London’s Top Venues for Product Launches

08 October 2020
08 October 2020
London’s Top Venues for Product Launches

You’re finally launching your new product. It’s perfect and you know it, but it’s time for the public to know it too. So how do you go about showing it off to the world? 

Before you even start to plan your product launch event, you need to define what the objective of your event is. Do you want it to be an experience-based event where your guests are awed by the circumstance, or do you want to create an environment where the product is the centre of attention and everything that happens revolves around it? 

Don’t be afraid to get creative with your launch. This is the perfect opportunity to think outside the box. If possible, ask your guests to interact with your brand or your product to give them a sense of familiarity that will encourage sales. 

Remember to create buzz about your product and your event. PR is everything when launching something new into the market, so now is the time to MAKE A FUSS! Make sure that your target audience is talking about your brand and there are growing expectations for the big reveal. This will help hype up the product for the day of the launch and get people excited to attend and see for themselves what you’re putting out into the market. 

Obviously choosing the right venue is key in the whole planning process. Look for a venue that adapts to your needs in terms of capacity, technical requirements, catering and location. You need a place that will help you bring your creative ideas to life, so make sure it’s versatile and adaptable, and above all, that it won’t overshadow your product, but rather work seamlessly with your set-up to make it stand out. 

Some of the best venues for product launches are in London. Thanks to their blank canvas concept and high-end designs, they lend a trendy versatile space for you to show your product in the best light. Take a look at this list and see which one suits your event best.

A tailored experience to fit your needs

Scandi-inspired chic venue for events
Multipurpose venue via Eventflare

This venue is specialised in creating memorable experiences. Offering more than just a blank canvas, they work with you to bring the ideas for your event to life in a unique way. Their imagination knows no bounds, with creative catering and engaging set-ups made just for you. 

They have multiple spaces to choose from. Amongst them is their award-winning restaurant with guest chefs from around the world serving up delectable dishes especially thought out just for you to impress your guests.

A blank backdrop for your ideas

Versatile blank canvas in the heart of West London
Contemporary-style studio via Eventflare

A sister space to the venue mentioned above, it offers a stark white backdrop in a modern environment, perfect for a product launch, photoshoot or exhibition. This contemporary-style studio can host up to 130 people, and has an additional 2,000 sq. ft. of underground space.

Designed with an open-layout concept, the studio offers a large front window looking towards prime West End real estate, giving you an extra launch pad from which to showcase your product.

An underground blast from the past

Event venue located under railway bridges in Shoreditch
Underground venue via Eventflare

This hidden gem is located under a live railway station and has hosted events for some of the world’s biggest brands. It’s understated industrial design, with exposed Victorian brickwork and wide-open arches provide the perfect blank canvas needed for a product launch.

It offers 2 interconnected underground rooms with exposed rigging and an authentic trademark train station clock from back in the day.. They provide in-house AV and lighting, but you also have the option of hiring any extra equipment you may need for your event. They boast newly-installed AC, free Wi-Fi, cloak room services and polished concrete floors.

Understated elegance

Elegant white studio with tons of natural light
Elegant studio via Eventflare

This elegant studio is situated near the London Docks. It’s full of daylight thanks to its floor-to-ceiling windows and an ornate double door that opens out onto a cobbled street. This, combined with the polished, concrete floor and white walls make it ideal for a personalised event.

Holding up to 100 people, this sophisticated repurposed factory offers excellent AV equipment, gorgeous lighting, free Wi-Fi and a variety of furniture to choose from to dress your event.

A modern, contemporary air

Modern venue via Eventflare

This venue offers 2 blank canvas spaces with flexible layouts on one of the swankiest streets of the West End. It’s high ceilings and bright white walls create a contemporary vibe that allows your product to stand out.

The first floor, with 800 sq. ft available for you to dress, is naturally well lit during the day. The second space is located downstairs, offering an additional 850 sq. ft and a more private setting. The venue also offers AV equipment, gallery-style lighting and versatile furniture choices to dress your event.

Imposing architecture for a dramatic effect

Multi-purpose studio with handsome industrial character
Repurposed factory via Eventflare

This repurposed factory features 4,000 sq. ft of polished concrete floors, raw pillars and exposed brickwork. With room for up to 330 people at full capacity, they offer a clean, modern space that’s easy to adapt for any theme. They provide a great AV system, beautiful lighting and furniture.

If you need a venue with character to make your launch as impactful as possible, this studio’s imposing architecture offers an ideal dramatic backdrop.

Launching in 3, 2, 1!

Presenting your new product into the market has to go without a hitch. It’s absolutely essential that the venue works with you in a seamless and versatile manner to allow you to create the ideal environment for your product to be shown to the world. A blank canvas space is one of the best ways to create your own universe for your event, and make it a product launch like no other!

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