13 Trendy Cocktail Party Venues in Madrid

27 April 2021
27 April 2021
13 Trendy Cocktail Party Venues in Madrid

What is life without a party every once in a while? We certainly couldn’t tell you. But we’re pretty sure it wouldn’t be much fun.

So in that vein, we’ve put together a guide to the trendiest cocktail party venues in Madrid. Work comes first, of course. But a good after-work event in Madrid could be great for team spirit and work relationships.

What we’re saying is, this is required reading for a healthy workplace environment. And more to the point, parties are just fun. There. We’ve said it. Now let’s get on with it, there is lots of other work to be done believe it or not.

1) Relaxed Cocktail Party Venue in Madrid 

Relaxed After-work Venue Relaxed Cocktail Party Venue in Madrid via Eventflare

Enjoy the colours of the rain forest with this relaxed cocktail party venue in Madrid. It’s an urban oasis in the lively area of Chueca.

It’s a venue that’s loud with colour sporting a jungle-themed decor. We love the dirty-gold accents on the ceiling, the velvet cushioning that bank the room, as well as the rustic wooden flooring.

You’ll have a fully equipped bar with a cocktail menu with 80 different drinks as well as an optional catering service. Plus, you’ll also have a sound system, microphones, a flat-screen TV, WiFi, and lighting equipment. And finally, you’ll have a standing capacity of 100 and a private dining capacity of 50 people.

2) Wonderful Party Space in Madrid

Wonderful Party Space in Madrid via Eventflare

How about this wonderful party space in Madrid?

It promises to be a luxurious affair with just a touch of eccentricity. We love the bright and contemporary furniture as well as the elegant white canopy. You’ll also have whimsical decorations such as the shiny flamingo that help build subtle tropical themes when paired with the vine plants.

You’ll have great AV equipment such as a DJ set, a sound system, a screen, and a projector. And finally, you’ll have a standing capacity of 120 people and a private dining capacity of up to 70 people.

3) Open and Welcoming Event Venue in Madrid

Open and Welcoming Event Venue in Madrid via Eventflare

Up next we have this open and welcoming event venue in Madrid.

The theme here is something of a home library. We love the tall, well-furnished bookshelf, as well as the graphic-like, could lamps shades. There’s quaint wood furniture spotted around the place and the star of the show is the book-pile art installation.

The ground floor can accommodate up to 120 people and the upstairs can accommodate up to 30. And even then, you can always combine these spaces to make a super-space.

You’ll have every amenity needed for a party such as sound equipment, a projector, a TV, and WiFi. Plus, you’ll have free parking and wheelchair access too.

4) Distinctive Cocktail Party Venue in Madrid

Distinctive After-work Venue for Hire Distinctive Cocktail Party Venue in Madrid via Eventflare

If you’re looking for something distinctive then we have the pleasure to introduce you to this cocktail party venuein Madrid.

It not only has one distinctive look but three! Each of its room has a different theme. There’s the garden room, the tavern room, and the lounge room. Three completely different themes, each as wonderful as the other.

The location comes equipped with video projectors, screens, sound equipment, strong WiFi, and free parking. And finally, the capacity of the whole venue is suitable for up to 450 people!

5) Clandestine Party Space in Madrid

Clandestine After-work SpaceClandestine Party Space in Madrid via Eventflare

Clandestine is a fancy word for something done secretly. And this party space in Madrid is a great secret we’re sharing with you now.

It’s intimate, seductively lit, and extremely stylish. We love the strength radiating from the leather, brick, metal, and wood fixtures that come together so well. It also has a private room for 4 if you fancy a meeting or private dining session.

This hidden gem is right in the middle of the city and is inspired by the prohibition era in America. And what’s more, you’ll have a maximum capacity of up to 120 people!

6) New York Inspired Venue in Madrid

New York Inspired After-Work Venue New York Inspired Venue in Madrid via Eventflare

Inspired by one of the worlds coolest cities we have this New York-themed venue right here in Madrid.

It’s a former warehouse space that with just a few touches has transformed into a really special cocktail party venue in Madrid. The yellow shipping containers are great installations and clash with the grand piano to make the space all the more curious. We also love the skylights and the stylish open lounge area.

This venue has a standing capacity of up to 300 people and a private dining capacity of up to 228 people. Plus, you’ll have the help of music equipment, projectors, WiFi, free parking, and great catering options to make your party here a success.

7) Charming Cocktail Party Venue in Madrid

Charming After-work Venue for Hire Charming Cocktail Party Venue for Hire in Madrid via Eventflare

We love rustic places, which is why we’re very happy to include this charming cocktail party venue in this guide.

