Insider Advice on Hosting a Business Event in Milan

by Akshayaa RaniM,  29 August 2023
by Akshayaa Rani M, 29 August 2023
Insider Advice on Hosting a Business Event in Milan

Ciao, dear event planners. Today is your lucky day because we’ve put together this handy little guide full of tips and advice on hosting a business event in Milan.

As the fashion capital of the world and an economic powerhouse, Milan is the perfect choice to host a business meeting, so congratulations on acing the first step to host a successful event in Milan. We’re here to help you nail the rest of the steps.

Take a minute to grab your espresso because we’re about to help you dive into some insider advice on how to make your business event in Milan a smashing success.

1. Catering Tips to Host a Successful Event in Milan

Catering tips to host a successful event in Milan via. Unsplash.jpg
Catering tips to host a successful event in Milan via. Unsplash

Let’s start our event advice for Milan with one of the most fun parts of planning any event, the food. We don’t have to tell you that the food in Milan is a feast for the senses, and here are some tips to ensure your catering choices reflect the city’s gastronomic excellence!

Embrace Italian flavours:Italy has some of the best food and flavours in the world, and it would be a shame to host a business event in Milan without giving your event attendees a taste of it. Speak with your event caterer and plan a menu that includes local ingredients like fresh olive oil, artisanal cheeses, cured meats, and delicious pasta. Sounds yummy, doesn’t it?

Go seasonal and fresh:You don’t only have to stick to local ingredients to flavour your food, you can make it the star of your meal. Italian cuisine focuses on using fresh seasonal produce. Work closely with local caterers to design a menu that highlights the flavours of the current season.

Serve Milanese specialities:While all Italian food is delicious, each region has its own specialities. Since you’re hosting your business event in Milan, be sure to include some traditional dishes to really bring out the local flavour. We love classics like Risotto alla Milanese (saffron-infused risotto), Ossobuco (braised veal shanks), and Panettone (a traditional Christmas dessert).

Include an aperitivo hour: Milan is famous for its aperitivo culture, where people gather for pre-dinner drinks and snacks. Consider adding a local touch to your business event in Milan with an aperitivo hour. Serve refreshing cocktails, prosecco, and some finger foods that allow your guests to mingle and unwind before the main event.

Ask your caterer for a tasting session:Before the event, schedule a tasting session with your chosen caterer. This allows you to sample dishes, discuss presentations, and make any necessary adjustments to ensure everything is perfect for your business event in Milan.

You can also experience the best of Italian cuisine at these amazing fine-dining restaurants in Milan, so you know what to expect!

2. Elevate the Game with After-Work Tips for Events in Milan

To host a successful event in Milan, it’s important to understand that your business event doesn’t just end after your last presentation is over. Most event planners will tell you that giving your event attendees a full-blown experience is what will really help your event be memorable.

Lucky for us, Milan is a city that seamlessly blends business with pleasure. Here are some tips to help you elevate the game and create unforgettable after-work experiences for your attendees.

Experience Italian fashion: You’re hosting your business event in the fashion capital of the world, and your event attendees might appreciate a little retail therapy after a day of business. Organise a private shopping experience at renowned fashion boutiques or luxury outlets. A personalised shopping excursion adds a touch of elegance to the after-work agenda.

Explore the arts: Milan is famous for its art and culture, making it the perfect backdrop for a cultural evening. Arrange for a private guided tour of iconic museums and art galleries, allowing your attendees to immerse themselves in the city's artistic heritage.

Bond at a cooking class: What better way to bond than over a cooking class? Collaborate with local chefs to organise hands-on cooking sessions where attendees can learn to whip up traditional Italian dishes. The camaraderie of cooking and sharing a meal together will foster connections between your event attendees that extend well beyond the boardroom.

Have a wine-tasting adventure: Italy is famous for its wines, so why not offer your attendees an exquisite wine-tasting experience? Arrange for a tour of local vineyards and host a wine-tasting session featuring regional wines.

Sail into the sunset with a cruise on the Navigli Canals: If you’re looking for a unique after-work event with a picturesque setting, arrangea sunset cruise along the famous Navigli Canals, complete with aperitivo offerings and live music. The gentle sway of the boat, the charm of the canals, and the beauty of the sunset create an enchanting ambience.

3. Event Planning Advice Milan: Stage Design and Decor

Another solid piece of advice for business events in Milan is to not neglect the stage design and decor for your event. Your stage design is important since it creates a visual story for your theme and event.

And, there’s a reason you picked Milan to host your business event so it’s always nice to add some elements of the city to your stage design and decor. Here are some tips on how you can do this.

