Gorgeous Garden Party Venues in London

25 March 2021
25 March 2021
Gorgeous Garden Party Venues in London

Charisma doesn’t come in a bottle. But we’ve got something that comes quite close: garden party venues in London.

From regency era gardens to modern wonders of design, there’s something for every size and style.

Discover these gorgeous garden party venues in London and let your imagination run wild. Whether it’s a well-heeled reception or a casual business meeting in the sun, you’ll find the perfect venue for your outdoor event here.

Extraordinary Venue for Outdoor Events 

Extraordinary Venue for Outdoor Events
Extraordinary Venue for Outdoor Events via Eventflare

The first space in our guide to garden party venues in London is this extraordinary garden.

Located between Temple and Blackfriars underground stations, you’ll have a perfect blend of nature and the city. The venue is adjacent to many historic buildings in the heart of London, and the surrounding trees are as old and tall as the buildings.

This garden is very spacious at 450m2. It can accommodate up to 200 people in a private dining setting and up to 600 in a standing capacity. There are some splendid catering options available for hungry guests, too.

Bonus? They even have one of those massive garden chess sets! We’ve all seen the Queen’s Gambit by now, don’t lie.

Picturesque Event Venue for Garden Party in London 

Picturesque Event Venue for Garden Party in London
Picturesque Event Venue for Garden Party in London via Eventflare

Get a taste of rural England in the middle of the country’s biggest city. It’s a picturesque event venue that offers sublime views of the Thames.

What was once a garden for growing medicinal plants in 1673 is now geared up to host receptions, gala dinners and cocktail parties.

The garden can host up to 450 guests for a standing reception and 200 guests for a seated dinner.

Additionally, this versatile venue can accommodate a wide range of marquee set-ups to suit your requirements. An excellent WiFi connection is at your disposal while other services, including catering and drinks, are available upon request.

Japanese Garden for Intimate Gatherings 

Japanese Garden for Intimate Gatherings via Eventflare

Now it’s time for something a bit more modest in scale, but that just means the fun is more concentrated.

This Japanese Garden for intimate gatherings is a real treat. Just look at that precious glass birdcage for chats, drinks, and maybe even private dining.

The courtyard is littered with lovely plant life, elegant tiling and cool painted walls.

All in all, it’s a relaxing and cosy atmosphere for a total of 10 people.

Flower Garden for Private Meetings 

Flower Garden for Private Meetings via Eventflare

We hate to stop while we’re on a roll, but we’re leaving you with a real beauty. We love this cosy flower garden for private meetings and intimate celebrations.

Thanks to the retractable roof, you can rent this space all year round in complete comfort. It’s a visual delight, absolutely bursting with colour.

The venue has rich wooden flooring, vintage tables and chairs, banked sofas with gorgeous floral prints, and a whole medley of flowers and trinkets covering the walls.

The Flower Garden has a maximum capacity of 20 people and is located between the two enigmatic areas of Soho and Mayfair.

Wrapping up 

As we said, charisma doesn’t come in a bottle. But as you’ve seen, these gorgeous gardens come awfully close. Our experts are itching to set them up as per your demands!

Featured image: Green and Cozy Event Garden Space in London via Eventflare

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