It’s an old woodworking shop that wears its weathered look with great dignity. The walls are well worn, the gorgeous French windows are homely and nostalgic, and the workbenches and ladders remain to remind you of its former life.

You’ll have a total capacity here of 100. Plus, you’ll have sound equipment, wheelchair access, catering options, and WiFi.

8) Folkloric Bar in Madrid 

Folkloric After-work SpaceFolkloric Bar in Madrid via Eventflare

Spain is a country that is proud of its rich cultural heritage. That’s why you have wonderful folkloric barslike this.

It’s not stuck in the past though, the design is contemporary and elegant. It’s the murals on the walls and trinkets held throughout that celebrate the Majesty of this city and this country. The venue also has a gorgeous terrace outside so you can enjoy one of Spain’s most treasured possessions, its weather.

And perhaps even more exciting, the catering options are a great example of traditional Spanish cuisine. Because some authentic tapas could be the perfect accompaniment for your cocktail party at this neo-tavern.

9) Unique Cocktail Party Venue for Hire in Madrid

Unique After-work Venue for Hire Unique Cocktail Party Venue for Hire in Madrid via Eventflare

Up next we have this unique cocktail party venue for hire in Madrid.

Its most distinctive feature is the series of tall and thin arching windows that introduce a sense of rhythm to the place. Thereafter you have gorgeous touches such as the patio-tiled flooring, open staircase that leads to the raised balcony floor, and modernist furniture.

There’s an intimate blood-red garden space to enjoy as well. All together this space has a capacity of 150 guests, with a fully functional kitchen, catering options, and strong WiFi to keep things at a lovely tempo.

10) Stunning Rooftop in Madrid

Stunning Rooftop in Madrid via Eventflare

Everyone loves a good view, that’s why we’re chucking in this stunning rooftop in Madrid.

As well as panoramic views of the city, you have the joys of both exclusivity and privacy. It’s spacious, with plenty of cosy garden furniture sporting a stylish grey-scale motif. Added to that it’s got terrific wooden fixtures as well as elegant yellow canopies if you need them.

Plus, it’s in a central location with a capacity of up to 100. And finally, it also has a fully functional bar and strong WiFi.

11) Duplex Reception Venue in Madrid

Duplex Reception Venue in Madrid via Eventflare

If you want to party in a luxury apartment, you only had to ask. So here is a duplex reception venue that we know you’re going to love.

Being 14 floors up, it has remarkable views of the city from the outside and the inside thanks to the panoramic floor to ceiling windows. The furniture is exemplary, and the plants are great background players. We also couldn’t fail to mention the spacious balcony space. All in all, it’s bound to be a very classy cocktail party in Madrid.

You’ll have a standing capacity of 70 and a private dining capacity of 45. What’s more, you’ll have sound equipment, free parking, a kitchen, a TV, and WiFi.

12) Trendy Event Space in Madrid

Trendy bar with great atmosphereTrendy Event Space in Madrid via Eventflare

Now it’s time for a light bit of steampunk. This trendy cocktail party venuein Madrid is clearly a retro place, but we can’t help but admire the modern industrial touches they’ve added to.

A blend of checkered and wooden flooring, as well as the 19th-century steel pillars, make absolutely darling features. The steel drink shelves are modern and edgy, the light-bulb signage adds great contrast as well. It’s just a well-designed place if we don’t say so ourselves!

The location comes equipped with technical equipment such as audiovisual material and WiFi. Regarding the capacity, this space is suitable for 150 people. Plus, the cocktails are fantastic!

13) Vibrant Venue in Madrid with Spanish Look

Vibrant Venue in Madrid with Spanish Look via Eventflare

Our final place is for those that yearn for rustic aesthetics and authenticity. It’s a vibrant venue that promises to give you a unique atmosphere.

It has a fascinating aura, coming at you like a shrine to houses of old. We love the raffish charm of the place as well as the fireplace and black and white pictures.

It has a fully stocked retro bar, catering options, and WiFi. All in all, a splendid place to be. It’s located in the vibrant area of La Latina. If you want to know more about the areas of Madrid and which area is suitable for what corporate events then our Madrid area guide will be really handy for you.

Wrapping up

Well, thanks for reading folks, it’s been a pleasure. We hope you’ve seen some cocktail party venues in Madrid that are up your team’s street.

But by all means, feel free to browse the rest of our after-work rooms on our platform. We have lots more!

And for more fun, why not check out our guide to the best restaurants in Madrid for group dining?

Featured image: Duplex Cocktail Party Venue in Madrid via Eventflare

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