Match your decor to the venue’s aesthetic: For a design that seamlessly blends with the venue, pay attention to the venue’s existing aesthetic. There are both sleek, modern venues in Milan as well as historic venues. Your decor choices should ideally match the venue’s architecture and ambience.

Use lighting to your advantage: Lighting can be magical! With the right lighting, you can transform any space into a captivating wonderland. We recommend that you experiment with different lighting techniques. Soft, warm lights are great for creating an intimate atmosphere while dramatic spotlighting will help you with a grand reveal.

Have a Milan-inspired colour palette: Use muted neutrals, deep greys, elegant blacks, and accents of bold colours like deep red or vibrant gold to have a colour scheme that’s not only inspired by this fashionable city but will also lend an air of sophistication to your business event in Milan.

Add a touch of art and culture to your stage design:Milan is a city with a rich interest in art and culture. Use this interest to inspire your stage design with artistic elements, such as large-scale sculptures, artistic backdrops, or interactive art installations. These touches not only create visual interest but also spark conversations and enhance the cultural aspect of your event.

Use iconic Milanese symbols as cultural touchpoints: From the Milanese coat of arms to the iconic Duomo di Milano, there are several cultural symbols you can use as a tribute to the city in your stage design. These elements serve as visual cues that connect event attendees to the city's heritage.

4. Entertainment Advice for Business Events in Milan

Entertainment advice for business events in Milan via. Unsplash.jpg
Entertainment advice for business events in Milan via. Unsplash

When you’re planning a business event in Milan, don’t make it all about work and no play. Make sure you include some stellar entertainment in your business agenda to create an event to remember.

Here are some entertainment options you can consider to host a successful business event in Milan.

Fashion show with local designers:As the fashion capital of the world, Milan is known for its style. Bring this style to life at your business event by hosting a fashion show featuring local designers or showcasing the latest trends in business attire. A well-executed fashion show can add a touch of glamour and excitement to your event.

Interactive pizza or pasta station:There are very few people who don’t love pizza and pasta so bring a classic taste of Italy to your event with an interactive pizza or pasta station. Your event attendees can learn to make fresh pasta under the guidance of a skilled chef. This hands-on activity adds a fun and engaging element to the event.

Make a memory with speed portrait artists:The streets of Milan are home to several speed portrait artists. Add a local flavour to your event by inviting speed portrait artists to create quick sketches or caricatures of attendees during the event. This entertaining and personalised activity can double as a memorable keepsake for your guests.

Set up a Milan-themed interactive photo booth:If you prefer a more classic photo experience, why not set up an interactive photo booth at your event in Milan? This will allow attendees to take creative photos and instantly share them on social media (an event marketing win!) Add Milan-themed props and backdrops to enhance the experience.

Entertain with a live music ensemble: Hire a local musical ensemble to perform live Italian music that captures the essence of Milan. From classical to contemporary, this music can really help break the ice at your event in Milan.

5. Bonus Event Advice Milan: Marketing Ideas for Your Event

Our last piece of event planning advice for Milan is to add some tricks to your marketing strategy. After all, what’s the point of planning an excellent event if you don’t have enough event attendees?

To help you crack that marketing strategy, here are some bonus marketing ideas that are exclusively tailored for a business event in Milan.

Offer a virtual tour of the venue:If there’s one thing about event venues in Milan, it’s that they certainly stand out. Offer a virtual tour of the event venue on your website and social media. This gives event attendees a sneak peek into the event's setting and adds an interactive element to your promotion.

Not to mention, the gorgeous venues will only add to the excitement!

Highlight cultural experiences: Emphasise the cultural experiences your event offers, whether it's art exhibitions, pizza and pasta stations, or a fashion show. This will not only appeal to attendees' interests in Milan's rich history and cultural heritage, but it will also generate a buzz about your business event in Milan.

Capture Milan’s energy in visuals: This works extremely well, especially if most of your event attendees are coming from out of town. You can use visuals and videos of the bustling streets, fashionable people, or the city’s modern architecture in your marketing materials to capture the energetic spirit of Milan.

Highlight sustainability initiatives:If your event incorporates sustainable practices, promote these efforts in your marketing. Milan places importance on sustainability, and showcasing your commitment to environmental responsibility can resonate with event attendees

Offer Milan city passes or tours:Milan is a city that cannot be missed. Sweeten the deal for your event attendees by partnering with local tour companies to offer event attendees special discounts on city passes or guided tours. This not only adds value to their event experience but also encourages them to explore Milan further.

Wrapping Up

And with that, we sayarrivedercito this edition of advice for business events in Milan. We hope you’ve found several helpful tips here that will help you plan an unforgettable event in Milan.

Before you go, we encourage you to read our article on the best areas in Milan for hosting events to help you get a feel of the city. We have a feeling you’re going to have a great time here!

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