London’s Top ‘Wow Factor’ Venues

03 October 2020
03 October 2020
London’s Top ‘Wow Factor’ Venues

Choosing the perfect venue in London sounds like a difficult task, as there are so many outstanding places to see. But don’t panic! Look for a venue with a ‘wow factor’ that will really make an impact on your guests and enhance their experience.

Every place is different and unique, but some just have that je ne sais quoi that makes you say – “wow, this is it!” We’ve chosen some of the most unforgettable venues in London that we consider having a truly winning wow factor.

Exude luxury and splendour

 indoor pool-bar
Indoor pool-bar via Eventflare

This indoor pool-bar is the epitome of luxury, with a 55 ft stone-edged swimming pool as its centrepiece. It boasts hundreds of fibre-optic lights and an ever-changing coloured lighting scheme that gives this room a rich, textured ambience.

The swimming pool can be decorated with floating candles for a reception dinner or completely covered and turned into a dance floor! The versatility of this venue, which can fit up to 220 guests, goes hand in hand with its exquisite, detailed décor.

A natural, modern approach to elegance

Natural and modern venue
Modern studio venue via Eventflare

Inside a former power coal storage, there is a massive 1,450 sq. ft studio venue featuring a high glass-panelled ceiling and wooden sliding door. It is the perfect venue for a dinner reception, a boutique photography session, an exhibition, a workshop or even a yoga session.

It also offers its newly launched, a smaller mezzanine overlooking the studio. The entire venue is designed in an earthy, boho style, with an open kitchen, exposed bricks and hanging plants. setting a peaceful and relaxed environment. 

A plush boat-ride experience

A plush boat-ride experience
Breathtaking outdoor venue via Eventflare

The Thames is one of London’s most iconic features, and there are many restaurants and venues along its banks, overlooking the water. But this venue one-ups all the others, offering its guests an experience on the river looking towards the city.

Enjoy seasonal dishes prepared with local ingredients while you view London’s most famous landmarks or watch a breath-taking sunset. The trendy, modern interior is designed to offer comfort, while it’s glass walls and huge terrace offer 360° views of the city and fresh air. 

A step back in time

old venue steeped in history
Old style chapel via Eventflare

This old venue is steeped in history and thanks to conservation efforts, this old chapel is now available for receptions, weddings, and photoshoots. Its classic Georgian architecture is vividly clear despite having suffered severe damage during WWII. Nevertheless, this has only added to its charm, imbuing the building with a mystical romantic vibe that is sure to permeate the ambience of any event.

Although it doesn’t offer a sit-down dining option, it has a capacity for 120 people in theatre-style seating and will allow for some canapés and a few drinks to go around, making it perfect for small receptions and ceremonies.

A burst of creativity to shock the senses

creative modern workspace
Modern workspace café via Eventflare

This modern workspace café is furnished with unique pieces designed to encourage creativity and innovation. Its bright colours and functional artwork are meant to boost your energy, while the occasional plant or flower is used to bring a natural balance to the space.

Not only does it offer individual workspaces, but it also has meeting rooms, breakout spaces, phone booths, an amazing in-house café and a rooftop with inspiring views of the city. All of this makes it the perfect place for a workshop, a brainstorming session, a quick one-on-one meeting with a team member or videoconference with your company overseas. This is one of the most vibrant venues in London.


Striking views equal to none

Pier venue with stunning views
Event venue with striking views via Eventflare

Standing on a pier out on the Thames, this hidden gem is a striking venue with views of the river and the London skyline. With 2 rooms that can fit between 20 and 200 people each, floor-to-ceiling windows, an open deck overlooking the river, this clubhouse is ideal for any sort of private event – receptions, dinners, conferences and parties.

It offers on-site catering, a licensed bar and an excellent AV team. Your guests can even arrive by boat directly onto the deck, adding to their unique experience from the very moment they set sail!

A creative learning environment

A creative learning environment
Multipurpose outdoor venue via Eventflare

With 2 theatres, studios, and garden, a lecture centre, state-of-the-art meeting rooms, and a massive foyer perfect for networking, this venue offers every space you could possibly need for a conference, seminar, or workshop.

Inspired by the need for creative spaces for dancers and musicians, they quickly realised its venue’s potential and decided to share their world-class facilities with others. It’s an awe-inspiring temple of learning!

Ready to be wowed?

London is one of the most diverse cities in the world, and this applies also to the variety of venues it offers. Whether it’s a historic building, a modern, innovative space, or a gorgeous spot surrounded by nature; they all have something out of the ordinary that makes our jaws drop. Which Wow Factor venue was your favourite?

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