza" brought together earth-loving entrepreneurs, artists, and nature enthusiasts – a true celebration of Lisbon's vibrant community.
8. Leverage Smart Measuring and Reporting to Foster Better Sustainable Event Ideas

Numbers don't lie, especially when they're about your event's sustainable swagger. Calculate your carbon savings, tally the waste you've spared, and create a sustainability report that's as impressive as Lisbon's viewpoints. Get help from local experts like Sustainable Lisbon to ensure you're counting your green stars right.

  • Statistical Sparkler: Events that report their sustainability efforts see a whopping 89% increase in positive feedback. That's the sound of applause from both attendees and our precious planet.
Wrapping up

As you bid adieu to Lisbon, know that you've left a trail of green goodness in your wake. From local vendors to waste wizards, you've shown the world that an amazing event can be kind to the planet. So go on, event extraordinaire, and keep the green momentum alive!

And now that you’re more motivated than ever to find more sustainable event ideas, now is a good time to empower you with our ultimate guide on how to host an eco-friendly event.

And finally, for those looking to discover even more Event venues in Lisbon, our entire collection in all its glory is ready for your perusal.

Bye for now!

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