Immersive Dining Experiences in London for Teams

by HarryPrince,  23 February 2021
by Harry Prince, 23 February 2021
Immersive Dining Experiences in London for Teams

We eat an obscene amount of meals throughout our lifetime. 10’s of 1000’s of meals. How many do you remember?

Take eating out. Eating out makes an event of human necessity. And even then, it can be forgettable and unextraordinary. Wouldn’t it be great if you could combine your team’s love for food with an immersive experience they won’t forget?

Well, we have a solution: immersive dining experiences in London. This article will explain what they are and point you towards the best in town.

What is an Immersive Dining Experience? 

To put it simply, immersive dining experiences are meals within an immersive environment.

From concept to practice, it can be a simple affair. Think of an imaginative set design or an intriguing conceptual soundtrack.

Other immersive dining experiences go full whack. Some include visuals, projections, animations, costumes, dancing, singing, acting, storytelling, narrative action, set designs, interactive performances and more.

Regardless of the immersion tactic, there is always a common theme: there is no divide between you and the performance space, and the food forms a part of the story.

But before we guide you through the very best in the business, why not consider creating your own experience? We have an impressive list of private dining venues in London if you’re curious.

Just remember, the keyword is immersive. Not intrusive. A fine line to court, but we believe in you!

The Art of Dining
charming space for dining experiences
The Art of Dining via Facebook

The Art of Dining is a lesson in great collaborative projects. It’s the brainchild of Moro trained Chef Ellen Parr and artist/set designer Alice Hodge.

Previous immersive experiences have been influenced by still life art from the 15th and 16th century and the colour palate.

The Art of Dining can accommodate big groups, especially those that don’t take themselves too seriously and are happy to let themselves be surprised.

The Whisky Thing Experience 
The Whisky Thing Experience via the-distillery

We’re willing to concede that whiskey is an acquired taste. But it’s a booming industry and sophisticated hobby to get into and show off when you’re in the know.

The Whisky Thing Experience is a full-throttle educational experience and an in-depth dive into this fascinating world.

The sessions aim to demystify the whiskey tasting experience with a bespoke multi-sensory experience incorporating aroma, flavour, taste and touch.

After that, it’s straight into the tasting. Ten individual whiskies, to be precise. But what makes this experience unique is the final part of the session. Try your hand at creating your very own whisky blend!

The London Cabaret Club 
The London Cabaret Club
The London Cabaret Club via Facebook

The London Cabaret Club is a celebration of Britain’s rich cultural past. It offers you the chance to see performances and choreography from stars of London’s West-End.

It is set in a historic building from the 1920s. You can see shows like the best of British pop, London never dies, and Gatsby Christmas.

The attention to detail and production value will blow your team away. The culinary offerings are just as mesmerising.

The London Cabaret Club is for small, medium or large teams with high expectations and good taste!

Chambers of Flavour 
unusual space for immersive dining experience in london
Chambers of Flavour via Seeinthecity

What makes Chambers of Flavour unique is that they’re not celebrating or imitating something that already exists. They really create and live in their own world!

Past worlds they’ve created have been Skys on Air Gingerline, riding a Creme Carousel, Conversing with Mermaids and competing in a taste centric game show – A Matter of Taste.

Chambers of Flavour is perfect for creative teams who are willing to go headfirst into silly adventures.

Taste Film 
Taste Film via Facebook

Taste Film is a simple but devastatingly genius concept. Everyone loves films. And everyone loves food. So why not create an experience that showcases the food featured in our favourite movies?

Too often, you watch a film, and your stomach enjoys it more than you do. Taste Film has put on experiences for classic films such as Pulp Fiction, Goodfellas, Ratatouille, Elf, the Grand Budapest Hotel, Bridesmaids, and so much more!

Your experience takes place during a screening of the film, and courses are timed with what’s happening on screen. This experience will suit any team, at any time!

ABQ London 
space for dining experience in london
ABQ London via Facebook

ABQ London is a bit of madness and a load of fun. It’s billed as the world’s first immersive molecular cocktail experience, where you make and infuse your own drinks.

The masks, aprons, lab tech, music, and decor will make you all feel like mad scientists that have long forgone health and safety.

The award-winning sourdough is worth the visit too.

It’s a good experience for teams that want to let loose and have a good, not-so old fashioned night out.

You can arrange an experience in their private lab for up to 35 people lasting 1 hour and 45 minutes.

Club Chinios
classy restaurant for dining experience in london
Club Chinios via Facebook

Club Chinois is a luxurious Mayfair club that showcases exquisite Chinese cuisine. It began life as an underground hideaway and has maintained and nurtured that air of elusiveness ever since.

The dim lights, rich furniture, elaborate cocktails, and superior dance performances are a throwback to another, lost era.

Club Chinois is the perfect dining experience for teams that want to feel like they’re part of an exclusive club. Which, they basically will be!

Terra Mundo 
gourmet plate with raw beef
Terra Mundo via Facebook

Terra Mundo takes inspiration from three elemental themes: forest, fire, and ocean.

Expect elegant pairings of delicious food and stunning drinks. The experience is raised to new, unimaginable levels with musical soundscapes and 360-degree immersive projections.

It‘s a world first, pairing the high and low frequencies of sound and colour with high and low flavour notes.

This event is best for teams that embrace precision and expert work in whatever guise it comes in.

Medieval Banquet 
Medieval Banquet experience in london
Medieval Banquet via medievalbanquet

The Medieval Banquet is a loud and proud celebration of medieval cliches. You’ll meet a host of characters, from battling knights to lairy and pompous royalty, maids, peasants, poets, musicians, dancers, and the rest.

It’s a tongue in cheek view of history, with authentic and whimsical medieval music. The food is fresh and in true banquet-style too.

The Medieval Banquet is for teams that aren’t afraid of having a good time and aren’t ashamed of being cheesy.

And for those that fancy taking part and taking over, you can hire costumes. Because you know, and we know that the last series of Game of Thrones was disappointing. Act out how you think it should have gone!

Funicular Productions 
Funicular Productions via Facebook

Have you ever wanted to be in a dramatic murder mystery? Of course, you have. You can say that you don’t like drama, but we all secretly do.

Funicular Productions presents the Murder Express. It’s a homage to the swingings 1920s, with the set and production value of a professional film.

The Murder Express was so popular it has been brought back and is better than before! There’s even a new menu by Masterchef Professionals finalist Louise Ellis.

This experience is ideal for teams that are easily seduced by stylish, highly manicured productions. Teams that know how to get down and grow into their environment with energy – this is for you!

Wrapping Up

We’re sure you can agree that you’d rather be out with your team tonight at one of these phantasmagorical experiences. Instead, you’re probably going home to eat pasta in front of Netflix.

But hey, that sounds pretty sweet too! Just remember, not every night can be amazing. Because if every night is amazing, then no night can be amazing.

Now that your team has a taste for exciting things, you’re going to need to step up your game.

How about drunken attempts at singing pop classics? If that sounds fun, you might want to check out our guide to the coolest karaoke bars in London.

Featured image: The Chambers of Flavour via londontheinside

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