6 Impressive Lecture Halls in London

01 September 2021
01 September 2021
6 Impressive Lecture Halls in London

Before you start yawning, it’s not what you think. Yes, traditional lecture halls and the content shared therein is rarely all that exciting.

But this guide to impressive lecture halls in London is a modest argument for event venues that are unique and exciting!

We’ve got stunning lecture theatres in London to suit every style and size, from grand halls to rustic chapels.

You’ll find these spaces are in a different world from that dusty theatre you had your 9 AM statistics classes in. But don’t take us on our word. See for yourself!

1. Quirky Lecture Hall in London With a Unique Look
Quirky screening space with a unique look featuring a futuristic ceiling and rustic wooden walls.
Quirky Lecture Hall in London With a Unique Look via Eventflare 

Our first lecture hall in London is like an original Star Trek Set. Its roof is reminiscent of space travel while its walls invoke the rocky terrain of a planet yet unexplored.

It’s located amongst the world-renowned galleries, bars, restaurants of Mayfair and is destined to be a sophisticated occasion thanks to its newly upholstered seating.

You’ll have a total capacity of 307 guests and amenities, including a projector, sound equipment, and Wifi. Plus, you’ll have a foyer to welcome your guests and a disabled entrance.

2. Iconic Lecture Theatre in London With Ultimate Backdrop
Ultimate iconic theatre backdrop for any event
Iconic Lecture Theatre in London With Ultimate Backdrop via Eventflare

Our next lecture theatre in London has an unmistakable old-fashioned quality. Just take a second to admire the atmospheric naturally aged grandeur that you just can’t fake.

The carvings in both the stone and wooden fixtures perfectly complement the rustic walls – breathing authentic historical energy to your lectures here.

What’s more, you’ll have excellent transport links around the city, parking, catering options, WiFi, and a whopping total capacity of 916 guests in a theatre layout, 1,376 in a standing capacity, and 300 in a dining capacity.

3. Former Chapel Space with Original Stained Glass Windows
Former Chapel Space with Original Stained Glass Windows via Eventflare

Our next lecture hall for hire in London isn’t actually a lecture hall at all. But we’ve chosen this former chapel for those looking for event venues a little outside the box.

It has original stained glassed windows and priceless religious paraphernalia. Your guests will also love the natural light, subtle plant life, and rustic motif.

You’ll find this venue in the vibrant South London area of Peckham. It has a total theatre capacity of 120 people and comes with tables, three-strip lights and festoon lighting. What’s more, it provides movable wheelchair ramps for accessible access and loading props.

4. Retro Lecture Space in London With Stylish Design
 Etro Screening Room With A Stylish Design
Retro Lecture Space in London With Stylish Design via Eventflare

This retro lecture space in London is loud and proud. It’s like a private Hollywood theatre, perfect for sophisticated presentations, with the thick red velvet curtains the perfect finishing touch.

It’s defined by its red furnishings, with subtle greys, silvers and golds that add depth to its colour palette. And besides, isn’t Art Deco just timeless?

You’ll find it located between Hyde Park and Buckingham Palace, with an intimate capacity of 65 people. Plus, it comes with first-class AV material, air-conditioning, a 4K digital projector, wired and radio microphones, as well as a PA system. Additionally, the venue comes with a foyer space which is ideal for hosting receptions!

5. Sleek and Luminous Lecture Theatre in London
Sleek and luminous amphitheatre for conferences and meetings
Sleek and Luminous Lecture Theatre in London via Eventflare

If natural light is essential to you, this sleek and luminous lecture theatre could be perfect.

It’s a minimal indoor amphitheatre that looks directly onto the River Thames. The signature feature here is the modern tiered wooden seating arrangement, best suited for informal events where visitors can come and go as they please.

This venue has a theatre capacity of 200 people. And finally, this modern amphitheatre is further equipped with high-quality AV equipment, a projector and WiFi.

6. Former Cinema Room With Art Deco Accents
Former Cinema Room With Art Deco Accents via Eventflare

Our final lecture theatre for hire in London is this former cinema room with Art Deco accents. This remarkable venue is defined by its dark wood features and extravagant skylight.

And as if this venue wasn’t trendy enough, there’s a cool bar next door to celebrate the success of your event. All in all, it has a seated capacity of 680 or 750 for a standing event.

And finally, you’ll have catering options, sound equipment, staffing options, and excellent WiFi.


So here’s the thing, that was only 7. We have a whole lot more Conference rooms in London so feel free to check out the rest of them at your leisure.

And now that you’ve got your heart set on one of our spectacular lecture theatres in London how about booking one of these 10 cool cocktail party venues in London to cap off a successful event?

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