10 Creative Training Rooms in London

23 February 2021
23 February 2021
10 Creative Training Rooms in London

If there is a city that you can depend on for creative output, London is it.

The creative industries bring more than £47 billion to this city. So it stands to reason there must be some pretty special creative spaces.

We bet you’d like to be part of the city that gave us the mini-skirt, the colour purple, jigsaws, and in-line skates!

This article is a little tour of some of the coolest creative training rooms in London, so you can have your colour purple moment too!

1) Multipurpose Loft with Vintage Touch
Multipurpose Loft with Vintage Touch via Eventflare

From 6 floors up, this training room in London is an excellent vantage point to watch the charm of Soho and then some.

It’s a beautiful venue. The decor is a playful wrestle between contemporary architecture and vintage decoration.

It’s great for a creative session because it’s a creative looking place. It also has two TV screens and a high-performance sound system. It can host 24 people in a boardroom setting and 50 in a theatre setting.

2) Charming Purpose Built Studio
Charming workshop spaces in london
Charming Purpose Built Studio via Eventflare

This former warehouse is the Swiss army knife of event spaces. It can do everything from brainstorming sessions to photo-shoots, workshops, meetings, private dining events and after-works.

The redesign is all-encompassing. Shaking off its warehouse past, it has grown into a colourful and quirky hub. The structure remains, kept in heel.

It feels like an exhibition of the mid-century revisited. Its elegance is bolstered by obscure features like a row of barbershop chairs and mirrors. It also has a kitchen with great catering options.

The location is a dream, too; it’s a stone’s throw away from the delectably cool Broadway Market.

3) Modern Workspace with an Urban Twist
Modern Workspace with an Urban Twist via Eventflare

If you’re looking for an elegant place that’s perfect for small training sessions, we recommend this workspace in London every day of the week.

The furniture is a pleasant throwback, and a communal feeling is alive and well. If you can tear your eyes away from the surroundings, there’s excellent WiFi.

This venue is well known for its coffee. Their stylish coffee bar is open for you and your guests. Additionally, you can book their locally sourced catering service.

This space is located close to Brixton station. Brixton is a famed area adored for its music scene, liveliness, street food, and multiculturalism.

4) Versatile and Bright Training Room
Versatile and Bright Training Room via Eventflare

Tranquillity isn’t unattainable, despite sometimes contrary feelings. And despite being in Whitechapel, a vibrant and multicultural hub, you can experience it right here.

Floor-to-ceiling windows are best friends with the pristine white walls. And you can choose to take advantage of exotic fauna and art adorned walls during your training session in London. Or just leave the place clear and open.

The location is also suitable for conferences, workshops, presentations or seminars. Moreover, this training room space in London comes with a break-out area and a fully equipped kitchen.

5) Rooftop Penthouse for Hire
Rooftop Penthouse with big windows and natural light
Rooftop Penthouse for Hire via Eventflare

Logic dictates that bigger spaces are cause for greater capacities. But this penthouse cares more for comfort than logic. Despite its spaciousness, it’s best for a session with twelve participants.

It’s open plan and includes a kitchen, boardroom meeting space, and a lounge area. As it’s a penthouse, of course, you’ll have a balcony. This particular balcony envelops the space, so there’s plenty of room to spread your legs.

A penthouse this luxurious can only exist in a luxurious part of the world. And it is. You’ll find this workshop venue in London, just around the corner from Oxford Circus.

It has everything you need from creative workshop spaces in London: projectors, flip charts, catering, and the best of ‘60s design to inspire your team to greatness.

6) Charismatic and Versatile Loft Space for Events
Charismatic and Versatile Loft Space for Events
Charismatic and Versatile Loft Space for Events via Eventflare

The problem with idyllic, rural venues is you need to travel some way to get to them. Well, we can give you rustic right in the city.

Did someone say authentic wooden roof beams? The L-shape open-plan setting is quaint, and of course, deliciously spacious. The exposed brick walls and leathery upholstered furniture are just superb!

Your guests will love Harlesden. The neighbourhood has a low-key atmosphere and a firm culture of international cuisine. Willesden Junction, a well-connected travel hub, is just around the corner too.

The venue also comes with 3 phase power, AV equipment and washroom facilities. It’s well suited for drinks receptions, private dinner events, cocktail parties. However, you can also host photo shoots, presentations and, of course, creative training sessions!

7) Large Open Loft with Industrial Accents
Large Open Loft with Industrial Accents via Eventflare

Do you ever watch a film or a TV show and spend far too much time wondering firstly, how such a glorious loft can exist, and secondly, how the characters could ever afford it?

Well, you’re not alone. And more importantly, you can be the star of your own movie by choosing this large open loft for your next creative gathering.

It’s styled with deep cushions, velvet chairs and sofas. Homely carpets, light fixtures and furnishings invoke a trendy and homely atmosphere.

Like the best loft spaces, this training room space in London has different levels. The raised kitchen and bar that overlook the venue are a case in point. The breakout rooms are a great asset too.

And it’s always nice to be in Southwark. You’ll find it in the heart of the city. Yes, the public transport options are phenomenal, but what’s better is the freedom to walk the streets and see the best of the Thames and London.

8) Flexible and Beautiful Training Room Drenched in Daylight
Flexible and Beautiful Training Room Drenched in Daylight via Eventflare

This is a creative training room in London that could be Scandinavia’s most plushly designed living room.

Led by pale woods, the delicate use of colours is masterly. We’re also huge fans of the many books and records reminiscent of a treasured shop.

You’ll also love the flexibility of this venue. You can dress it up or down according to the style and needs of your workshop.

The venue is located in Farringdon, one of central London’s prized neighbourhoods. It’s known for its sophistication and mix of historical and contemporary buildings.

9) Atypical Space for Workshops in Chalk Farm
Atypical Space for Workshops in Chalk Farm
Atypical Space for Workshops in Chalk Farm via Eventflare

Doing something you’re not supposed to can give life to a dying fire; occasionally opting for something atypical can break up the monotonous routine of life.

Throw your colleagues an old fashioned curve ball by choosing this space for hire in London. And why not? Get stuck into a Zumba session, some yoga, or fitness related team building. You might get that breakthrough you’ve been looking for.

This space has two full floors of gym equipment and aerobic space. A good WiFi connection and shower facilities are also available.

After your session, you have Camden Town right before you to replenish those electrolytes!

10) Trendy Space with Cool Industrial Finishes
Trendy Space with Cool Industrial Finishes
Trendy Space with Cool Industrial Finishes via Eventflare

Our final training room in London is this smooth operator. It’s pure industrial cool with a smooth catalogue finish.

The colours are bold and distinctive, from deep blues to glossy blacks and popping white. Even the exposed brickwork at play is well cultured. The natural light from the windows is exemplary too.

It’s a strong candidate because it has a kitchen and a fabulous breakout lounge to refuel your creative juices. Don’t forget the handy amenities such as high-speed WiFi, a TV screen, and air conditioning.

This venue has a capacity of 14 and puts you right in the heart of Shoreditch. It is undoubtedly a venue to remember.

Wrapping Up

We hope you enjoyed some of our creative training rooms in London for your colour purple moment. If you didn’t see the right one, we’ve got lots more! Check out more workshop spaces in London, or get in touch!

Featured image: Charming Purpose Built Studio via Eventflare

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