The Top 14 Boardrooms for Hire in London

08 April 2021
08 April 2021
The Top 14 Boardrooms for Hire in London

For every job, there’s a uniform; for every activity, there’s an outfit. And every job and every activity has its venue.

If you’re going to have a boardroom meeting, a privileged, high stakes affair, you need an event space worth its name.

The venue sets the tone for the event, of course. When you’re starting out, there’s no shame in meeting in your parents’ garage. But are you ready to do work in one of London’s top meeting rooms yet?

If so, we’ve got 13 boardrooms for hire in London that we think you need to see. When you find the one that strikes the tone, we’ll take it from there. Now, shall we?

1) Classy Pool Room for Fun Boardroom Meeting in London 

Classy Pool Room for Fun Boardroom Meeting in London
Classy Pool Room for Fun Boardroom Meeting in London via Eventflare

We’re starting our journey with this classy pool room located in Soho. What a pleasure it will be to sit at the immaculately polished tables. The class of the room is accentuated by the art and the deep dark green of the wall.

It’s good for downtime, too, with a full-sized pool table and deep velvet armchairs for maximum relaxation.

The venue provides an 85” flat-screen TV with Sky, HDMI and wireless mac connections, a sound system with decks, and a microphone.

This space is suitable for 40 people for standing events, 20 people for theatre layout and 18 people for private dining.

2) Intimate and Classic Boardroom for Hire in London 

Intimate and Classic Boardroom for Hire in London via Eventflare

Up next, we’ve got this intimate boardroom in the lively area of Fitzrovia. It’s ideal for smaller and stylish groups.

The decor is striking, employing playful coloured and invoking the nature of Africa. The table is rustic and creates a unique look amongst the other contemporary decorations. Enjoy the sun and the fresh air through its glass doors for when you need a break.

This room can accommodate up to 10 in a boardroom capacity and 15 in a standing setting.

3) Sleek Dining Room for Intimate Meetings 

Sleek Dining Room for Intimate Meetings via Eventflare

Next up is this sleek dining room for intimate meetings. It sports a unique neo-rustic look, ideal for a boardroom meeting with a more homely feel.

You’ll also love the large windows that run along the length of the room. The natural light is tailored further thanks to the sweeping and thin curtains.

As we said, it’s certainly intimate with a capacity of 8 people. You’ll find it has all the amenities you could want and more, such as WiFi, a printer and a TV screen.

4) Gorgeously Designed Boardroom in London 

Gorgeously Designed Boardroom in London via Eventflare

We’re taking you to the hipster area of Shoreditch for our next boardroom, specifically this gorgeously designed boardroom.

It’s every bit an elegant and classically British space, made just slightly whimsical with the cricket bats attached to the wall.

It fits up to 10, and it is ready to suit your needs. Whether you need a private space for a social event, workshop, business meeting or presentation, this bright room is ready.

Among the benefits included in the room price, there is a projector, WiFi, printing and a flip chart.

5) Innovative Central London Meeting Space 

Innovative Central London Meeting Space via Eventflare

Located between Westminster and Vauxhall bridge, you’ll find this innovative central London meeting space.

The venue features airy and open space with a conference table for up to 16 people. It boasts a sleek look and contemporary furniture details so that you can add a chic touch to your special occasion.

What’s more, this room includes the latest AV technology to work efficiently. High-resolution screen and projectors, digital signage, WiFi connection and much more will not be missing.

6) Innovative Hub for Meetings and Creative Outbursts 

Innovative Hub for Meetings and Creative Outbursts via Eventflare

We have this innovative hub for meetings and creative outbursts for those who love living in two different worlds.

By two worlds, we mean a modern glass control room perched in the corner of a large and old brick building.

It’s conveniently located next to Kings Cross station, which doubles as a transport hub and a tourist attraction for Harry Potter fans.

This space has a boardroom capacity of up to 10 people and has amenities such as flip charts and excellent WiFi. There are also catering options on hand for hungry workers!

7) Unique Conference Room for Board Meetings in London

Unique Conference Room for Board Meetings in London via Eventflare

This unique conference room for board meetings is the happy marriage of a Scandinavian aesthetic and the location of London’s luxurious West End.

The beauty of Scandinavian is highlighting comfort without being sleepy and brightness without being overwhelming.

