Where to Host a Conference in Madrid

by HarryPrince,  05 May 2021
by Harry Prince, 05 May 2021
Where to Host a Conference in Madrid

Here’s the thing, when you go to a conference, you get some free merch, some food, and a pile of literature you never end up reading.

How often do you remember how great the venue was? Not often, and that is such a shame. That’s why we’ve written this guide on where to host a conference in Madrid.

Because a quality event venue will lead to a better experience and stronger lasting impression. Remember, the location reflects on your brand and your identity.

This article is a whirlwind tour of the best conference venues in Madrid that your guests will really appreciate. Now let’s get to it!

Conference Venue in Madrid with Beautiful Views 
Conference Venue in Madrid with Beautiful Views via Eventflare

If you’re looking for a conference venue with beautiful views, then this is the place for you.

High up on the 14th floor and right in the centre of Madrid, it’s a great place to hold a conference. The floor to ceiling windows are marvellous, and the sleek furnishings make it an uncluttered and spacious venue.

The event space further provides, among other things, a catering service, sound equipment and professional staff. Capacity wise, the venue can host a maximum of 70 people.

Luminous Conference Space in Madrid 
Luminous Conference Space in Madrid via Eventflare

If you prefer something with a more industrial character, then how about this luminous conference space in Madrid.

It’s a factory that has been given a modest revamp endowing it a more gentle feel. The stone tiled floor is homely, and the skylights brighten the whole place up. We love the interior glass partitions, which open up changing the atmosphere of the venue at your command.

Moreover, the venue also has a caterer, technical equipment and staff. In other words, everything is covered! The location consists of different rooms which you are allowed to book separately if desired. And finally, you’ll have a maximum capacity of 300 people.

Industrial Conference Venue for Hire in Madrid
Industrial Conference Venue for Hire in Madrid via Eventflare

This is where chic meets urban design in this former industrial venue. It’s a conference venue for those that have a soft spot for quaintness.

From the tropical plants and cushions to the gold accents in the roof beams, wiring, and pipes, it has a tempo all of its own. You’ll also have catering options, sound equipment, and strong WiFi.

Plus, this event space consists out of two floors. It’s up to you if you would like to book them individually or together! The overall maximum capacity of the venue is 250 guests for standing events and up to 150 for seated events.

Conference Space in Madrid with Wood Accents
Conference Space in Madrid with Wood Accents via Eventflare

Bright ideas deserve bright spaces, which is why we’d love you to check out this conference space in Madrid.

It’s a bright white scenario with gorgeous wood touches and tropical plants. You’ll love the frosted glass partition and the skylights too.

Its 400m² is divided into three different sections: a kitchen, a mezzanine, and a beautiful translucent space. Furthermore, this venue provides you with all the basic technical equipment you might need!

Modular Conference Venue in Madrid 
Modular Conference Venue in Madrid via Eventflare

This modular conference venue is great for events that are intimate and laid back.

So if your subject matter is best discussed in a lounging aesthetic, this could be the one for you. It’s an all-in-one venue that has a bar, a kitchen, a pool table, lounge areas, meeting areas, and more. Because who said you can’t work and play at the same time?

Your conference here will be supplemented by catering, sound equipment, a projector, WiFi, TV screens, and more.

Sophisticated space for a conference in Madrid
Sophisticated space for a conference in Madrid via Eventflare

Up next we have a sophisticated space for a conference in Madrid.It has floor to ceiling bay windows that give you panoramic views as well as heaps of natural light. It’s a space that demands respect, from the chevron-styled wooden floor to the high-quality leather furniture.

You’ll have a maximum standing capacity of 120 people and a seated capacity of up to 100 people. What’s more, you’ll have great catering options, free parking, sound equipment, TV screens, and strong WiFi.

Classy Venue for a conference in Madrid
Classy Venue for a conference in Madrid via Eventflare

Our final venue is this classy conference space in Madrid.

It has classically styled wall moulding the like of which they just don’t make anymore. The intricate wooden flooring is equally classy, and best of all, it’s spacious and airy thanks to the large french balcony doors.

The building has a stunning facade from 1912. What’s more, you’ll be located in the chic area of Salamanca. The furniture set up is versatile, and you’ll have great catering options as well as high-speed WiFi.

Wrapping up 

Well, there you have it, a concise guide on where to hose a conference event in Madrid. If you want to check out more of our conference rooms in Madrid then we’ve got lots more on our platform.

And once the last guest has left, why not celebrate with your team at one of Madrid’s best group-friendly restaurants?

Featured image: Sophisticated space for a conference in Madrid via Eventflare 

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