Iconic London Venues for Hire

08 October 2020
08 October 2020
Iconic London Venues for Hire

London is steeped in history and boasts some of the most iconic sites in the world. Everyone can identify Tower Bridge or the London Eye at a glance. Its never-ending heritage and cultural wealth are one of the reasons so many people choose London as their event destination.

It would be impossible to name all of the venues that are part of the city’s unique background, but here is a short list of the most iconic landmarks that also offer incredible event and catering services.

A Historic WWII Location
Historic WWII Location via Eventflare

Back in the 1940s, this underground bunker was the centre of wartime decisions. It was here that the British Prime Minister and his cabinet led his troops to victory. Today, it has been restored to its glory with authentic technology and furnishings of the era showcased in a museum setting.

The solemnity of this venue lends itself perfectly for private dinners, receptions, or boardroom meetings. They offer exclusive seasonal catering with space for up to 120 people. And to really set the mood, you can enjoy some 1940s music, a chocolate cigar and champagne. Just like back in the day!

A retired war veteran
Retired warship via Eventflare

This retired warship is one of the biggest navy heroes of its age. Since her retirement, she has become a museum and has been fitted to accommodate up to 200 people for private events.  Immaculately preserved in time, it’s perfect for receptions and cabaret-style dinners. It’s exposed steel hull and pipe works running across the ceiling provide a sense of authenticity that helps guests immerse themselves into a truly unforgettable experience. 

They also offer fun interactive activities if what you’re going for is something more relaxed. A code-cracking dinner party or a top-secret mission can keep your group engaged for hours – great for a team-building exercise. 

A unique view of the city 

One of London is famous for its historic bridges. This structure was built in the mid-1800s and is unique in more ways than one. Not only is it the only bridge of its kind to cross the Thames, but it is also a secret, yet stunning events venue. Its stark architectural beauty offers some one-of-a-kind backdrops for photoshoots or weddings.

Their glass walkway allows you to see the buses and people passing by below. If you’re really lucky you’ll get to see the drawbridge being raised for a large vessel to sail through. It also features a beautiful LED lighting display that sets a very chic mood for any event.

A modern environment, trendy and exclusive
Spacious and luminous venue via Eventflare

Have you ever heard of a luxury venue in a flagship store? This place takes style to a whole new level, with their airy open café and terrace, surrounded by lush colourful flowers overlooking Lowndes Square. Founded in 1831 as a line shop, the store began dabbling in other services like restaurants, café bars, and food markets, in the 1970s resulting in the plush events venue they have today.

They have a trendy bar furnished with deluxe pastel coloured chairs and topped with golden accents throughout the room. Additionally, there is another smaller bar decorated with simple, yet strong features. All of this before even mentioning their fully customisable space and menu for receptions and private dinners for up to 200 people.

A regal setting for a modern event
A regal setting for a modern event
Luxury venue via Eventflare

This venue’s grand palatial rooms and regal décor give a sense of elegance and class to any event. What started out as a small goods shop in 1707 has now become one of Picadilly’s finest brands with more than 5 rooms to choose from for a truly high-end experience.

From picnic hampers to private dining spaces, their restaurant offers options for every style at any time of the day. The creator of the famous Scotch egg also boasts some of the finest honey in town, made by their very own rooftop colony.

The knowledge of the ages as your backdrop
A regal setting for a modern event
Perfect venue for receptions via Eventflare

This restaurant is the perfect place for a drinks reception. Located close to the Museum of Zoology, its big windows and soft lighting offer the perfect backdrop for a bespoke event.

A venue so steeped in culture and wisdom is perfect for a presentation, a product launch or even a private dinner. It can host up to 200 people and open up to a gorgeous outdoor terrace.

Home to historic artefacts from England’s past
Home to historic artefacts from England's past
Exclusive venue via Eventflare

Home to the UK’s official records, with some documents even dating back more than 1,000 years. They are the guardians of Shakespeare’s will and the Doomsday book. Located beside the river with large landscaped grounds, this exclusive venue is open all year round.

They pride themselves on their ‘Heritage experience’, offering guests the chance to take a private tour of the building and see their famous items.

Created to entertain, and still going strong
Created to entertain, and still going strong
Icon venue for receptions via Eventflare

This iconic venue dating back to the Victorian era has seen it all in terms of events. A true centre for recreation, it boasts an ice-rink, a theatre, a circus, a racetrack, a boating lake and many private dining options.

During the Cold War, it served as a secret bunker for the Royal Observer Corps, and in 1936 they opened their first TV studio. This venue’s rich history is sure to provide an unforgettable experience to your attendees.

A life dedicated to service
A life dedicated to service
Exclusive art gallery via Eventflare

This exclusive art gallery is renowned for its ability to find and promote young artists that have gone on to become world-famous for their craft. Their elegant galleries make perfect backdrops for cocktail receptions, private dinners or photoshoots.

They are definitely a favourite for exclusive product launches, thanks to their devotion to art,which allows them to explore new ways of expressing creativity, making them the best at making truly impactful experiences.

Masters of the arts… and events
Masters of the arts… and events
Palatial gallery via Eventflare

If you want to give your event a deep, artistic and cultural vibe – you’ve come to the right place. This palatial gallery has many different rooms to choose from, each with their own style. Some even have the added bonus of hosting ongoing art exhibits!

This academy has been the champion of artists for over 250 years. They’ve held an annual Summer exhibition every year since 1768, showing their commitment to world-class art and architecture since its inception.

Here your guests will experience not only a lavish service but a cultural and artistic connection they’ll never forget.

A world stage for first-class events
A world stage for first class events
Massive event center via Eventflare

This venue was created for the sole purpose of putting your event on the global stage. Their 6 warehouses are joined together to create one massive events centre complete with a restaurant, a lounge, a bar and a lot of versatile space. This makes it ideal for conferences, seminars, parties, presentations or product launches.

Founded in 1991 as a club devoted to House music, it quickly expanded its concept. It now offers a fitness centre, a private club, a music publishing business and a music label. All of these have combined to create a powerhouse for events across 4 different venues.

They also boast prize-winning AV equipment, an LED wall and dance-floor! It’s a perfect set-up allowing your event to pass seamlessly from one activity to the next by simply asking your attendees to step into the other room!

London Supreme

If you’re looking to make a statement with your event, an iconic venue is definitely the way to go. It adds a strong sense of symbolism and tradition to whatever you’re planning and allows for your guests to feel the richness of London’s heritage. It also sets you up for some fabulous photo opportunities and your guests won’t want to miss a second of what you have in store!

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