As well as being impressed by the decor, you have some pretty cool amenities, too, such as a whopping 65” 4K TV screen, strong WiFi, and a conference phone.

The custom-built table can accommodate up to 12 guests for a boardroom meeting.

8) Georgian Venue with a Unique Setting 

Georgian Venue with a Unique Setting Georgian Venue with a Unique Setting via Eventflare

This Georgian venue is a masterpiece of regency era architect Sir John Sloane. Typical of this era, you’ve got luxuriously high ceilings, bay windows, and a marble fireplace.

Furthermore, it has a long and cool bookshelf along each side, lots of natural light, and is located in the popular area of Marylebone.

With a maximum capacity of 50 people, this space is perfect for exhibitions, board meetings, seminars, product launches or cocktail receptions.

Amenity-wise, guests can avail themselves with AV technology, flipcharts and refreshments, with multiple menu options from the optional catering service available.

9) Pleasant Boardroom With a Vibrant Atmosphere 

Pleasant Boardroom With a Vibrant Atmosphere via Eventflare

This pleasant boardroom and its vibrant atmosphere are located just a stone’s throw away from King’s Square Gardens.

The rooms most prominent characteristics are its snowy white walls and chairs. It’s also bathed in natural light through the large windows.

Capacity-wise, the venue can accommodate up to 14 guests. A wide range of amenities, including a flat-screen TV, high-speed WiFi, a projector, a screen, a flipchart and a whiteboard, are at your disposal. What’s more, you’ll also have unlimited complimentary hot drinks!

10) Light Bright Space with Vintage Decor 

Light Bright Space with Vintage Decor via Eventflare

Fall in love with this light space with vintage decor. Its cinematic and intimate qualities are there in plain sight for all to see.

It’s built from superior quality wood and leather and has thick blue velvet curtains to add further depth to an already luxurious venue.

It’s located right next to Liverpool Street Station, so you can get around town quickly and easily after you’ve finished.

Finally, this room has a private dining capacity of 15 people. So what was already an exclusive event place has just got that bit more special.

11) Sleek Meeting Location with a Book Display 

Sleek Meeting Location with a Book Display via Eventflare

If you want a boardroom that looks like it inspired intelligent and academic style discussions, how about this sleek boardroom location?

It’s spacious, and the boardroom table is set between two bookshelves, allowing your brain space and inspiration to get to work.

It has a total capacity of up to 12 for a meeting event and has essential amenities such as a flipchart and a TV screen.

12) Stylish Boardroom with Sophistication 

Stylish Boardroom with Sophistication via Eventflare

This quintessential Georgian boardroom is the height of sophistication, as you can clearly see.

The location is also the epitome of quintessential London, nestled between Oxford Circus and Regents Park.

With its height ceilings, classy cream coloured walls with lighting enclaves, a chandelier, and a fireplace, it’s incredibly classy for a boardroom meeting by any standard.

Moreover, this space also comes equipped with AV equipment, internet access and air-conditioning.

This room can host up to 14 people for a boardroom meeting.

13) Victorian Style Boardroom in London 

Victorian Style Boardroom in London via Eventflare

Host a meeting in a piece of London and Victorian history. This River Thames boardroom can righteously declare it retains its original and iconic architecture.

You’ll see beautiful neo-Gothic windows and large steel cross-sections that keep the whole building in stasis.

The boardroom capacity for this venue goes up to 20 people. Amenities-wise, you’ll have a WiFi connection, an 84” plasma screen, a PA System, wireless mic and LED lighting. There are also catering options available on request.

14) ‘60s Inspired Library Space 

‘60s Inspired Library Space via Eventflare

Our last gift to you is this ‘60s inspired library space. You’ve got the joy of the retro motif with all the wonderful amenities we’re thankful for today!

As cool as the decor of the ‘60s was, they never had a 50″ Plasma Screen and fast WiFi. They did have the luxury of complimentary hot drinks, though, and so will you!

It has a boardroom capacity of 20 people, which is pretty big, and it has catering options too.

P.S. it’s not actually a library. So there are no rules about speaking above a whisper!

Wrapping up

If you’ve got a flavour for high-quality corporate event rooms now, the fun doesn’t have to stop here. Check out more of our London meeting rooms.

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Featured image: Intimate and classic Boardroom for hire in London via Eventflare

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